1948 Buick Streamliner.

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This exemplary Buick Streamliner is in immaculate condition, restored by Dave Crouse ... An auto like this is very uncommon, excessively lovely that any proprietor could ever need to ...
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1948 Buick Streamliner

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Looking at an auto like this makes one mourn the thin, straightforward heading human fascination has gone, now the autos and glamor girls leave bounty to be coveted in the most vital tasteful quality– shape

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This great Buick Streamliner is in flawless condition, reestablished by Dave Crouse for the 2010 Concours d\'Elegance.  Its unique development assumed control two years, worked with an aluminum body around a steel chassis.  Not just is it impossible you\'ll ever see this excellence out and about, it\'s possible that you\'ll never see it on the bartering block.  An auto like this is dreadfully uncommon, excessively excellent that any proprietor would ever need to pass it up– regardless of the cost.

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