2004 PEBLO Gathering 5/3 .

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2004 PEBLO Conference 5/3 – 7/04 Service Headquarters Brief. Temporary Limited Duty (TLD) Policy and Procedures from Service Headquarters (PERS 4821). Branch Head: CDR Michael R Halloran D/882-3185, C/901-874-3185 Email: Michael.Halloran@navy.mil.
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2004 PEBLO Conference 5/3 – 7/04 Service Headquarters Brief Temporary Limited Duty (TLD) Policy and Procedures from Service Headquarters (PERS 4821) Branch Head: CDR Michael R Halloran D/882-3185, C/901-874-3185 Email: Michael.Halloran@navy.mil Section Head: CWO3 Max Hodge D/882-3229, C/901-874-3229 Email: Max.Hodge@navy.mil

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Major Procedural Changes at PERS 4821 Brief History/Explanation CNP 2003 Guidance – Reduce LIMDU Population by 15% Working Group Created Point Paper(s) Submitted Aug.03/Dec 03/Jan 04 Jan 04 Paper Accepted by VADM Hoewing Recommendations cause Hate and Discontent or possibly Unhappiness. proceeded with

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Major Point of Consideration from the Point Paper Many of the TLD cases are not being prepared as per Law or potentially administering Directive. It shows up we " re handling cases outside the aim of the program. Law: Title 10 Ch. 61 Sec. 1201, 1202, 1203, 1214, 1216 SECNAVINST 1850.4E Department of the Navy (DON) Disability Evaluation Manual

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LIMDU Timelines – Virtual Naval Hospital General Medical Officer (GMO) Manual: Administrative Section (site page 4/22/04) (3) Temporary Limited Duty You may put any dynamic obligation Navy or Marine Corps enrolled part on brief constrained obligation by utilizing the NAVMED 6100/5. The doctor finishes the top bit of the frame for every such part with uncomplicated disease or damage and anticipated that arrival would full obligation inside 16 months. The prescribed times of restricted obligation are 8 or potentially 16 months, for an aggregate of 16 months for any one condition. This is to consider satisfactory time periods for treatment and re-assessment. You may discover the part fit at any period amid restricted obligation. There is as of now no restriction of transitory constrained obligation (TLD) per profession, however doctors ought to check with the patient organization office or therapeutic sheets managers to recognize any patterns for a specific part before setting them on TLD.

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LIMDU Timelines - SECNAV 1850.4E j. Impermanent Limited Duty (TLD) For individuals from the Navy and Marine Corps, the time of TLD might not surpass 16 months for every profession, combined , before the part either is alluded to the PEB for assessment or is come back to military obligation. (2) If TLD initially is allowed for 8 months, and expansion or restoration is required, the MTF should present the demand to BUPERS (PERS-821) or CMC (MMSR-4), as fitting, in light of a medicinal assessment that extra TLD months likely will be adequate to reestablish the part to military obligation.

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Number One Issue The inability to consider set up Limdu timetables over the span of giving treatment has brought about roughly 22% of the current Limdu populace surpassing the 16 months for every profession, aggregate. Earlier quantities of individuals surpassing 16 months 27 Oct 03 – 885 (19% of aggregate pop., 4,633) 5 Jan 04 – 1,028 (22% of aggregate limdu pop., 4,648) 01 Mar 04 – 1,105 (23% of aggregate limdu pop., 4,786) 01 Apr 04 – 1,070 (22% of aggregate limdu pop., 4,862) 26 Apr 04 – 1,027 (21% of aggregate limdu pop., 4,807) proceeded with

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Number One Issue - proceeded with This history of naturally elastic stamping cases for 8 months of Limdu, trailed by a proposal for a moment 8 month time of Limdu seems, by all accounts, to be a persist of the dialect/methods from the crossed out SECNAVINST 1850.4D , which characterized Temporary Limited Duty – " determined time of constrained obligation, regularly not to surpass 16 months for each harm event … " Is everybody acquainted with the new dialect? The new timetables? TLD for 16 months in a profession?

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Number Two Issue There doesn " t must be a moment issue.

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Working Together Evaluating/treating each case, tending to a part " s medicinal issue while considering the courses of events, ought to dispose of the lion\'s share of that populace surpassing 16 months.

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BUMED/MTF/Patient Administration 1850.4E – Sec. 1005 Prompt Identification of Disability It is not inside the mission of the Department of the Navy to hold individuals on dynamic obligation or in the Ready Reserve to give delayed, conclusive medicinal care when it is far-fetched the part will come back to full military obligation . … proceeded with

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BUMED/MTF/Patient Administration – proceeded with 2 1850.4E – Sec. 1005 Prompt Identification of Disability (cont) … should immediately distinguish for assessment by Medical Boards and fitting referral to the PEB under this guideline, those individuals displaying for restorative care whose physical or mental wellness to proceed maritime administration is flawed.

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BUMED/MTF/Patient Administration – proceeded with 3 Every case should be investigated both therapeutically and officially. Will a part come back to full military obligation, inside the time periods pertinent to " their " current/past medicinal history?

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Service Headquarters - (PERS 4821) Active Duty: If TLD is initially conceded for 8 months, and an expansion or recharging is fancied, the MTF might present the demand to CHNAVPERS (PERS-4821).

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Service Headquarters – Limdu endorsement Any expansion or restoration of TLD more prominent than 8 months must be affirmed by CHNAVPERS (PERS-821) in light of a medicinal assessment that the extra months of TLD will be adequate to reestablish the part to full obligation . Endless supply of the approved TLD, give back the part to obligation or allude to the PEB.

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Service Headquarters - Not Doctors We are not Doctors! We know we are not Doctors! In any case, We do be able to peruse therapeutic sheets, recognize medicinal conditions and physical deformities recorded in Enclosure 8, assess past Limdu periods and make judgments whether a restorative case is being handled as per the guideline.

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Service Headquarters – Limdu in a Career I " ve requested that my staff assess each case with the goal to guarantee consistence with a part being permitted 16 months Limdu in a vocation, aggregate. Because of the different time gauges incorporated with the DES procedure I " ve prompted my people, when justified, to favor demands for times of Limdu to the 13 month point, at which time, the medbd should be submitted to the PEB.

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Permanent Limited Duty (PLD) Sailors who have been discovered UNFIT by PEB can apply for PLD. Mariners, w/18 years however under 20 years, who apply, MAY BE held. An ask for is not consequently affirmed Favorable charge support is basic. Requirements of the Navy – Major thought

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Permanent Limited Duty (PLD) proceeded with 2 Some Common Reasons to Retain Manning Shortage Designator/Specialty or Skill Complete Current Tour (Pending Report of Relief) MTF-determined medicinal research driven

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Permanent Limited Duty (PLD) proceeded with 3 Review Process Each Case is altogether/separately considered Detailer, ECM/OCM suggestion Assistant Section Head (Pers 4821A) Section Head (Pers 4821) Assistant Branch Head (Pers 482A) Branch Head (Pers 482 – Final endorsement power)

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In Summation – Final Outcome Working together, assessing cases therapeutically and authoritatively, as indicated in our guideline, we can guarantee that the Limdu populace recent months, turns into the exemption , not the lead and CNP " s objective of lessening the Limdu populace by 15% is figured it out.

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