1. The position of Flanders in Belgium and Europe, Flanders as a united state Instruction of the groups.

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Achievement focuses of the Flemish Community plainly shows its base desires with respect to nursery, essential and optional training. ...
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1. The position of Flanders in Belgium and Europe, Flanders as a combined state Education of the groups Flemish instruction at local, mainland and world level

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2. Instruction in Flanders General standards Compulsory training for all kids six/eighteen Freedom of training Educational systems Funding training Autonomy The lawful position of staff Organization of the school and scholarly year

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2. Instruction in Flanders Levels of training Nursery and Primary instruction Secondary training Tertiary training Continuing instruction

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2. Training in Flanders Support and quality control Pupil Guidance Centers (CLBs) Information and correspondence advances (ICT) Communication Quality control and advancement

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2. Instruction in Flanders Current issues Study concedes and examine financing More open doors for everybody Participation Modularisation Lifelong learning

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Flanders in Belgium and Europe Flanders lies in the northern piece of Belgium. Flanders has right around six million tenants. Their official dialect is Dutch. Brussels = capital of Flanders, Belgium, Europe. The Flemish Community incl. Dutch Brussels.

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Education of the groups The procedure of federalisation took very nearly a fourth of a century. The Flemish, French and German-talking group have their own instructive framework.

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Flemish instruction at territorial, mainland and world level International projects The Socrates program and the Leonardo da Vinci system, Petra and Comenius .

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General standards Compulsory training for all youngsters from six to eighteen. After 16 just low maintenance necessary instruction. All kids who live in Belgium, likewise offspring of remote nationality. Home training is conceivable.

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General standards Access to instruction is for nothing out of pocket up to the end of obligatory training. Access to Flemish nursery training is additionally gratis, in spite of the fact that it is not secured by necessary instruction.

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General standards Freedom of instruction is a protected right in Belgium. The idea of the administering body (or school board) is a key idea in the association of instruction in Flanders. The administering bodies have a far reaching independence .

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General standards Governing body (or school board) Community instruction is training composed by \'Flemish Community Education\' Subsidized openly run schools are civil instruction establishments Subsidized secretly run schools as non-benefit making association. Fundamentally catholic schools. Islamic, Protestant, Jewish, universal schools. Freinet schools, Montessori schools or Steiner \'strategy schools\'.

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General standards Funding training The Flemish instruction spending plan = 7,86 billion EUR in 2004. 42.64 % of the aggregate Flemish spending 4 % expansion for each year since 1989.

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General standards Autonomy Greater obligation on training suppliers by making understudies, understudies and guardians responsible also. In 1998 the powers kept giving more extensive obligations to schools and schools bunches.

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General standards The lawful position of staff Legal security and a specific level of professional stability . A changeless arrangement ensures occupation and compensation security . It likewise gives the individual from staff the privilege to leave, wiped out leave, and a state benefits.

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General standards Organization of the school and scholarly year For nursery, essential and auxiliary training, the school year begins on 1 September and finishes on 31 August . In tertiary training, the scholastic year begins between 1 September and 1 October .

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Levels of instruction

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Levels of training

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Levels of training

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Levels of training essential Nursery and essential instruction "Basisonderwijs" contains both nursery and essential instruction. Standard nursery and essential Special nursery and essential

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Levels of training essential Integrated nursery and essential instruction is the aftereffect of co-operation activities between standard nursery and essential instruction and specialized curriculum.

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Levels of instruction essential The showing time frames are figured on the premise of the quantities of students on a specific check date and the supplementary educating periods. Aside from the quantity of showing periods, schools get various periods to bring in tyke carers . The administration dispenses to every school a financing envelope for administration and bolster staff.

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Levels of instruction essential Almost all youngsters get nursery training in Flanders. In nursery + grade schools, the youngster is shown abilities ,, for example, dialect securing, motoric improvement, social aptitudes, ... what\'s more, an underlying method for investigating the world.

