2010 Redesign PORTFOLIO Council 23 February 2010.

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2010 Overhaul PORTFOLIO Council 23 February 2010 Reason To give the Tourism Portfolio Panel with advancement on the tourism arrangements for 2010 World Cup™ according to the 2010 Tourism Arrangement. Design of the presentation Settlement Review Data per territory: Group based camps
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2010 Update PORTFOLIO COMMITTEE 23 February 2010

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Purpose To give the Tourism Portfolio Committee with advancement on the tourism arrangements for 2010 World Cup™ according to the 2010 Tourism Plan.

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Layout of the presentation Accommodation Overview Information per territory: Team based camps Games per stadium Accommodation and different necessities Tickets deals patterns Skills Development Information Transport Safety Marketing and Branding Events

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Accommodation database Verification Establishments: 18 882 ; Rooms: 202 712 ; Eliminated copies and non-convenience foundations; Received & joined overhauled databases from regions; Received & consolidated database got from Match; Included TGCSA’s database; on a basic level concurrence on the ‘basic database’ with industry.

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Accommodation Establishments per Host City (50km Radius) NDT database

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Accommodation Database Overview Unlimited Radius NDT database

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Summary of Inventory Changes by Property Type

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Summary of Inventory Changes by Host City

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Outside South Africa – stock outline by Country

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Match Contract Management Activity December 2009 half of the then accessible room evenings discharged back to foundations on 11 th December 2009 in accordance with our contractual commitments. Second Hotel and First SMME stores made into the MATCH Deposit Accounts ( holding Account for designated room evenings ) before 31 st December 2009 in accordance with contractual commitments to all property sorts. Store warnings were sent to all properties. Discharge criteria: nearness to host city, match period with low request (starting and end of the competition ), evenings not in backing of match and contractual commitments Another discharge – 10 April 2010 (crest period is never discharged)

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Match Contract Management Activity January 2010 99% of Timeshare Inventory was discharged on 8 th January 2010 100% of Mauritius Inventory discharged amid w/c 18 th January 2010 because of cancelation of MATCH Ville Mauritius Inventory Added and Released inside of the rundowns incorporates room swaps, changes to contract sorts (for instance a Team Based Camp Hotel ( TBCH ) returning to Standard) and so on along these lines it is essential to take note of the Net Release section as opposed to the “released” segment when considering the information inside of this report. 15 th June 2010 has been utilized as a kind of perspective date for rooms held, as a rule this is the top night however not all after the discharge (for instance, Timeshare crest night is currently 18 th June 2010 ) Rooms hung on non top dates change all through venues (MATCH Schedules contrasts)

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PRICING ISSUES News reports in regards to unreasonable evaluating amid the World Cup – settlement and carriers Survey to focus commonness of the practice in the convenience area: International patterns (past World Cups) Extent of expansion contrasted with ordinary crest season and other real occasions Variations inside of MATCH contracted foundations Is it typical industry or go getters? Clergyman drawing in industry

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Accomodation Booking entrance Industry activity – Fedhasa; www.rooms4u.travel ; Pre-enroll all foundations on convenience database (Dec ’09); Email & SMS correspondence to check data and to request that foundations include data e.g. stock, costs, saving money subtle elements (Jan ’10); Advantages incl: gathering of TOMSA duty, 15% charge – foundations just pay when booking is made; (Investigating a markup approach for SMME – to dodge diminishment in profit) Link to the Contact Center, continuous and a minute ago bookings, Increased uptake because of match rooms discharged Transactions on booking entrance from February 2010;

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Update on Rooms4U 2000 SMMEs enrolled Additional 1400 SMMEs enlistments (arrangements – propelled) Process of enrollment won\'t be shut however need to be concluded before the framework goes live - March 2010 An objective of 75 000 rooms will be accessible on the framework when the site goes live

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Assumptions Most guests may remain nearby to their group based camps. Most tickets are purchased by families or gatherings (conceivable room sharing) Most tickets will be purchased by South Africans (in the area) Most guests will arrive towards the diversions Most guests will withdraw after the gathering stage when their groups neglect to advance to next round. Classified

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Games at Royal Bafokeng Stadium - NW Stadium Capacity = 40 000 NDT BD information = (<50km = 3,489 rooms, common = 9,813 rooms) - Transport dependancy is high

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Games at Mbombela - MP Stadium Capacity = 40 000 NDT BD data (<50km = 8,968 rooms, commonplace = 12,805 rooms) - Very more responsible option transport dependancy (little airplane terminal Capacity)

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Games at Moses Mabhida - KZN Stadium Capacity = 70 000 NDT BD data = (<50km = 13,273 rooms, common = 31,273 rooms) - Air Transport dependancy is high with great limit

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Games at Green point - WC Stadium Capacity = 68 000 NDT BD information = (<50km = 29,865 rooms, common = 62,218 rooms) - Dependency on air street transport.

