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MALAYSIAN Establishment OF HUMAN Asset Administration Institut Pengurusan Sumber Manusia Malaysia 2-Day Program On PSMB Claimable Your HR Proficient Body Presents Residential Request The Law, Process and Systems LEARNING Focuses WHAT CONSTITUTES A Wrongdoing Nature of Business Contract
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MALAYSIAN INSTITUTE OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Institut Pengurusan Sumber Manusia Malaysia 2-Day Program On PSMB Claimable Your HR Professional Body Presents DOMESTIC INQUIRY The Law, Process & Procedures LEARNING POINTS WHAT CONSTITUTES A MISCONDUCT Nature of Employment Contract The Nature and Meaning of Misconduct Legal Provisions Relating to Misconduct Principles of Natural Justice Types of Misconduct – minor/significant Criminal Offenses at Work INVESTIGATING Offenses Suspension Pending Inquiry Legal Effect of Condonations Show Cause Letter Notice of Inquiry Procedures for Investigation OBJECTIVE This 2-day project is exceptionally intended to give a top to bottom information and comprehension of the law on due request of the request procedure – the reason for holding a request, the methods to be taken after, the rules issued and the discipline to be allotted including looking at Court Awards. Keep in mind! In the event that you have to make disciplinary move, do it right to keep away from expensive out of line rejection case made against your organization. Residential INQUIRY Procedures for Domestic Inquiry – Preparation for Inquiry Selection of the Inquiry Officer/Board of Inquiry\'s The Inquiry Role Officer(s) Recording Proceedings Adducing of Evidence (Witnesses) The Inquiry Report: - Findings & Punishment/Findings Review/Types of Punishment ♦ INDUSTRIAL COURT AWARDS PERTAINING TO DOMESTIC INQUIRIES ♦ MOCK DOMESTIC INQUIRY EXERCISE WHO SHOULD ATTEND The course is focused to advantage Human Resource/Industrial Relations Managers, Officers/Executives and Department Heads – particularly the individuals who may be obliged to serve as Inquiry Officers and faculty administration included in choice making including releases. Philosophy Short Lectures, Self Discovery, Discussion Group Exercises and Case Studies FACILITATOR This course is encouraged by a Senior HR/IR Practitioner or Consultant with over 20 years involvement in HR and worker relations and was the IR Court board for over 10 years. Additionally AVAILABLE Customized In-House Training Fee Inclusive of Training Materials, Lunch, Refreshment & Certificate of Attendance * Discount 10% for gathering enlistment of 3 man & above from the same association Improve the execution of your group with financially savvy choice! Compose this course as in-house preparing. Contact MIHRM Corporate Office at Tel: 03-79556536 or Fax: 03-79554076 Email: mihrm@streamyx.com for further subtle elements. RM750.00 [MIHRM Member] – Individual & Corporate RM850.00 [Others] Per Person SCHEDULE Venue: Dec 1 st & 2 nd December, 2010 P. Jaya

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Program SCHEDULE Day 1 Day 2 8.30am: Registration 9.00am: Introduction Nature of Employment Contract Nature and Meaning of Misconduct Legal Provisions Relating to Misconduct 10.30am: Tea Break 10.45am: Principles of Natural Justice Types of Misconduct Criminal Offenses at Work Suspension Pending Inquiry 1.00pm - 2.00pm: LUNCH 2.00pm: Legal Effect of Condonations Show Cause Letter Purpose of Inquiry Failure to Hold Inquiry Consequences 3.30pm: Tea Break 3.45pm: Procedures for Investigation Notice of Inquiry 5.00pm: Wrap-up End of Day 1 9.00am: Procedures for Domestic Inquiry Selection of the Board of Inquiry 10.30am: Tea Break 10.45am: The Inquiry\'s Role Officer Recording Proceedings Adducing of Evidence (Witnesses) 1.00pm - 2.00pm: LUNCH 2.00pm: The Inquiry Report -Findings & Punishment -Findings Review -Types of Punishment 3.30pm: Tea Break 3.45pm: Mock Domestic Inquiry Exercise 5.00pm: Closing End of Program REGISTRATION FORM Terms & Conditions Please Register me for this course. Date of Training:……………………………………….. Name: _________________________________________________________________________________ Designation: ________________________________________________________________________ Company: ________________________________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________ MembershipNo: ______________________________________________________________ _______________________ Email Address: __________________________________________________ TelephoneNo: _______________ (Off)/Fax: ___________________ (Off)/Mobile No: ____________ Contact Person: _________________________________ Enclosed check no./bank draft …………………..……………for RM…………………. being installment for …………… participant(s). (Installment made payable to “MIHRM”) Fax or email to MIHRM the finished Registration Form to enroll for this system. Separate name list for gathering enrollment. Full installment should be made before system date or on enlistment day, generally Letter of Undertaking from association is material. In the event that you are not able to go to, a substitute agent is welcome to go to in your place at no extra charge. No discount can be made for cancelation got under 7 days preceding the system . MIHRM maintains all authority to delay or cross out the system because of the unexpected circumstances Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management (MIHRM) K2 Upper Grd Flr, Bangunan Khas, Lorong 8/1E(

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