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Associated Wellbeing: Opportunities Ahead for Essential Consideration Joseph L. Ternullo, JD, MPH Partner Executive, Accomplices Place for Associated Wellbeing Partner Chief, Upper east Telehealth Asset Center VP, Continua Wellbeing Organization together Subordinate Staff, Northeastern College
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Joined Health: Opportunities Ahead for Primary Care Joseph L. Ternullo, JD, MPH Associate Director, Partners Center for Connected Health Associate Director, Northeast Telehealth Resource Center Vice President, Continua Health Alliance Adjunct Faculty, Northeastern University fourth Annual Weitzman Symposium 3/7/2014

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Healthcare Challenges Aging populace will get to be expand usage trouble on medicinal services framework Increased need to keep up autonomous living for the elderly Primary consideration and other social insurance workforce deficiencies Mismatch between money related assets accessible to convey administer to that care Patterns of illness changing-moved into a time of a pandemic of interminable infection Aggregation of experts in urban systems while consideration conveyed in neighborhood group and essential consideration settings Patients all around educated and interest “convenient care” and equivalent access to brilliant best-practice care where the live and work

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The Continua Health Alliance 3/7/2014 5

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Continua: Overview Worldwide industry collusion shaped in June 2006 by Cisco, Intel, Kaiser, Medtronic, Motorola, Panasonic, Partners, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, and Welch Allyn. Today, Continua is 191 associations solid and developing. It is committed to developing so as to make individual telehealth a reality: plan rules empowering sellers to manufacture interoperable sensors, home systems, telehealth stages, and wellbeing and health administrations. Building up an item confirmation program with a shopper conspicuous logo implying the guarantee of interoperability crosswise over ensured items. Teaming up with government administrative offices to give techniques to protected and successful administration of seller arrangements. Working with pioneers in the social insurance commercial enterprises to grow better approaches to address the expenses of giving individual telehealth frameworks 3/7/2014 6

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Northeastern University Northeastern is a substantial Boston-based foundation of higher learning. Its administration surveyed the requirement for new instructive projects . Criticism: Unprecedented interest for orderly change in social insurance quality and proficiency over all settings (wandering to inpatient). Demands from outside offices for estimation and reporting of medicinal services execution is at a stature and expanding. Doctor\'s facilities and centers are essentially expanding their interest in: (a) modernized doctor request passage, (b) inpatient and walking electronic restorative records, (c) E-endorsing stages, (d) individual wellbeing sites, (e) undertaking information warehousing for improved reporting and examination, (f) remote patient observing gadgets. New interdisciplinary projects are required. NEU Masters in HealthCare informatics propelled . Will be online inside of 12 months . www.healthinformatics.neu.edu

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“Use Cases”

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Continua Use Cases To compose its work, Continua divided the business sector in three huge utilization cases: Aging Independently A grown-up tyke helping their elderly folks age smoothly in their own particular home. Fundamental life checking as proper (ADL) Disease Management Vital sign observing (RPM) Medication updates and consistence Trend examination and cautions Connect with family parental figures Health & Wellness Weight misfortune Fitness Email/talk/feature Appt planning Personal Health Records 3/7/2014 9

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Continua Use Cases Disease administration business sector: advance the ebb and flow models of consideration; unending and post-intense unite patients, families and social insurance suppliers to the right data at the correct time more educated choice making enabling individuals to take a more dynamic part in their own particular consideration 3/7/2014 10

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Continua Use Cases Health and wellbeing business sector: wellbeing cognizant and stressed well wellness and way of life trackers, PHRs 3/7/2014 11

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Continua Use Cases Aging freely showcase: private consideration, autonomous living offices, individual homes bolster ADL, fall indicators, bed inhabitance, medicinal updates, … individual crisis reaction administrations 3/7/2014 12

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The Center for Connected Health Division of Partners IS association Research and assessment Program improvement and rollout Operational frameworks and bolster Education and counseling administrations Formalized connections around the world Our advantage is in the utilization of innovation to convey mind remotely: Heart disappointment checking Diabetic checking and guiding Blood weight self-administration for vast boss Benefits include: Increased patient engagement Improved wellbeing results Improved patient-supplier correspondences All prompting enhanced lives and lower expenses

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Northeast Telehealth Resource Center Federally Funded through the Office for the Advancement of Telehealth www. Northeasttrc.org Foster the improvement, development and manageability of telehealth projects all through the Northeast. Create and keep up an online database of the status of telehealth in the Northeast. Distinguish chances to enhance arrangements for more noteworthy access to mind through telehealth. Join educated and experienced telehealth coaches with associations that are fabricating their telehealth abilities. Serve as a key asset for serving to catalyze the presentation of telehealth advances into the consideration conveyance process.

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Critical Questions

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Questions How would we be able to cooperate? What one of a kind characteristics do we have that can quicken our prosperity as a locale? In what capacity will the financial boost bundle trusts modify the scene here? What endeavors in the district are in progress as of now in the range of associated wellbeing, telehealth, remote observing, and so on and would they say they are classified? When you consider Connected Health, Telemedicine, Telehealth, e-wellbeing, remote checking, and so forth who in the area rings a bell as the nearby champion? Can we stay in contact and discover approaches to sort out and get included to help shape strategy instead of react to arrangement formed by others? How would we best get ready for what\'s to come?

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Ways to Learn More… Attend the Partners 2009 yearly Symposium on October 21-22 in Boston Join our discourse at www.connected-health.org Recently distributed: Home Telehealth

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Thank you Joseph L. Ternullo, JD, MPH jternullo@partners.org 617-726-4207 (office) .:tslides

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