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Games in Soccer City - GP Stadium Capacity = 95 000

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Games in Ellis Park - GP Stadium Capacity = 60 000 NDT BD information = (<50km = 26,786 rooms, common = 44,126 rooms) - Some level of reliance on air and high reliance on open transport.

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Games in Loftus - GP Stadium Capacity = 45 000 NDT BD information = (<50km =12,855 rooms , commonplace = 44,126 rooms) - Dependancy air transport is high

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Games in Peter Mokaba - LP Stadium Capacity = 40 000 NDT BD data = (<50km = 2,794 rooms, common = 9,403 rooms) - Very high reliance on air transport with corresponding flights – ( Low air terminal limit ).

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Games in Free State Stadium - FS Stadium Capacity = 40 000 NDT BD data = (<50km = 2,677 rooms, commonplace = 7,204 rooms) - dependancy on air and street is high ( low air terminal limit )

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Games in Nelson Mandela - EC Stadium Capacity = 50 000 NDT BD information = (<50km = 4,152 rooms, commonplace = 19,230 rooms) - Dependancy on air transport is high with corresponding flights.

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Overview of tickets deals To date, around 2 million of the 2,9 million tickets have been sold crosswise over 192 nations. Expanded interest for tickets by SA residents (79% in 3 rd stage) – decreased ticket costs Foreign nations driving the interest (3 rd stage applications): USA = 50,217; UK = 41,529; Australia = 15,523; Mexico = 14,804; Germany = 14,647 and Brazil = 10,767 Neighbors : Botswana 2,519, Mozambique (1,795) and Namibia (1,191). The 4 th ticketing deals stage began on 9 Feb and closures on 7 April 2010 (400 000 tickets accessible – then over the counter)

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Transport and Energy There is moderate advancement in such manner Key issues include: Operator authorizing postponements (Interprovincial permitting, civil limit and so on) Skilling of administrators on tourism Car rentals – fines (lifting) Purchasing of generators for stadia and Airport fuel stockpiling limit.

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Safety National Joint Operational arrangement endorsement pending - parts and obligations elucidation in the middle of SAPS and LOC (counting financing) Continuous engagements in the middle of SAPS and NDT on operations arranging SAPS investigating assignment of devoted authorities at host urban communities Selected Volunteers to be prepared as “reservists” in the wake of preparing – in light of dialect capability Communication model in bodies of evidence on criminal occurrences against guest under thought

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Skills & Service Levels Volunteers NDT contributing towards the enlistment of +-20 000 volunteers for 2010 Soccer World Cup. The module of “ Know your nation, know your city ” has been evaluated to improve the Volunteers\' abilities. Interviews for volunteer preparing started on 11 January 2010 in host urban areas and the real preparing will happen from 05 March to 18 April 2010. In to the extent sending of volunteers at host urban communities level is concerned, the National Department will concentrate on the Tshwane Metro yet will assume liability to guarantee achievement in all Host Cities. This methodology was effectively additionally executed amid the Confederations Cup, whereby national authorities were sent at host city level and stadia. Secret

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Skills & Service Levels Service greatness Programme… Research Phase finished and the accompanying discoveries made: Not knowing who the client is Effects of politically-sanctioned racial segregation Management v/s Leadership issues Attitude issues Inadequate preparing at all levels Technical center v/s individuals center Recruitment and choice. Classified

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Skills & Service Levels Service perfection Programme… Phase 2 – upskilling to address: (focusing on 250 000 bleeding edge staff): Champion administration change; Create client administration arranged society; Craft arrangement minded client administration culture; and Provide human conduct arrangement. Volunteer choice at host urban communities 11 Jan – 27 Feb 2010 Volunteer preparing 5 March – 11 April 2010

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Schedule for Volunteer Selection and Training CONFIDENTIAL

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Information GIS data on items and administrations accessible on www.tourism.gov.za Audit of guest dat

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