1 st half-year results 2009 Data meeting of 15 September 2009.

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VIP PHARMA. In April 2009, Pharmagest set up VIP Pharma which procured the
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1 st half-year comes about 2009 Information meeting of 15 September 2009

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Contents Business in the 1 st half of 2009 Prospects for the 2 nd half of 2009 Conclusion

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Business in the 1 st half of 2009

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Changing drug store market Continued activities by open powers to control wellbeing consumption Rise of generics Self-solution items on open access May 2009: the European Court of Justice gave its decision against opening up apportioning drug stores\' capital HPST (doctor\'s facilities, patients, wellbeing, domains) law: constructive outcomes for drug specialists Even if, from an absolutely financial perspective, the 1 st half-year did not prompt any genuine upturn for drug specialists, a specific number of choices reinforced the calling and the drug specialist\'s part in ensuring general wellbeing. In this setting, drug specialists need successful bolster like never before HIGHLIGHTS Economic connection 1 st half of 2009

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HIGHLIGHTS Pharmacy Business France More than 5,000 drug stores outfitted with LGPI/CIP-GS on 30/06 out of an aggregate of 9,800 clients 2.5 % ascend in Turnover over the 1 st half of 2009 Configuration deals stable (- 0.4 %) Licenses somewhat down (- 1.37 %) Recurrent T/O up 6.95 % Demonstrates yet again the pertinence of the Pharmagest Group\'s plan of action.

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Pharmacy Business France HIGHLIGHTS T/O helped on account of the satellite offer of high-edge items up 18.28 % contrasted and the 1 st half of 2008. For instance: To date, 1,300 drug stores utilize one of the Group\'s promoting instruments at the purpose of offer (contrasted and 500 toward the end of 2008), after Pharmagest\'s procurement of the Novax programming and databases after that organization\'s necessary liquidation: 970 Offimédia contracts (logical publicizing device created by Pharmagest) 330 Pharmaxess clients (apparatus created by Novax for which Pharmagest now gives support) The PD (Pharmaceutical Dossier) is presently when all is said in done utilize and has positively affected our safe Internet access item Offisecure, up 33 % amid the 1 st half of 2009. CNOP has quite recently reported the 10,000 th drug store to be associated with the PD 62 % of the Pharmagest Group\'s clients furnished with LGPI/CIP-GS have enacted the PD

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HIGHLIGHTS Pharmacy Business BENELUX SABCO/PHARMAGEST: 12.5 % offer of the business sector in Belgium and 43 % in Luxembourg 678 clients, 2,300 stations introduced of which 143 clients outfitted with the new Sabco Optimum and Ultimate arrangements T/O: 1.3 M€ (- 13 % contrasted and the 1 st half of 2008) in a setting of redesigning the administrative and deals structure of setting up the Pharmagest plan of action (30 months\' free upkeep)

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HIGHLIGHTS Laboratories Business The Laboratories business grew 11.4 % in the 1 st half of 2009 After an extremely troublesome year for Laboratories in 2008 with direct repercussions on our item offer, the 1 st half of 2009 demonstrates that they have another trust in the business sector. 1 st half-year development of our: data battles on the helpful environment, logical promoting and online overviews Our inventive Offidirect administrations (orders set straightforwardly by the Pharmacist with the Laboratory without experiencing a merchant) and in addition the Advertising Agency additionally keep on growing consistently.

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HIGHLIGHTS Laboratories Business FIRST BAROMETER OF HEALTH INFORMATION Pharmagest, in conjunction with Intermedix and IDS Santé, completed an extensive national study amongst 3 target bunches: Pharmacists, Doctors, and Internet clients This indicator is an open door every year to gauge changes in the necessities of these 3 target gathers and to comprehend the new issues they confront. The presentation of the consequences of this study to the diverse administrators in the pharmaceutical business on 3 July 2009 stimulated incredible intrigue and made it conceivable to build up new, encouraging contacts.

