1. Overhaul on NACC ICF Exercises: ICF Diagram, The Toronto NACC Meeting, DISTAB, Medicinal services Financing Audit, an.

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1. Upgrade on NACC ICF Exercises: ICF Diagram, The Toronto NACC Meeting, DISTAB, Social insurance Financing Audit, and Scattering. Date: July 16, 2002 Moderator: Paul J. Placek, PhD, Senior Analyst, Information Strategy and Norms Staff, OCD/NCHS PJP2@cdc.gov tel 301-458-4437
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1. Overhaul on NACC ICF Activities: ICF Overview, The Toronto NACC Meeting, DISTAB, Health Care Financing Review, and Dissemination Date: July 16, 2002 Presenter: Paul J. Placek, PhD, Senior Statistician, Data Policy and Standards Staff, OCD/NCHS PJP2@cdc.gov tel 301-458-4437 http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/about/otheract/icd9/icfhome.htm

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2. World Health Organization Classification Assessment Surveys & Terminology Group ICF as the New Member in the WHO Family of International Classifications www.who.int/characterization/icf

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D eveloped over 10 years with the dynamic cooperation of 65 nations Approved by the 191 Member States of the World Health Assembly May 2001 Published at the same time in 6 WHO Official Languages: English, French, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Spanish New Dutch and Italian interpretations CD ROM#0990011 $135 USD Full 4 digit volume #1152088 $45 USD Two digit Pocketbook#1153088 $12.60 USD <bookorders@who.int> FREE Public access on INTERNET www.who.int/order/icf FREE single duplicates for educators and specialists: call Paul 3. ICF Launch

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4. ICF Part of WHO Family of Classifications (ICD & ICF) NACC facilitated first joint ICD/ICF meeting of Heads of WHO Collaborating Centers for the Family of Inter-national Classifications in Bethesda, MD, October 2001 ICF sessions hung on coding rules usage issues preparing, effort and spread adjustments estimation utilization of ICD and ICF together upkeep and overhaul process NACC ICF papers: Heads Mtg. Oct. 14-19, 2002 Brisbane

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5. ICF Structure ICF Classification Part 1: Functioning and Disability Part 2: Contextual Factors Parts Activities and Participation Body Functions and Structures Environmental Factors Personal Factors Components Constructs/qualifiers Change in Body Functions Change in Body Structures Capacity Performance Facilitator/Barrier Domains and classifications at distinctive levels Item levels: 1 st 2 nd 3 rd 4 th Item levels: 1 st 2 nd 3 rd 4 th Item levels: 1 st 2 nd 3 rd 4 th Item levels: 1 st 2 nd 3 rd 4 th Item levels: 1 st 2 nd 3 rd 4 th

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6. “There is a broadly held misconception that ICF is just about individuals with inabilities; truth be told, it speaks the truth all individuals . The wellbeing and wellbeing related states connected with all wellbeing conditions can be depicted utilizing ICF. At the end of the day, ICF has widespread application." (p. 7, ICF)

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7. Eighth NACC Conference on ICF: June 2-4, 2002 in Toronto, Canada Hosted by Canadian Institute for Health Information 74 Registrants; 32 moderators from USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, World Health Organization Ninth NACC Conference on ICF facilitated by Wash. U. – David Gray: June 17-19, 2003 - St. Louis, MO

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8. Six Themes Strategies for ICF Implementation ICF Conceptual and Issue Areas ICF Applications in Surveys ICF for Clinical Practice Capturing & Coding Functional Status Info Basic ICF Research

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9. Toronto Papers on Web http://secure.cihi.ca/cihiweb/dispPage.jsp?cw_page=home_e Select "News and Events" from "About CIHI" box. Look to "Events" Section. Look to "Proceedings of Past Events" Select "The eighth North American Collaborating Center Conference on ICF", view in PDF If you require Adobe Acrobat free http://www.adobe.com/items/aerialist/readstep2.html

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10. Spring 2003 issue of Health Care Financing Review Stimulus: U.S. National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics Report on Classifying and Reporting Functional Status Recommended ICF as the code set to catch practical status http://www.ncvhs.hhs.gov/010617rp.pdf Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services welcomed NCHS to collect issue: Co-editors Placek & Hendershot Articles by Ustun, Bickenbach, Swanson, Jette/Harris/Ruggieri, Iezzoni/Greenberg, Chute, Seltser/Hendershot, Carter, Buchanan, Clauser/Bierman/Clancy + Commentaries

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11. DISTA B U.S., Canada, South Africa, Netherlands, & France Since 1999; take after U.N. DISTA T rules Monthly telephone gathering + yearly meeting Stimulated U.N. Course & Wash. City Group Five national handicap studies, Q’s backcoded to ICF Done: Backcoding routines paper to be distributed In draft: Comparative tables report Currently: Code Environment and Participation study things to ICF (Australia has quite recently joined)

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ICF Dissemination: NCHS Takes the Lead Four ICF Videos: ICF Use by Consumers, Applications in Clinical & Survey Areas, Historical Development, Conceptual/Issue Areas (Farmer meetings w/20 specialists) ICF Curricula in North American Colleges and Universities Fall 2002 Semester (U. of Michigan - Mulhorn) NACC ICF Clearinghouse (in-house + contract) CODE ICF: Web-construct preparing in light of ICF

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13. CODE ICF Monthly telephone gatherings 2 years NCHS: Placek WHO: Kostansjek, Bickenbach, Ustun Western University (Swanson & Carrothers) Much partner information through WHO & NACC gatherings

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14. CODE ICF Code ICF is a showing apparatus intended to acclimate the learner with the ICF Technology being utilized Provides learner intuitiveness and reconciliation Applies learner calculation Easily translatable database driven stage WHO program Users will learn vocabulary and ideas, overseeing standards, how to code cases, the impact of ecological boundaries and facilitators, present and potential uses Fall 2002 fruition On WHO site

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Example: Production of voice 15. CODE ICF Screen on Body Functions Mental Functions Sensory Functions and agony Voice and discourse capacities Functions of the cardiovascular, hematological, immunological & respiratory frameworks Functions of digestive, metabolic, endocrine frameworks Genitourinary & conceptive capacities Neuromusculoskeletal & development related capacities Functions of the skin & related structures EXAMPLE: PRODUCTION OF VOICE

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16. CODE ICF Screen on Barriers are ecological components in a person’s situation that, through their nonappearance or vicinity, farthest point working and make inability. Illustration: e235 Human-brought about occasions, unsettling influences in the regular habitat that outcome in the interruption of people’s everyday lives, including clash and wars…

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17. CODE ICF Screen on Facilitators are ecological components which enhance working and decrease incapacity, or the nonattendance of variables that are hindrances. Illustration: e140 Assistive items for amusement and game

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18. NACC Clearinghouse on ICF Need for standard data trade, coordination and specialized help Monthly email outlines ID & Typology of ICF Users Marketing & Exhibits Training and Technical Assistance ICF Conference Support Specialized Document Preparation .:tslides

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