2010 Softball.

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Update Officials/Associations who are not taking after NFHS Softball Rules are doing an insult to the players, the amusement and different authorities. ...
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2010 Softball

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Softball Items for Review Softball State Series 2010 FHSAA Softball Finals Status of Softball Evaluation Program Officials Recommendation Forms Softball Field Clinics in 2011 Softball Exam Schedule Questions, Comments or Suggestions

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Softball State Series Congratulations! The current year\'s State Series were incredible! By and large, Officials that were relegated made an incredible showing with regards to! Almost every official and doled out team positioned a 4.0 or higher inside their assessment Reminder – Officials/Associations who are not taking after NFHS Softball Rules are doing an injury to the players, the amusement and different authorities. It would be ideal if you make certain to call everything as noted in the NFHS Softball Rules Book!

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2010 Softball Finals A Special Thanks to Florida Professional Officials Association for their help amid the 2010 Softball Finals in Clermont.

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Status of Softball Evaluation Program Evaluations keep on improving Nearly all State Final Officials were assessed at a 4.0 or higher amid the State Finals Overall, the positive criticism has been useful to both the FHSAA and authorities Past assessments are being utilized for State Final Assignments All State Final Officials were questioned taking after their diversion by a State Final Evaluator for quick input Officials are urged to be assessed at State Field Clinics to bolster the submitted proposals.

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Officials Recommendation Forms Be certain to rundown substitute authorities/groups if accessible If you have authorities that you might want to prescribe, yet have not met all criteria, please suggest them and after that clarify in the remark area why the official/team has not met all criteria Utilize the remark segment that has been given It is essential to rundown groups by capacity – not by experience or on the grounds that they have not been to that level before (i.e. their turn)! A few Associations are not using the new arrangement as it was outlined. Keep in mind – authorities should be suggested by capacity, particularly in the later adjusts. I.e., State Semifinal/State Final Crew #1 ought to be the BEST 3 authorities in your Association taking into account ABILITY. Not all Associations get assignments. A few Associations have gotten assignments EVERY year and to give each proficient Association a chance, there are a couple of Associations that may not get an Assignment in a given year. We have more than 30 Softball Associations and just 18 diversions. Not EVERYONE will be appointed. People that freely corrupt the assignments or the assignor do a damage to their Association and the game. It is the assignors objective to put the best authorities on the field as our understudy competitors just merit the best!

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2011 Softball Field Clinics Pinellas Sports Officials Association Pinellas County Date: Jan. 21-22, 2011 Site: E.C. Moore East softball complex (Clearwater ) When: Friday, 5:30 – 9:45 p.m.; Saturday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Application Deadline: Jan. 7, 2011 Contact Person: Al Standiford, (727) 487-4250 umpire-at@hotmail.com Clinicians: Rich Ryals, Steve Hanney, Al Standiford, Ed Whipple or Mike Connelly Special Highlights: • Friday night pizza and sodas • Saturday live amusements for assessments • Useful present for all center members • Pre-enlistment accessible online @ https://officials.fhsaa.org beginning in June. Jacksonville Umpires Association Duval County Date: Jan. 22, 2011 Site: Bishop Kenny High School When: Saturday, 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. Application Deadline: Jan. 8, 2011 Contact Person: Cathy Jester, jester6440@aol.com Clinicians: Randy Scott, Randy Hosmer, Dana Keister, Chuck Frey Special Highlights: • Classroom work • Cage work • Scrimmages/on-field work • Pre-enlistment accessible online @ https://officials.fhsaa.org beginning in June.

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2011 Softball Exam Schedule Overall – every exam window has pushed ahead by 3-weeks, with the exception of the composed exam and appeared to function admirably! Online Open Book Exam January 28 th – February 2 nd Online Closed Book Exam February 10 th – February 21 st Online Make-Up Exam February 25 th – March 1 st Written Closed Book Exam February 28 th at 6:30 p.m. Authorities taking this exam won\'t be managed the open door for make-up. Online Rules Presentation January 31 st – February 12 th This leaves a 2-day window for authorities who need to see the Rules Presentation before taking the online open book exam This calendar gives the chance to all authorities to be tried and to present a score earlier on pre-season works of art.

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Questions, Comments or Suggestions?

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Congratulations and Good Luck Congratulations on a Great Year and Good Luck During the up and coming season. Make the most of your mid year!

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Photos Provided By: B ryn-Alan Photography Official Photographer of the FHSAA

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