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Pharmagest fortifies its nearness in the high-development EHPAD part After the key obtaining of MALTA Informatique, in April 2009 Pharmagest declared the securing of AZUR Software , an organization which plans and distributes a scope of administration programming for administer to the elderly. Procurement strategy: buy of Azur Software\'s business financed with a bank advance. The quantity of EHPAD clients in this manner expanded to 750 (Malta + Azur) and the offer of the part market to 7 % (out of a sum of 11,000 existing consideration homes). The product range offered by Malta Informatique, and all the more particularly the reference programming for EHPADs, TITAN, is presently reinforced by Azur Software\'s product MdRWIN, MEDIC and EHPADIAG, the last being the primary programming available for self-assessment of the nature of these establishments. MALTA INFORMATIQUE NEW EXTERNAL GROWTH IN I.T. FOR EHPADs (CARE HOMES FOR THE ELDERLY)

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T/O for the 1 st half of 2009 was 465 K€ (+ 56 %) The quantity of new clients (44 amid the 1 st half-year) and of movements of old Azur answers for TITAN, plainly demonstrates Malta\'s business dynamism Continued reinforcing of value item offer The consolidating of the two groups and in addition recently employed staff fortify Malta\'s geographic nearness for client administration. Malta Informatique Extremely dynamic business with T/O development of more than 50 %

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In April 2009, Pharmagest set up VIP Pharma which gained the "Gold Partner\'s Card" business line from VISEOPHARMA. Business: advancing unwaveringness programs for apportioning drug specialists Principle: VIP Pharma goes about as a middle person and gives the logistics between the drug specialist and its Laboratory accomplices. The drug specialist proposes a business advancement card to his clients Sales of accomplice items gain focuses consequently for the focuses, the client can get free accomplice items. VIP PHARMA NEW OFFER FOR PHARMACISTS Pharmagest puts resources into building dependability of drug specialists\' clients

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Financial results on 30 June 2009

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Financial results on 30 June 2009 Key figures

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Financial results on 30 June 2009 Consolidated by business The "setup deals" business (equipment, system, licenses) represents 60 % of the aggregate turnover for HY1 2009 contrasted and 62 % in HY1 2008 The "upkeep, information bases" business represents 30.1 % of the aggregate turnover for HY1 2009 contrasted and 29.4 % in HY1 2008 The "research centers" business represents 3.54 % of the aggregate turnover for HY1 2009 contrasted and 3.26 % in HY1 2008 New items represent 6.47 % of the aggregate turnover for HY1 2009 contrasted and 5.6 % in HY1 2008, development of 15.5 %

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Profit and misfortune account Financial results on 30 June 2009

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Balance sheet Financial results on 30 June 2009 * Item incredibly high as an aftereffect of countless for financing from our clients being solidified by GE Capital, regularized in January 2009

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(*) Excluding securities accessible available to be purchased 15.6 M€ (**) Of which R&D – 0.8 M€ Financial results on 30 June 2009 Cash stream rundown

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MARKET CAPITALISATION On 30/06/2009, market capitalisation achieved 114.4 M€. On 03/09/2009, it was 120.75 M€

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Share value pattern since September 2008 (on 4 September 2009)

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EHPAD Business

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Full request books which lead us to expect dangerous development of the business The TITAN programming is seen increasingly as a vital "center EHPAD business" arrangement offering an extensive variety of modules which fortifies its key position. Constant advancement approach set up Development of "worldwide social insurance evaluating", coordinating drugs into EHPADs\' financial plans and the observing of therapeutic and para-medicinal acts. Prospects EHPAD Business

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Prospects Pharmacy France A huge development lever for turnover and gross edge

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Continued development of turnover and benefit regardless of the troublesome monetary connection Thanks to enhanced profitability And to keeping on building client unwaveringness and growing our administration offer (preparing, nearby observing). Expanding the rate of relocations from customary answers for LGPI/CIP-GS. Mass advancement of our high-edge items and administration offers European improvement: Serious investigation of outside development in advancement Prospects Pharmacy France

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Commercial business Search for concurrences with drug store chains taking into account LGPI and Officentral LGPI and also our satellite offers accessible since June in multilingual renditions making it conceivable to accelerate organization in Flanders (as of now 6% offer of the business sector) Launch of our Offimedia item in Flanders and Luxembourg Reorganization Resources set up to reinforce our nearness in Flanders Thanks to the continuous revamping, we are going for our turnover for 2009 recuperating to a figure proportional to that in 2008. Prospects Pharmacy BENELUX

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Prospects Laboratories Commercial business Favorable connection since the begin of 2009 with dynamic peddling and new organizations Acquisition of new clients and building reliability of substantial records Development of the Advertising Agency business Development of the notoriety of the Carevox.fr site (100,000 guests/month) by promoting operations with a perspective to the site being incorporated into publicizing items committed to the pharmaceutical business

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A plan of action offering an element of enduring business development A great edge level Promising new business areas A global improvement system which is getting to be clearer Conclusion

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Conclusion Next Meetings Investors\' meeting: MID CAP EVENT PARIS 21 and 22 September 2009 Financial distribution: Letter to shareholders October 2009 Q3 2009 T/O official statement

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