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Credits Pre-War Early War Significant fights Peace Remains $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Term to portray development of troops to the outskirts in readiness for war
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Credits Pre-War Early War Major fights Peace Leftovers $100 $200 $300 $400 $500

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Term to portray development of troops to the outskirts in readiness for war

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activation RETURN

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Term for the ascent of armed force and naval force A purpose behind the war

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Militarism RETURN

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The collusion that shaped against the ascent of German hostility

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Triple Entente: France, Great Britain & Russia RETURN

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Region of ethnic pressures – the Powder barrel of Europe

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Balkans Peninsula RETURN

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The Naval race or arms develop was between these two nations

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Britain and Germany RETURN

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This was the sparkle that began World War I

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Assassination of Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary in June 1914 RETURN

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Total war implied this was utilized to influence popular sentiment for the war exertion

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Propaganda – particularly publications RETURN

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Italy, Germany and Austria – Hungary framed this partnership

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Triple Alliance RETURN

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European nations utilized this to twofold their armed force between 1900 & 1914

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Conscription or the draft part or aggregate war RETURN

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Name of the first German hostile intended to thump Paris and France out of the war

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Von Schlieffen Plan RETURN

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Primary soldiers on the Eastern front

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Germany and Russia RETURN

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Type of battling that created in view of the stalemate

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Trench fighting RETURN

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Site of fizzled British and Commonwealth countries to take Constantinople and the Ottomans out of the war

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Gallipoli RETURN

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Unrestricted u-pontoon assaults was the essential explanation behind this nation to enter the war in 1917

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This report recommended that Mexico join the war in favor of the Central Powers

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Zimmerman Telegram RETURN

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This was the ship\'s name that was sunk by a u-watercraft in May 1915

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Lusitania RETURN

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Term for a war when both sides gradually lose their assets and labor – champ outlives the other

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steady loss RETURN

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This happened on the 11 th hour, 11 th day of the 11 th month in 1918 – the truce.:

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cease-fire RETURN

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Term for area and cash given for war harms

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Reparations RETURN

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New European nations depended on this

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Self determination for neighborhood ethnic and social gatherings RETURN

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Old Empire that was partitioned into a few Middle Eastern Nations

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Ottoman Empire RETURN

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Clemenceau, Wilson, George, and Orlando were termed this at the Paris Peace meeting

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Land came back to France after the war – the elbow of France

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Alsace - Lorraine RETURN

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Name given to Wilson’s Peace proposition

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14 Points RETURN

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These two nations got the command to oversee ex-German provinces

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Britain and France RETURN

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