24 May 2007.

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Influence of photograph shoot, spokesmanship and feature B-move of Catherine ... 5 stage channel model for ID of potential worldwide supporters for ...
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Go Red for Women Campaign 24 May 2007

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Cardiovascular illnesses: Leading reason for death overall Estimated worldwide passings by cause , all ages, 2005 Source : WHO 2005: «Preventing Chronic Diseases: A Vital Investment»

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Cardiovascular sicknesses: Leading reason for male passings Projected primary driver of death in guys by WHO locale , all ages, 2005 WHO area Males Age-institutionalized demise rates per 100 000 Chronic ailment : CVD, growth, perpetual respiratory, diabetes Source : WHO 2005: «Preventing Chronic Diseases: A Vital Investment»

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Cardiovascular ailments: Leading reason for female passings Projected fundamental driver of death in females by WHO district , all ages, 2005 WHO locale Females Age-institutionalized demise rates per 100 000 Source : WHO 2005: «Preventing Chronic Diseases: A Vital Investment»

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% of CVD passings somewhere around 35 and 64 years old Source : A Race Against Time, The Earth Institute, Colombia University, Stephen Leeder

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Go Red for Women Campaign Objectives Reduce CVD in ladies through enhanced counteractive action , early finding and treatment Women care more for their heart wellbeing Policy-producers & governments incorporate CVD in ladies on worldwide and national wellbeing plans Medical experts center expanded consideration on CVD in ladies Build worldwide consideration and responsibility to CVD in ladies Increased financing, accomplices and supporters of the cause

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Awareness Engagement Action GRFW sway with circuitous segment - World Heart Federation National Associations Medical people group Community Policy creators - Direct effect on target bunch (level 1 to 3) Source: Bain Analysis

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International Campaign Phases Phase 1: Awareness Know: CVD is the number 1 enemy of ladies around the world, however it is to a great extent preventable Phase 2: Awareness & Engagement Believe: Together, we can avert/control CVD with a pledge to the cause Phase 3: Action Act: Each intended interest group has influence in diminishing CVD in ladies

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Target Audiences News media Merchandising Advertising effort Events (design appears, landmarks and so forth.) World Heart Federation Members Healthcare experts Public Policy-creators Patients News media Policy-creator roundtables Women pioneers program Patients flyers Survivor stories/amigos Patient entryway Scientific distributions Surveys Long-term ponders Expert board Meetings & congresses Website

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Over 30 part nations have communicated premium Australia Austria China Denmark Dominican Republic El Salvador Finland Grenada Indonesia Iran Ireland Italy Jamaica Kenya Korea Malaysia Mexico Nigeria Norway Portugal Singapore South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Tunisia Turkey United Kingdom Uruguay Vietnam

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How to separate from other (wellbeing) effort? Go past mindfulness Beyond "only" a big name cause Be a "KPI-machine" Most battles spotlight on "just" making mindfulness among target group of onlookers Campaigns need sway as they don\'t motivate individuals to change their propensities Campaigns more often than not concentrate on supporting their cause through famous people from motion picture and music scene just Most crusades do not have an explanation of proposed effect, hypothesis of progress, their operational rationale and in this way don\'t set hard evaluated objectives Keeping track and measuring your objectives is urgent to characterize achievement or disappointment Excel along behavioral chain and discuss it Widen engagement of key figures/spokespersons Set sensible goals and measure your prosperity (to demonstrate it to patrons) Focus moving to "draw in ment" as right on time as could reasonably be expected (e.g. arrangement movement along behavioral chain from the earliest starting point) Support nations in advancing to "activity" constantly Additional to big names include surely understand (between ) national government officials, CEOs, and so on. Ensure that they have something important to say in regards to the cause and speak to your interests Use their media space for your cause Make beyond any doubt you set reasonable and achievable yearnings/objectives and characterize quantifiable KPIs to track them and thus characterize achievement or disappointment Measure accomplishment of your battle and market them well – everyone needs to be in a triumphant crusade Source: Bain Analysis

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Across The World on location testing Awareness Sports Education Events Storefronts Testimonials Media Merchandising

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The association: Three-year organization covering universal ex-USA Exclusivity in female beautifiers industry Corporate social obligation and deals opportunity Development of eye shadow smaller and different products Partnership with Elizabeth Arden

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Arden 2008 (Calendar July 2007) and past: More nations on board and initiated Activation through Elizabeth Arden retail outlets, accomplices, media opportunities Development of nearer nearby associations that have media, retail outlets, representatives, volunteers Elizabeth Arden inside worker projects and inspiration Leverage of photograph shoot, spokesmanship and video B-move of Catherine Zeta Jones Partnership with Elizabeth Arden

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5 stage channel model for recognizable proof of potential global backers for GRFW Largest organizations worldwide in all commercial ventures (~ 5,000 organizations with incomes over ~ $1.0 bn) 1 Selection of businesses with no unfavorable effect on wellbeing effort Screening by businesses Prioritization and determination of TOP 10-12 commercial enterprises 2 Selection of organizations out of Top 10 for each industry 3 Selection of organizations with universal center 4 Screening by organization Selection of organizations not yet occupied with other aggressive significant crusades (inside TOP 10-15) 5 Prioritized rundown of potential universal supporters with worth commitment past subsidizing Source: Bain Analysis

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Go Red for Women Campaign Thank you!

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