2007/2008 Semester 1 SD5943 Mixed media Education Week03 .

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From Phonograph record (Gramophone record), Cassette tape, Laserdisc (LD), Sony Minidisc Data (MD), Compact Disk (CD) to MP3 From simple stockpiling to computerized stockpiling. ...
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2007/2008 Semester 1 SD5943 Multimedia Literacy Week03 – An old idea with new advancements Prepared by Wilson YUEN [sdwilson@polyu.edu.hk]

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Agenda Introduction An old idea with new advances, connected in the accompanying areas: Text Audio Graphics Animation Video/Movie Interactivity Conclusion

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Introduction (1) A development of the computerized innovations in most recent two decades starts an extraordinary interest and chance to redo the old media . From digitalizing and recuperating simple substance to utilizing progressed advanced innovations to retake the old titles of film/motion picture , every one of those exercises driven the interest and improvement of complex computerized advances. As indicated by Moore\'s Law, "… the intricacy of coordinated circuits, as for least part cost, copies like clockwork… ", infers the force of utilizing and growing new computerized advances will keep relentless .

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Introduction (2) E.g. #1 Mission Impossible (1966-1973 & 1996-2006) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YWD0YGbr-Y

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Introduction (3) E.g. #2 King Kong (1933, 1976 & 2005) Digital impacts by Weta Digital Ltd.

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Introduction (4) E.g. #3 英雄本色 (1967 & 1986)

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Introduction (5) E.g. #4 Super Mario (1985-2007) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mario

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Text From customary script keeping in touch with these days – community oriented figuring. It is an awesome change about the method of creation . In the investigation and advancement of web-innovation, the expression Web 2.0 alludes to an apparent second era of online groups and facilitated administrations —, for example, informal communication destinations, wikis and folksonomies — which mean to encourage joint effort and sharing between clients. The term got to be well known after the main O\'Reilly Media Web 2.0 meeting in 2004 , and has subsequent to wind up broadly utilized.

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Audio (1) From Phonograph record (Gramophone record), Cassette tape, Laserdisc (LD), Sony Minidisc Data (MD), Compact Disk (CD) to MP3  From simple stockpiling to computerized stockpiling .

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Audio (2) From simple, low-constancy computerized to high-devotion advanced sound framework. Same title of melody from same artist can be distributed twice or much more times , just with various quality (overhaul from 16 Bits to 24 Bits of AD digitalization) or medium.

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Audio (3)

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Graphics (1) From customary Chinese painting to the propelled Computer-produced symbolism (CGI), all are the blends of apparatuses, strategies and configuration . Will we connected propelled PC representation advances to control the conventional Chinese works of art?

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Graphics (2) Animating Chinese Landscape Paintings Ref.: http://www.cse.ust.hk/~cpegnel/ACLP/thesis.html Digital Chinese Arts Ref.: http://www.cse.ust.hk/~cpegnel/VCB/

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Graphics (3) Computer Vision Computer vision is the science and innovation of machines that see. As an investigative order, PC vision is worried with the hypothesis and innovation for building manufactured frameworks that acquire data from pictures. The picture information can take numerous structures, for example, a video arrangement, sees from various cameras, or multi-dimensional information from a therapeutic scanner.

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Graphics (4) As an innovative order, PC vision tries to apply the speculations and models of PC vision to the development of PC vision frameworks. Case of utilizations of PC vision frameworks incorporate frameworks for: Controlling procedures (e.g. a mechanical robot or a self-governing vehicle). Identifying occasions (e.g. for visual reconnaissance) Organizing data (e.g. for indexing databases of pictures and picture successions), Modeling articles or situations (e.g. mechanical review, restorative picture examination or geographical displaying), Interaction (e.g. as the contribution to a gadget for PC human communication).

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Graphics (5)

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Animation (1) CMU, Virtual gathering – Roboception (by 3D character and movement).

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Animation (2) Japan First Virtual Idol – DK96 (by 3D character and liveliness).

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Animation (3) Virtual Fitting

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Animation (4) Bodybush – by Prof. Horace Ip (CityU) http://aimtech.cityu.edu.hk/bodybrush/

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Animation (5) Smart Ambience Therapy (SAT) – by Prof. Horace Ip (CityU) http://aimtech.cityu.edu.hk/sat/

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Animation (6) Playmotion

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Video/Movie (1) From the simple Standard Definition (SD) to computerized High Definition (HD) . From the simple 35mm film to advanced silver screen with 2K & 4K determination (2K and 4K allude to pictures with 2048 and 4096 even pixel determination). Any progressions with the idea of Television and Film/Movie? Some new terms were authored, for example, Interactive TV or 4D Movie .

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Video/Movie (2) Multi (Camera Array)

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Interactivity (1) Digital Entertainment received of most developed 3D illustrations, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ICT innovations. The advancement of PC representation from 2D to 3D make the improvement of new diversion titles with customary characters get to be conceivable. Certain extremely well known diversion characters have been distributed in various titles by utilizing distinctive advancements more than 20 years. Sonic the Hedgehog (1991 – 2005) Super Mario (1985 – 2007) Pac Man (1982 – 2006)

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Interactivity (2) Besides, the innovations of the controller additionally make extraordinary impact to the advancement of the amusement titles.

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Conclusion It is regardless of old or new idea, applying of new advances with old idea can be another pattern of the computerized upset. Computerized innovation advancement not just depends on the improvement of equipment and programming advances, additionally the substance. "Outline" make a basic stride to drive the improvement of – "Apply a n old idea with new advancements"

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Useful Online Reference Gizmodo – an online survey committed to contraptions. [http://gizmodo.com/] CNET – tech item audits, tech news, day by day recordings, free downloads, and podcasts. [http://www.cnet.com] Digital Revolution [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Revolution]

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