2004 Expert Assention Transactions Redesign.

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August, 2003 concurred on Articles to open amid arrangements. Started to create issues/intrigues independently (no joint staff chip away at Articles) ...
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2004 Master Agreement Negotiations Update Union Negotiation Team Members: Bill Dougan Mike Bunten Joe Drozdowski George Christopher Dennis Reichelt John Paolino (San Diego) Melissa Baumann Steve Flory (Portland) Observers: Carl Houtman, Mary Coughlin, Barry McDonald, Michael Krueger

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Pre-Negotiation Activities FSPC started dialogs on arrangements in June, 2003 August, 2003 – conceded to Articles to open amid transactions. Started to create issues/interests independently (no joint staff take a shot at Articles) New Orleans January, 2004 – met to set up standard procedures for arrangements, build up needs for Articles to arrange, traded beginning rundown of issues & interests for every Article opened. Finished work on Preamble dialect.

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Articles Opened For Negotiation Opened all Articles and Appendices with the exception of: 12,15(negotiated outside of MA negotiations),26,32(negotiated earlier),35 (arranged earlier),36,39,42,Appendix B (at present arranging)

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Negotiation Sessions San Diego – April 19-May 1, 2004 Portland – June 1-4, 2004

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Major Changes To Articles – the "Highlights" Preamble – evacuated reference to EO 12871 Article 1 – illuminated obligations of Union and administration in respect to changing bartering unit status of workers and recording CU petitions Article 2 – real revise: talks about execution and span of Agreement. Fused Article 44 dialect into this Article.

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Major Changes to Articles – the "Highlights" Article 3 – included a couple of new definitions. Article 4 – arranging/association changes. New segment 3 tending to worker right to authority time when practicing rights under Article 9. Article 5 – designing/association changes. Cleared up procedure for appointing Union authorities and informing administration of assignments; illuminated utilization of reps other than locally accessible reps; consolidated Article 43 dialect into segment 4; expelled Region/Research/Job Corps "tops" on bank of hours for Legislative Conference, with reporting necessity on reps utilizing hours.

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Major Changes to Articles – the "Highlights" Article 6 – revised to reflect dialect in the Statute Article 7 – supplanted "EC" with "correspondence"; utilization of corporate intranet for posting Union data; elucidated productions gave by administration and capacity to arrange for extra reference materials.

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Major Changes to Articles – the "Highlights" Article 8 – reference to Strategic Plan for Labor Management Relations; arranging/association changes around subjects of organization committees, community oriented relations, and assets.

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Major Changes to Articles – the "Highlights" Article 9 – totally reworked, new NGP. Pre-grievance process – documented inside 21 days of episode, clears up who to record with for every conceivable filer (representative, Local Union, Intermediate Union, National Union, administration). 21 day time frame for gatherings to determine the issue utilizing a debate determination process. On the off chance that no settlement came to, grievant has 21 days to document a formal grievance

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Major Changes to Articles – the "Highlights" Art. 9 cont. Formal grievance method – can\'t utilize UNLESS grievant has endeavored determination through pre-grievance process, with one exemption (reaction to composed choice letter of activity for inadmissible execution or under unfriendly activities) Clarifies who to record formal grievance with for every conceivable filer (representative, Local Union, Intermediate Union, National Union, administration.

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Major Changes to Articles – the "Highlights" Art. 9 cont. Accepting authority capable to forward grievance to proper choosing official with power to determine. Composed choice inside 21 days of recording. This is the FINAL choice – one-stage formal grievance process If not determined, may conjure assertion Changes in definitions connected with time limits

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Major Changes to Articles – the "Highlights" Article 10 – some arranging/association changes; change in course of events for petitioning for discretion (28 days taking after conclusive grievance choice); cleared up procedure for selecting judge; elucidated who pays for edge and authorization issues; illuminated sped up mediation process.

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Major Changes to Articles – the "Highlights" Article 11 – significant designing/association changes and real revamp. Separates amongst IBN and customary arrangement forms. Depicts purposes of contact at every level for accepting notification/proposition. Traces strategies for determining debatability question and impasses. Talks about strategy for arranging changes to past practices conflicting with govt.- wide control or law.

