2009 Sub-Territorial Avionics Workshop Mid-Atlantic District.

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Client requirements for aeronautics items and administrations. Effects of climate on avionics operations from the alternate points of view of a mixed bag of clients ...
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2009 Sub-Regional Aviation Workshop Mid-Atlantic Region Hosted by NWS Forecast Office at Columbia, SC

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Logistics Rest rooms (out secondary passage, go right, on left half of lobby) Snack machine in kitchen (out indirect access, go right to the end of corridor, on the right) Folders and sign up (table at the front) Coffee and doughnuts and treats (back table) Lunch (strip mall with numerous choices 5 stoplights on HWY 1)

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Attendees We have a different gathering of moderators speaking to different parts of the NWS, business carriers, airplane terminal operations, general avionics, and specific administrations, for example, medevac operations

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List of Attendees National Weather Service Aviation Weather Center Meteorological Development Lab University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) FAA Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association Chesapeake Aviation Training Inc Delta Airlines United Airlines US Airways Express Columbia Metropolitan Airport South Carolina Division of Aeronautics LifeNet SC WSPA-TV Southeast Regional Climate Center Caldwell Community College Richland County Airport Commission Balloonacy Ltd.

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Objectives for Aviation Workshop An open trade of data investigating User requirements for flying items and administrations Impacts of climate on aeronautics operations from the alternate points of view of an assortment of clients Review NWS items and administrations in backing of air activity administration Identify and share best practices and deal with operational lacks Develop a rundown of activity things emerging from our exchanges and a feeling of need for these things Provide NWS ER and AWC with a feeling of where to assign assets to bolster exploratory tries, on-going projects, and ventures.

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For Presenters We will stick to dispensed times 5 min and 1 min notices We might want to post all presentations on the workshop site after the meeting http://www.erh.noaa.gov/cae/avn_subregional_workshop.php

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