2007 Honors for Magnificence in Downtown Renewal.

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The upper floor lofts were abandoned with the exception of a transport line to second ... A bold business visionary is welcome to open a women vintage attire store. ...
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2007 Awards for Excellence in Downtown Revitalization Category: Building Rehabilitation Golden Street Loft Apartments

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What the redevelopers needed to work with! Numerous components have been protected Before the work starts

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The building was deserted 25 years back! The ground floor once was a furniture distribution center The upper floor lofts were abandoned aside from a transport line to second floor for extra stockpiling.

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A fearless business person is welcome to open a women vintage attire store. Painted in peacock blues by nearby craftsman Lynda Wesley Work begins on the wall paintings

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The completed 1 st floor Ready for business, yet the upper floors still need a little work...

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The 2 nd and 3 rd floors were gutted to the dividers Debris holding up to be pulled away Plaster slat must be evacuated Tons of mortar and strip were pulled away. The first stairwell sky facing windows were safeguarded and made part of the inside of the top floor units. Mortar must be stripped Reconfigured dividers, pipes, wiring and current warming and cooling are introduced. New studs and dividers are included Classic sky facing window spared This will end up being a restroom between two rooms

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The outcome is justified regardless of the exertion The protected sky facing window 14 foot roof and 18 th century rooftop trusses Bathroom interfacing 2 rooms

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