2006 Group Nourishment Preparing Gift.

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2006 Group Nourishment Preparing Award Venture RAVE Amey Envoy, RD, Program Advisor for the Youngster and Grown-up Consideration Sustenance Program, KY Dept. of Training
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2006 TEAM NUTRITION TRAINING GRANT PROJECT RAVE Amey Herald, RD, Program Consultant for the Child and Adult Care Food Program, KY Dept. of Education

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"This task has been subsidized in any event to a limited extent with government stores from the U.S. Division of Agriculture. The substance of this production don\'t essentially mirror the perspective or strategies of the U.S. Branch of Agriculture, nor does notice of exchange names, business items, or associations infer underwriting by the U.S. Government.” USDA

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“In understanding with Federal law and U.S. Branch of Agriculture strategy, this foundation is disallowed from segregating on the premise of race, shading, national beginning, sex, age, or disability.” USDA

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Background Framework Commonwealth of KY mid-decade survey of Healthy Kentuckians 2010: Objective 2.3, “Reduce to 5 percent or less the pervasiveness of overweight and stoutness (at or over the sex and age particular 95 th percentile of BMI from the updated NCHS/CDC development diagrams) in kids (matured 1-5 and 6-11).”

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We Want Only the Best for KY Kids! CACFP staff routinely visit and audit cc focuses. While most suppers served meet the USDA necessities, there is frequently opportunity to get better in dietary quality. For instance, snacks frequently served are juice and treats or juice and saltines. There is space for much change. The supplement substance of snacks can increment!

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Background Framework We needed to build the degree to which youngsters in childcare are presented to sustenance instruction, physical movement and the best dinners that can be given

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COLLABORATION Save the Children U.S., Berea, KY-giving preparing and help with the Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) educational programs which has been effective in the CHANGE program. CHANGE: Creating Healthy Active Nurturing Good Nutrition Environments-a physical action and nourishment after school program with an accentuation on education. 65 model locales all through country America, incorporating 33 in KY.

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CATCH Promotes Health The CATCH project is intended to build understudy information and practices identified with enhanced physical movement and nourishment examples Using fun, intuitive and organized physical exercises, classroom educational modules, sustenance administration and family inclusion

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Who was Selected? The six childcare focuses decided for the task were: Doris Mae’s Child Care, Louisville Hands and Feet Learning Center, Berea Henderson Settlement Inc., Frakes Kiddie College, Dry Ridge Manchester Center, Lexington Tammy Embry’s Playschool, Leitchfield

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Criteria Used For Selecting Criteria utilized for selecting the youngster consideration focuses included: geological area for-benefit or non-benefit status execution history being of good remaining on the CACFP A normal every day participation of 40 or less. A few youngster consideration backers were given the chance to take an interest. These were the 6 that reacted. Others declined because of staffing deficiencies, driving separation from Frankfort, and so forth

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What is RAVE? Kid consideration focuses take care of the nibble guidelines. Youngster consideration focuses give 30 minutes of day by day physical movement time as amusements. Kid consideration focuses give a nourishing lesson or action day by day. Guardian outreach through take-home lessons, pamphlets, showcases and a family open house .

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Who is Targeted? Essentially school age kids at the inside in evaluations K – 6 Preschoolers at the Centers will partake in sustenance and physical exercises as fitting by age Nutrition and Activity messages can conceivably influence all youngsters and families at the middle

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RAVE PROJECT SNACK REQUIREMENTS You must serve no less than one organic product or vegetable segment at every nibble. In the event that additional servings are given, they must be organic product or vegetable parts. Least divide sizes recorded in the Food Crediting Guide or Food Buying Guide Exhibit An unquestionable requirement be taken after.

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Tools Provided to Centers Physical Activity educational modules Nutrition instruction materials Financial Assistance for a RAVE Coordinator Training, Training, Training One on One help from a CACFP staff R.D.

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The RAVE\'s Purpose Project Improve centers’ limit in giving healthier suppers and snacks Serve all the more crisp foods grown from the ground Budget for new meats Provide breads higher in fiber and supplements Plan organized and fun physical exercises

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OBJECTIVES Prove that paying little heed to a center’s area (in rustic or urban territories) or benefit status (whether for-benefit or non-benefit), that given the right preparing and specialized help and instruments, ALL focuses can be fruitful in enhancing snacks and actualizing physical exercises in focuses. Expansion access and advancement of solid snacks and physical exercises.

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Goals of the RAVE Project Children in the six pilot focuses will expend more products of the soil and build level of physical action. The RAVE pilot undertaking will serve as a developed school day model for other kid consideration focuses in KY. Relatives of youngsters in the six pilot focuses will build their insight and abilities about sound snacks and physical exercises.

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Evaluation The nourishing substance of nibble menus toward the pilot\'s start venture and after sustenance instruction has been given and specialized help has been offered to the focuses. Framework for Observing Fitness Instructional Time (SOFIT) to track and increment in physical movement Centers submitted reports on the guardian open house and included guardian criticism about RAVE.

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Summary of Project Activities

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Summary of Project Activities

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What We Hoped to Achieve! More foods grown from the ground served at nibble! Sustenance instruction of the middle staff individuals, kids and folks Behavior changes in physical movement at play time CC focuses exceeded into the group We planned to show all focuses can be fruitful if given the devices and preparing. YES!!!

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You don’t trust us? Let’s get notification from one of the R.A.V.E. Supports!!!

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Did We Achieve? Menu and Production Records for the 6 taking part focuses were examined for October 2006 preceding Rave. A second examination was led in January 2007, the first month that Rave was executed. Let’s L k at the progressions

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Changes in Fiber!!!

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Changes in Vitamin A!!

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Changes in Vitamin C!!

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Changes in Calories!!

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Cost Analysis We likewise broke down the taking part focuses reported expense for January 2006-June 2006. We contrasted this reported expense with the reported expense for January 2007-June 2007. The Results are IN!!!!

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Reported Food Cost

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Reported Program Labor

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Percentage of Reimbursement Spent on Food

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Cost Per Meal

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Our Focus This Year… More products of the soil at nibble Fresh Frozen Or canned All seconds must be an organic product or vegetable Water is a decent option, despite the fact that it is NOT respectable.

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Will You Improve Your Children’s Health? Results have demonstrated Fewer conduct issues Blood sugar is balanced out Decrease in inhaler use for those with asthma Increase in consideration compass Decrease in hyperactivity Visible weight reduction for overweight and fat

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