2009 Coaches Meeting .

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2009 Coaches Meeting. Introductions / MMYFCL Overview Leadership /Organization / Communications – Website League Standards and Procedures Officiating Codes of Conduct - Coaches Training SOP Eligibility / Rosters / Certification Mandatory Play Rules / Spotter Procedures / Weigh-ins
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2009 Coaches Meeting

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Introductions/MMYFCL Overview Leadership/Organization/Communications – Website League Standards and Procedures Officiating Codes of Conduct - Coaches Training SOP Eligibility/Rosters/Certification Mandatory Play Rules/Spotter Procedures/Weigh-ins Parent/Player Code of Conduct Site Director Responsibilities 2009 Regular Season/Playoff Eligibility/Playoffs Meeting Take Aways Age Commissioner Breakout gatherings Agenda

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MMYFCL Leadership Co-Presidents Mike Milani Randy Smith Vice President Mark Caruso Vice President Joe Lopez Treasurer Rick Anderson Secretary Ken Clark League Representatives

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MMYFCL Organizations Website URL www.midmarylandfootball.com

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League Realignment

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League Officiating & MMYFCL Codes of Conduct All Coaches and Administrators recorded on Roster Must have finished Coaches Code of Conduct Signed And turned in at accreditation

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2009 SOP

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Coaches Training URL: www.usafootball.com

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MMYFCL Player Eligibility

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Roster/Certification 2009 Mid Maryland Football and Cheer League Roster Certification Process Access Website: www.midmarylandfootball.com Go to Documents/Click "MMFL Game Roster" Save File to your Computer Access File from your Computer and enter: - Program Information - Coaches Information - Player Information (sequential consistent and OBLs )

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Roster Certification Name File: Age Group-Division – Team Name - Date: Example: 9-11 American – Catonsville Stars 8.20.2008 Save Completed File to your Computer Create email to WDunmore@howardcountymd.gov - join spared finished document. Send File electronically Due Dates: National and American: August 19 th Centennial August 26th Federal : August 27th Print a duplicate Bring Copy of document, and a book (group administrator ordinarily does this) containing all Photo IDs, in sequential/confirmation record request to HOCO Dept of Recreation and Parks. Confirmation Dates Wednesday August twentieth – National/United Division Teams Tuesday August 26th – American Division Wednesday August 27th   - Federal Division

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Web Site Home Page Click "Reports"

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Web Site Documents Page Click "MMFL Game Roster

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Web Site Documents Page Save File to your Computer

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Web Site Documents Page Determine and Remember Location on your PC!

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Your PC Launch File from Your PC – Enter Information & SAVE THE FILE ON YOUR PC File Naming Convention: Age Group-Division – Team Name - Date: Example: 9-11 American – Catonsville Stars 8.20.2007

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Roster Certification

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Game Weigh-in Procedures All groups must be tipped the scales no less than 30 minutes preceding the begin of every amusement. Late players are allowed to be said something before the begin of the diversion, or at the half on the off chance that they touch base after the begin of the amusement, The head mentor or assigned mentor, a group overseer of every group, and the players might be the main ones allowed in the say something range. NO FANS, PARENTS, OR OTHER COACHES ARE PERMITTED IN THE WEIGH-IN AREA. Say something must be done on a computerized scale. The Official Maryland MVA ID Card, covered group Roster and spotter\'s sheet must be introduced. A player without MMYFCL affirmed ID card won\'t be qualified to play. Say something should be led without caps. All containers and different cushions will be checked Each player must play in the same gear he has on amid the say something. All measure ins will be led in full uniform, no strip measure ins before the diversion on the field. Computerized Scale round down for all numbers. Ex. 115.9 = 115lbs Players must be a full pound over to miss weight. Amusement Weight is dictated by the MMYFC weight diagram for every division of play. Beginning with the second few days of diversions, a one-pound extra stipend will be given each other week. Hardware stipends without protective caps:

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Mandatory Play Rules Each player must take an interest in the diversion and submit to MMYCF obligatory play run the show. 19 or less players National/Centennial Conference – every player must play 8 plays 20 or more players National/Centennial Conference – every player must play 6 plays 19 or less players American Conference – every player must play 8 plays 20 or more players American Conference – every player must play 6 plays 11 to 20 players Federal/United Conference – every player must play 13 plays 21 to 25 players Federal/United Conference – every player must play 11 plays 26 to 28 players Federal/United Conference – every player must play 9 plays ALL DEAD BALL PLAYS ARE NOT INCLUDED AS A PLAY ON THE MANDATORY PLAY COUNT.

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Spotter Procedures Create Mandatory Play Spotter Sheet Provide to rivals spotter List Players in Numerical (Jersey #) arrange Provide spotter help with beginning offense, beginning barrier and exceptional groups player records Assign a partner mentor to help spotter if conceivable Spotters are not permitted in "Drilling Box" - they are permitted on the sidelines – however should be between 30 yr line and Goal Line

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Spotter Procedures Please Retain your Teams Spotter Sheets with Signatures

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Discipline Form

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Site Directors Responsibilities Field Set Up Team Weigh ins Keep Games on Time Allow just endorsed people "past ropes" Assure Spotters are in right place on sidlines In occasion of discharge inform MMYFCL Directors of Football ( with name) Notify MMYFCL Directors of Football if any player, mentor or observer hinders you from successfully doing your employment Wear MMYFCL gave ID piece of clothing Have SOP convenient

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2009 Regular Season/Playoffs First Game – TBD National/American/Centennial Playoffs: Top 8 groups: 1 v 8 : 2 v 7 ; 3 v 6 4 v 5… . : Federal/United TBA

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Meeting Take-aways Certify Rosters All mentors/administrators sign Codes of Conduct Forms and turn-in at Certification Know the guidelines Control your destinations Weigh in each amusement Assure compulsory play Report your scores Utilize the MMYFCL Website: www.midmarylandfootball.com "Archives" Codes of Conduct ID Applications SOP/Rules Spotter Procedures Spotter Sheets Roster Certification Process "Mentors Corner" Contact Information Age Group Commish Roster Certification Process Game Rosters Site Directors Responsibilities

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Agenda Commissioner Responsibilities Review assignments and deconflict Gather Age Group Contact Information Certification Score Reporting Email mail update with weeks current weight Gather articulations from all gatherings required in clashes Serve on Rule Committee Direct Weigh ins for and Oversee last Championship Games

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Age Group Coordination Score Reporting Issue Resolution Spotter Sheets Championship Playoff Game

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Score Reporting 1) Collect the scores from the mentors or association delegate from streams week\'s diversions. 2) Email the 5 scores straightforwardly to the web administrator 3) Web Admin will enter the scores in the organized spreadsheet and transfer to MMYFCL site

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