2006 California Bridge Construction Forum .

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2006 California Bridge Construction Forum. Opening Remarks Dolores Valls, Chief, Statewide Operations Offices of Structure Construction. Overview. Special Thanks Purpose of Forum Overview of Past Forums 2006 Expectations. Special Thanks. CT/ Industry Joint Agenda Committee:
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2006 California Bridge Construction Forum Opening Remarks Dolores Valls, Chief, Statewide Operations Offices of Structure Construction

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Overview Special Thanks Purpose of Forum Overview of Past Forums 2006 Expectations

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Special Thanks CT/Industry Joint Agenda Committee: Duff Joseph, Erreca Inc. Craig Huss, Griffith Company Robert (Rusty) Crain, ACM – District 4 N/E Mike Beauchamp, ACM – Districts 8 & 9 Mike Halverson, Facilitator

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Purpose of Forum Share data & concerns Collect thoughts and recommendations Improve practices and connections We\'re here to convey!

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Overview of Past Forums 2001 Forums 2002 Forums 2003 – wiped out, travel confinements 2005 Forum

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2001 Bridge Construction Forum Process set up Joint Committee of Industry/OSC Managers Survey conveyed 4 workshops from well known reaction zones

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2001 Workshops Topics Falsework rehearses Flyash/connect deck breaking Training OSC staff Support/Authority of OSC staff

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2001 Forum Action Items FALSEWORK PRACTICES F/W Academy on-line preparing Preapproved Standard F/W points of interest F/W Welding Spec. Change Revised spec. for requests > 1000# for every eighth in. requires F/W originator to determine welding code

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2001 Action Items FLYASH/BRIDGE DECK CRACKING Improve dispersion of flyash learning METS outreaches with Industry Translab visit Std. Spec. Changes Eliminate "technique" specs for curing

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2001 Forum Action Items TRAINING OSC Staff Improve Contractor/State working relationship OSC focused on Partnering and Forums Train Inexperienced staff Senior Specialist positions On-line preparing modules

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2002 Forums Topics Innovations for Acceleration Quality Control & Quality Assurance Welding Bridge Surveying hones

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2002 Action Items INNOVATIONS for Acceleration Design for increasing speed CRIP spec corrections (structure sort changes) Delayed notice to continue Pre-endorsed shoring arranges (RR endorsement) QC/QA More QC arrangements in specs.

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2002 Forums Action Items WELDING Revised Welding specs. Erased submittal of AWS welding code books No CWI necessities for resistance welding WQCP Templates Statewide Welding preparing

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2002 Forums Action Items Bridge Construction SURVEYING New OSC Practices Guidelines Statewide preparing Revised Department Survey Manual

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2005 Forum Topic: Falsework Construction Safety Falsework Erection and Removal Falsework Grading and Jacking Column Cage Construction & Guying Plans

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2005 Forum Action Items Column Cage Research Developed Research proposition Call for entries (12/05) Proposals due 2/06 Produce a Falsework Safety Video Completed shooting Showing cuts at ebb and flow instructional courses

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2005 Action Items Updates to Falsework Manual Guidelines for Erection, Grading/Jacking, and Removal arranges Establish a CT/Industry Team First meeting held Quarterly gatherings

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2006 Forum Expectations New Action Items for Improvements Management Panel for open dialog Feedback on estimation of Forums

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