1042 and NRA Preparing Sunday, Walk 18, 2001 Track: HRMS Session: S2-6007.

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Consent to reporting of income for non-inhabitant outsider profit utilizing State ... Family Information. Migration History back to 1/1/1985. Earlier Treaty ...
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1042 and NRA Processing Sunday, March 18, 2001 Track: HRMS Session: S2-6007

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Panel Participants: Karen Banning, University of Kansas Dawna Groninger, University of Kansas Jennifer Gehrt, Kansas State University Linda Parker, Peoplesoft Gary Singer, Windstar Technologies, Inc.

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University of Kansas Overview One of the 7 Regent Institutions represented by State of Kansas Comply with reporting of profit for non-inhabitant outsider income – utilizing State profit codes, charge board data reporting Must keep up own time reporting, leave accumulation and parity data utilizing existing time reporting framework State of Kansas creates the 1042-S shapes for KU representatives PeopleSoft V7.6 HRSA – No fixes connected

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NRA Issues Student Administration & Foreign Addresses When an understudy location is entered by SA as remote – Job Earns Distribution populated consequently Default remote location to \'Personal residence\'s and we should physically abrogate to residential location Balances – Earns/Taxes The proper viable dates must be entered in Tax Data boards all together for right year to be overhauled. Ordinarily this is payroll interval start date

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Job Information – FICA Status Override

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Available Earnings Codes for NRA\'s

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Job Earnings Distribution

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Federal Tax Data 1

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Federal Tax Data 2

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Federal Tax Data 3

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State Tax Data 1

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State Tax Data 2

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Local Tax Data

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Time Reporting –Time Sheet

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Employee Payline – with NR Earns Code – after first calc.

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JPAY159 – NRA\'s Taxed

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JPAY163 – 1042 Gross Report

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JPAY164 – NRA\'s achieving bargain max in payroll interval

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JPAY310 – Mismatch procures codes on numerous representative rec\'ds

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Kansas State University Overview Fall 2000 Enrollment = 21,929 Active Employees = 10,000+ Non-Resident Aliens = 1009 1042 structures in 2000 = 504

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Kansas State University Overview Use conveyed PS HRMS 7.51 Education & Government NRA usefulness with all applicable PS fixes connected Use 1042 preparing for finance just - not grants and associations Do not have PS Student Administration Follow same fundamental guidelines and procedures as the University of Kansas

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K-State\'s Solutions to Problems with NRA Processes

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Employee Tax Data We don\'t computerize Employee Tax Data on Installation Table- - we generally physically enter information in Tax Data

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Address in Personal Data Train clients to not embed outside location in "Place of residence" Use residential location the "Street number" Use changeless remote location in the "Postage information", if coveted

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Address in Personal Data Will get cautioning message when selecting out of Country field on Federal Tax Data 3 board - that is alright

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Visa/Permit Data Tracking exact Visa information is basic Confusing board for worker who has had more than one Visa sort Not powerful dated- - Visa shows one after another in order, not representative\'s present Visa Tricky reporting Fixed in PS 8?

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NRA Data Integrity Added a Save Error Edit to State Tax Data requiring "Inhabitant" checkbox to be "No"

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NRA Data Integrity Employee Tax Audit Reports (SQRs) versus numerous on-line alters Run review reports starting a day ago of payroll interval through day of last on-cycle pay calc

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Job Earnings Distribution Audits Fed Tax Special Status = NRA without NRA Earnings code in JOB_EARNS_DIST record NRA Earnings Code without Fed Tax Special Withholding Status = NRA Multiple dynamic Employment Records and Earning Codes in every JOB_EARNS_DIST record are not equivalent Dept ID in JOB is not equivalent to Dept ID in JOB_EARNS_DIST

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Visa Audits Employee with Visa Type = J2 and FICA Status = Exempt and selected in < 6 acknowledge hours Employee for Visa Type that obliges Subject to FICA Employee with Visa Type = J2 not qualified for Tax Treaty

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Other NRA Audits Fed Tax Data- - NRA requires extra withholding = $15.30 NRA with Citizenship Status = \'Outsider Permanent\' is Subject to FICA

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Look out!! Look for custom SQRs that overhaul JOB in cluster - should likewise redesign the JOB_EARNS_DIST record at same time

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FICA/SUT Audit Report J1/F1 Visas ought to dependably be excluded from FICA and SUT (unless Substantial Presence Test is met) When FICA Exempt, SUT must be Exempt When FICA Subject, SUT must be Nonexempt

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Tax Treaty Table PeopleSoft re-conveys charge bargain table with every real discharge and with every application upgrade Interim changes must be followed and connected in your framework

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Tax Treaty Information Tax Treaty and NRA data accessible on our site: http://www.ksu.edu/hr/infomgmt/treatysum.htm IRS Tax Treaty Information is rearranged to incorporate Income Codes 18 and 19, just

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Substantial Presence Test We utilize manual worksheet to catch SPT counts Enter information from worksheet in PS SPT board so information is promptly accessible

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Substantial Presence Test Start Date = Arrival Date in USA Expiration Date = On-grounds Work Permit Expires

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Substantial Presence Test PS 7.51 necessities Arrival Date and Visa Issue Date on SPT board - perhaps there in PS 8

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PeopleSoft/Windstar Partnership: Background Partnership shaped in December 1999 Objective: To supplement PeopleSoft\'s non-inhabitant outsider tax collection handling abilities with the case-by-case charge settlement examination capacities in Windstar\'s Tax Navigator Windstar is building up a two-route interface between PeopleSoft Payroll and Windstar Tax Navigator

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PeopleSoft/Windstar Partnership: Overview Windstar Tax Navigator PeopleSoft Payroll Captures movement history information Employee Data Captures worker information Tax Treaty Analysis Results Determines remote national\'s assessment residency and performs charge arrangement investigations Payroll Processing (counting Tax Calculations in view of Treaty Rules) Prepares withholding and duty arrangement exception frames Maintains Tax Balances (counting 1042) 1042 Tax Balances Produces 1042-S reports Produces 1042-S reports

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PeopleSoft Non-Resident Alien Taxation

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PeopleSoft Non-Resident Alien Taxation

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Before they select, you should get them here

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Before you pay them, you should know their expense status

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Information Required Demographics Family Information Immigration History back to 1/1/1985 Prior Treaty Usage

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Before they enlist, you should get them here VisaManager

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Before they enlist, you should get them here VisaManager Forms for F, M, J, Q, H, L, O Immigration Statuses Forms for progressing upkeep Full History Full Reporting Fulfillment

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Before you pay them, you should know their duty status International Tax Navigator

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Before you pay them, you should know their expense status International Tax Navigator Performs Full Substantial Presence Test on any Immigration History Performs Treaty Analyses One at once Batch Looks forward or back Completes Forms for Withholding & Reporting

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The Flow VisaManager

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The Flow VisaManager Transition DB

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The Flow VisaManager Transition DB International Tax Navigator

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The Flow VisaManager Transition DB Two Ways, excessively International Tax Navigator

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The Flow – Coming Soon International Tax Navigator VisaManager Transition DB What to Do PeopleSoft HR/Payroll Student System A.P.

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The Big Picture – Coming Soon New Hires International Tax Navigator VisaManager I9 SS5 W7 Transition DB Foreign National Information Form PDF Based FNIF Foreign National Information System Web Based FNIS PeopleSoft HR/Payroll Student System A.P.

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