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Levels of instruction auxiliary Secondary training For individuals matured 12 to 18 . On a fundamental level, all schools are blended . • general optional training (aso), • specialized auxiliary instruction (tso), • optional instruction in expressions of the human experience (kso), • professional auxiliary training (bso)

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Levels of training auxiliary Young individuals whose physical, mental, social or scholarly advancement is hampered by an incapacity can get custom curriculum (BuSO). A student just goes on to the following \'learning stage\' when he/she is prepared for this. Youngsters with an inability can likewise be admitted to a school for standard auxiliary instruction through the arrangement of incorporated training (GON).

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Levels of training auxiliary From the age of 15 or 16, students can exchange to low maintenance professional instruction (DBSO). They can likewise decide on a business enterprise instructional class gave by the VIZO-Syntra-system

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Levels of training Tertiary training Associations • the K.U. Leuven Association • the Ghent University Association • the Antwerp University Association • Brussels college affiliation • the universiteit - hogescholen Limburg There are two sorts of unhitched male courses: the expert and the scholarly single guy course (180 credits). Some affirmation tests are taken.

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Levels of training auxiliary Postgraduate courses and Continuing instruction inside the connection of long lasting learning. Instructor preparing at universities of advanced education are changed into professionally-arranged single guy courses.

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Levels of training post Continuing instruction Part-time instruction in expressions of the human experience (DKO) DKO is a supplementary type of training went for kids, youngsters and grown-ups. Members select intentionally and pay an enrolment expense.

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Levels of training post Adult instruction More than 250,000 course members The course member pays an enrolment. Proceeding with training is given in focuses to grown-up instruction. Fundamental instruction concentrates on all grown-ups who require an essential preparing with a specific end goal to completely take an interest in the public eye or take after further preparing.

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Levels of instruction post The 29 habitats for fundamental grown-up training give essential instruction in dialects, science, social introduction, ICT, presentation in French and English and incitement and understudy advising. For nothing out of pocket. 8 Dutch Language Houses in Flanders prompting understudies on NT2 training suppliers, the VDAB, welcome workplaces and nearby powers.

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Support and quality control Pupil Guidance Centers (CLBs) The Pupil direction focus or CLB is an administration which understudies, parents,teachers and school administration groups counsel for data or help. • learning and contemplating • the school profession • preventive human services • social and passionate improvement. Supervision by a CLB is obligatory for truancy and some therapeutic examinations.

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Support and quality control The Flemish Government has executed an approach of advancing ICT in instruction (since 1996). The ICT co-ordinator is in charge of specialized and instructive ICT support at school level Training educators in the instructive utilization of ICT by means of REN Vlaanderen. Free programming and an instructive webpage Klascement

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Support and quality control The onderwijs.vlaanderen.be site is a gateway to all on-line data and administrations of the Education Department. The division issues a great deal of productions, a.o. KLASSE, a magazine for educators and understudies. Educator card SID (Studie Info Dagen)

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Support and quality control Quality advancement targets Attainment focuses of the Flemish Community plainly demonstrates its base desires as to nursery, essential and optional training. The Inspectorate of the Flemish Community comprises of examination groups. Likewise, there is additionally an investigation group that examines religious and/or philosophical instruction subjects.

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Support and quality control Every instruction system has its own particular instructive counselors for instructive and methodological consultative administrations (development ventures, self-assessment ventures, bolster activities). Schools of advanced education and colleges complete their own inward quality control through a self-assessment. What\'s more, appearances of their courses are led by an advisory group.

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Current issues Current issues Scholarships for low family salaries: to 1,403 euro in auxiliary, to 3,121 euro for understudies in advanced education.

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Current issues The Act on equivalent open doors : • every understudy has on a fundamental level the privilege to enlist in the school of his/her (parent\'s) decision . • the foundation of neighborhood meeting stages • extra backing that must empower

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