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Major Changes to Articles – the "Highlights" Article 12 – no change Article 13 – on-line NEO to incorporate thing identified with work associations; bosses capable to acquaint new representatives with nearby Union authority. Article 14 – illumination on systems

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Major Changes to Articles – the "Highlights" Article 15 – in light of worries over debatability of theme, erased whole Article and supplanted with one sentence expressing execution mgt. will be done as per the arranged execution administration arrangement in FSH 6109.13.

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Major Changes to Articles – the "Highlights" Article 16 – at impasse more than three zones: grade level of section level administrative and specialized positions for which administration is required to publicize inside; length of notice for positions promoted not as much as administration wide; prerequisite to advise Union when opening will be filled. Until impasse is determined, current contract dialect will stay as a result.

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Major Changes to Articles – the "Highlights" Article 17 – bunch grants in view of commitment/participatory worth versus exclusively on evaluation. Article 18 – at impasse on issue of whether representatives ought to be required to take unpaid dinner break. Until impasse is determined, current contract dialect will stay in actuality.

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Major Changes to Articles – the "Highlights" Article 19 – cleared up rate for field routine set of expenses rates unless lesser sum arranged; reimbursable telephone brings in travel status 10 minutes or not surpassing $5.00/day; significant change in meaning of "standby" for motivations behind pay. Article 20 – elucidation on when workers might be required to give a medicinal authentication to debilitated leave use; illumination of leave use identified with maternity and paternity leave; cleared up military leave; change in pardoned nonattendance to go to memorial service of collaborator (not time-restricted).

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Major Changes to Articles – the "Highlights" Article 21 – change in powerful date of activity in light of unsatisfactory execution (stayed 5 days, rather than 10 days). Article 22 – reformatting/sorting out of content to enhance clarity Article 23 – reformatting/arranging; get back to from nonduty status; decreases in least ensured payroll interval every year; regular occupation not a substitute for all day work.

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Major Changes to Articles – the "Highlights" Article 24 – extended meaning of "real subdivision" for motivation behind rehire; given to right to deal on meaning of significant subdivision for "new" association structures. Article 25 – evacuated reference to CEP; arranging/association changes.

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Major Changes to Articles – the "Highlights" Article 26 – no change from current contract dialect. Article 27 – accommodates non-Union reps to go with security controllers; clears up conveyance of wellbeing examination reports; designing changes. Article 28 – changed center from "flame" to "occurrence"; change in who Union reps on episodes check in with (IC or designee); expansion of dialect to address limited offices while in non-pay status; dispensed with segment 6 (NWCG reference).

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Major Changes to Articles – the "Highlights" Article 29 – illuminated how arrangements in all lodging might be arranged; minor designing changes. Article 30 – reformatting/association; prerequisite for gatherings to record, in composing, consent to together support preparing.

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Major Changes to Articles – the "Highlights" Article 31 – retitled "Changes to Organizations"; talks about administration\'s commitment for pre-decisional warning to Union, and open door for pre-decisional inclusion; illuminates how to manage uncertain issues taking after pre-decisional contribution. Article 32 – change to CFR reference; change in Article 35 references with respect to driving territory and focused level definitions.

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Major Changes to Articles – the "Highlights" Article 33 – included necessity for site and sans toll number for furloughed representatives to get data; prerequisite for workers to give administration overhauled contact information for get back to. Article 34 – dispensed with much contract dialect, and rather referenced CFR where TOF prerequisites recorded. Given to bartering at suitable level to full degree allowed by law.

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Major Changes to Articles – the "Highlights" Article 35 – new focused zones now in Appendix D; cleared up strategies when administration is thinking about changing aggressive zones. Article 36 – no progressions from current contract dialect Article 37 – dialect added to oblige administration to guarantee representatives not at danger from non-workers.

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Major Changes to Articles – the "Highlights" Article 38 – totally revised to address new Circular A-76 necessities. Article 39 – no change from current contract dialect. Article 40 – totally reworked to address commitment for notification and dealing rights as per Article 11.

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