2010 Evaluation Outline.

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2010 Evaluation Outline. Daniel H. Weinberg Associate Chief for Decennial Statistics Programs April 14, 2009. The 2010 Enumeration: Another Representation of America. The Decennial Evaluation is the biggest peacetime action the government embraces.
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2010 CENSUS OVERVIEW Daniel H. Weinberg Assistant Director for Decennial Census Programs April 14, 2009

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The 2010 Census: A New Portrait of America The Decennial Census is the biggest peacetime action the government embraces. The U.S. Constitution obliges that a registration be directed at regular intervals to allot the House of Representatives. The statistics will include all inhabitants living the United States on April 1, 2010 Estimated 309 million individuals and 134 million lodging units in the U.S. what\'s more, Puerto Rico Also cover U.S. Island Areas Our main goal: Count everybody once, just once, and in the opportune spot. TLM

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The Importance of Census Data Census information aides guarantee that every group gets what\'s coming to its of political representation through: Congressional Apportionment Legislative Redistricting (areas of equivalent size) Census information specifically influence how more than $300 billion every year in elected financing is distributed to neighborhood, state and tribal governments – $3 trillion over 10 years. TLM

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Data Stewardship and Confidentiality By a 1954 law, the Census is an obligatory movement – Title 13, U.S.C. Information are gathered just for measurable purposes and it is illegal to uncover any information that distinguishes a man. Just sworn people have admittance to classified data. Each Census Bureau representative has taken a pledge to secure the data and is liable to a correctional facility term, a fine, or both in the event that he or she reveals any data that could distinguish a person. Singular reactions are secured and data can\'t be utilized against a man by any administration office or court. The Census Bureau takes exceptional measures to ensure the classification of individual data. Access to actually identifiable data is firmly controlled at all times. We feel that the public’s collaboration with us depends on our notoriety and we safeguard that notoriety by ensuring their data. TLM

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The Reengineered 2010 Census Program Collect long frame data utilizing the American Community Survey. Adjust all lanes and components utilizing GPS innovation; gather GPS arranges for lodging units amid Address Canvassing. Utilize a short frame just in 2010 that will be among the briefest ever (10 questions for the first individual, 7 for all others). Base the statistics on a careful research, improvement, and testing system. Use temporary workers where proper to supplement Census Bureau abilities: Field information accumulation and IT bolster Data catch Printing Advertising Data Dissemination TLM

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Basic Components of the 2010 Census ADDRESS LIST DEVELOPMENT 1. USPS Delivery Sequence File overhauls 2. Nearby Update of Census Addresses 3. Location Canvassing 4. Gathering Quarters Validation ENUMERATION OPERATIONS 1. List at Transitory Locations 2. Gathering Quarters Advance Visits 3. Gathering Quarters ENUMERATION OPERATIONS 1. Mailout/Mailback 2. Upgrade Leave & Update Enumerate 3. Non-Response Followup & Reinterview 4. Empty Delete Check VERIFICATION and COVERAGE OPERATIONS 1. Scope Followup (done from Commercial Call Centers) 2. Quality Control and Field Verification 3. Registration Coverage Measurement AAJ

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The Infrastructure for the 2010 Census Headquarters 12 Regional Census Centers + Puerto Rico Area Office 494 Local Census Offices (151 for Address Canvassing) 7 Offices in Puerto Rico We will enroll 3.8 million candidates to contract 1.4 million provisional representatives for every one of the 2010 operations. To date we’ve selected more than one million candidates for Address Canvassing, which started March 30 (143,000 employments). Island Areas do their own particular Census information collection,with specialized help and subsidizing from the Census Bureau. AAJ

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Our Goal is to Count Everyone – Just Once! Hope to mail polls to more than 134 million lodging units 270,000 gathering quarters 309 million individuals 3.5 million square miles of area territory 9 million statistics pieces Mailing system: Advance notification, survey sent, update card, substitution question-naire (chose ranges), non-reaction followup [no Internet] “It’s In Our Hands” AAJ

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Integrated Communications Program Goals Increase Mail Response Improve Accuracy and Reduce Differential Undercount Improve Cooperation with Enumerators Paid Media: 3 Phases Awareness (January-February) Motivation (March-April) Non-Response Follow-Up (May-June) Partnership: connect with intense promoters for the Census Work together all through the registration Reach the difficult to-check AAJ

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The Challenges of Reaching the Hard-to-Count Apathy Fear and concern in regards to the administration Housing: both urban and provincial territories have particular difficulties Language Census Questionnaires: 6 Languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian), and additionally a bilingual English-Spanish poll sent to around 13 million families Language Guides in 59 Languages Paid Advertising Campaign: 18 Languages Foreclosures and different concerns TF

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National and Regional Partnership Program Overview Program goal is to draw in national and local accomplice associations and help hard-to-tally populaces defeat their trepidation of partaking in the evaluation Types of accomplices incorporate neighborhood and tribal governments, Fortune 500 organizations, nearby organizations, religious associations, media outlets and so forth. Achievement of Partnership Program in Census 2000 is perceived by group pioneers Excitement effectively high in the field for the association project People now understand the force of accomplices A different and multi-lingual staff has been enlisted Census 2000 accomplices have helped us enormously with enrolling Recruiting now for extra staff as a major aspect of boost bundle (predominantly Partnership Assistants); aggregate will be more than 2,700 association staff FA

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Partnership Program Roles and Responsibilities Establish Complete Count Committees Provide and disperse limited time materials for utilization by accomplice associations Identify areas for selecting, testing, and preparing Identify areas to be areas for Be Counted structures, and to capacity as Questionnaire Assistance destinations Provide an in number enumeration vicinity at nearby and national occasions FA

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Completing The 2010 Census Cycle CENSUS DAY IS APRIL 1, 2010 Count everybody in under 6 months Deliver division tally to the President by December 31, 2010 Deliver Redistricting Data to the States by April 1, 2011 Complete Release of all Data Products by June 2012 Complete Research, Evaluations, and Experiments Program by September 2013 TLM .:t

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