3. Conveying Windows XP .

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Plan. Windows XP SP2 Setup ImprovementsTwo sorts of Automated DeploymentScripted InstallImageAutomation of the Installation processWin PEXP SP2. Setup Agenda. Unattended setupWinPE newImagingRISSetup Tools. Why not utilize OEM Build?. Breaks the permit SysPrep is differentLots of
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3. Conveying Windows XP Thomas Lee Chief Technologist QA plc thomas.lee@qa.com

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Agenda Windows XP SP2 Setup Improvements Two sorts of Automated Deployment Scripted Install Image Automation of the Installation procedure Win PE XP SP2

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Setup Agenda Unattended setup WinPE new Imaging RIS Setup Tools

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Why not utilize OEM Build? Breaks the permit SysPrep is diverse Lots of "OEM Stuff" Product Keys

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Automated Installations Unattended setup Introduced in NT4 workstation Scripted computerized Windows Setup Still bolstered, not suggest for generation sending Imaging Uses SysPrep and Microsoft (WIM) or 3 rd Party Disk Imaging innovation Copies "Ace form" to various PCs Remote Installation Services Unattended Setup from Server Imaging from Server (SMS OSD or 3 rd party items) Great for that first form Not prescribed for Production organization, because of communicates and system boot

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Unattended Setup Most adaptable arrangement choice Also slowest Starts and runs Windows XP Setup on every PC separately What you require: Winnt.exe, Winnt32.exe or CD (BIOS must bolster bootable CD) A dissemination impart to Setup documents or Windows XP CD An answer record (content record) or winnt.sif if running unattended from CD Consider speed and measure of information exchange this includes contrasted with a picture

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Unattend.txt Input of data in light of boot menu, or missing focuses from answer record. To start with boot experience may require some data input. Unattended Installation Manual Setup

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Starting Unattended Install From DOS/Windows 3.x: winnt.exe/u:<answer file>/s: <source share > Make beyond any doubt you have smartdrv.exe stacked From Windows 9x/NT/WinPE: winnt32.exe/unattend:<answer file>/s: <source share> [/tempdrive:<target drive>/syspart:<target drive> ] From CD (PC underpins CD boot) - Place winnt.sif document on a floppy circle, boot Setup from CD and embed the floppy when Setup begins Understand the suggestions this has on time and system data transfer capacity

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Win PE Overview Features Limitations Scenarios Features for Windows PE Discussion

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What is Windows PE? Lessened form of Windows XP Can be made from either a x86 based 32 bit OS SKU X64 or an IA64 bit OS Sku today Windows PE gives full systems administration, driver infusion, WMI bolster, Ramdisk(SrSP1) Windows PE is utilized to assemble, test and convey OS pictures Windows PE is a base stage for an assortment of 3 rd party bolster related arrangements: Virus checking and recuperation based items Hardware and programming test and analytic apparatuses OS and utilities based sending

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Windows PE Overview A NTFS-competent boot plate with TCP/IP organizing Mass-stockpiling controller bolster VESA mode video bolster What is it utilized for? Sending Recovery Troubleshooting Originally intended to give cross-engineering organization stage

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Windows PE Overview Release history First discharge was simultaneous with Windows XP in 2001 Windows XP Service Pack 1: Standalone DFS root availability New (simpler) boot from HDD capacity Windows Server 2003 Ability to construct Windows PE from Windows Server 2003 items Windows XP Service Pack 2 discharge called WinPE2004 WMI Firewall Driver infusion Updated with Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 USB Boot Any PXE Server Boot

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Features Works with all frameworks that Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 support Can be worked from Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 Device bolster: Networking* Mass-storage* VESA video bolster (single driver) *Includes all implicit drivers for this class from the rendition of Windows it was worked from. New drivers of this class can be effortlessly included.

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Features VESA bolster indicated by show controller equipment decides resultant shading profundity and determination Can interface with independent DFS roots and other SMB offers Ability to work out capacity, segment, do local FAT or NTFS circle organizing, 32-bit circle imaging, I/O

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Features Boot bolster CD DVD (ISO just) Hard plate PXE (RIS just for WinPE 2004) Supported for conveying Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Server 2003

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Non-Features Windows Explorer shell Audio bolster DirectX Visual Studio .NET applications ADSI network

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Uses For WinPE Deployment (broadest utilize today) Maintenance/repair/recuperation Other utilities ISVs utilize; Anti-infection Diagnostics File-framework repair apparatuses

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Non-Uses For WinPE Embedded working framework Reboots at regular intervals Use Windows XP Embedded General utilize working framework No Explorer Shell No IE Limited Application Support

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Building WinPE mkimg.cmd Creates catalog structure for CD If required physically tailor the stage Drivers, utilities Optionally alter the default scripts startnet.cmd Optionally make custom shell C/C++ Windows Script Host* HTA (HTML Applications)* *Support can be included utilizing buildoptionalcomponents.vbs

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Building WinPE proceeded with OSCDimg.exe Creates ISO CD picture of your registry El-torito bootable Same device to make upheld custom CD

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Demo Using Setup Manager to manufacture answer records WinPE and Diskpart.exe

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New Licensing Model The new permitting model empowers 3 choices: Ability to utilize Windows PE in-house for devices improvement, testing, and OS organization (free) IHV/OEM capacity to create bolster related test and analytic devices and ship these BIOS-bolted to their equipment (free) IHV/ISV/SI/OEM/ODM capacity to make bolster related items (Virus output, test and symptomatic, recuperation and so forth) and ship these instruments in a retail setting for a benefit. (pay sovereignty when deliver) licwinpe@microsoft.com for all inquiries

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Scenario - Scripted Scenario: Deploying new frameworks, utilizing scripted establishment – Windows PE propelled by means of RIS New framework arrives and is sent to worker Machine is fueled on and PXE Boots to Windows PE Disks are divided and organized utilizing diskpart and organization Winnt32 is propelled with a custom unattend Exit Windows PE when that finishes Install applications when setup finishes

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Scenario - Scripted Task cases: DISKPART Clean SEL DIS 0 CLEAN Partition Creation SEL DIS 0 CRE PAR PRI ACTIVE ASSIGN LETTER=C EXIT

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Scenario - Scripted Task cases: Format/Q/Y/FS:NTFS Winnt32 linguistic structure Winnt32/syspart:C:/tempdrive:C:/makelocalsource/dudisable/unattend:unattend.txt

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Scenario – Imaging (SMS OSD?) Scenario: Migrating to XP, utilizing USMT and Windows PE (with imaging devices) USMT relocates records and settings off framework CD of Windows PE gave to representative Machine is controlled on and CD Boots to Windows PE Imaging instrument used to apply picture from UNC Exit Windows PE when that finishes USMT moves documents and settings back

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Building An OS Image Clean introduce OS Ensure same HAL sort (ACPI, non-ACPI) Customize establishment Install applications Prepare for administration foundation Generally dealt with by space User State Migration Group Policy

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Building An OS Image (cont.) Run Sysprep.exe - reseal for end-client boot encounter - industrial facility for altering on reboot Create "picture" 3 rd party imaging devices Boot to Windows PE and xcopy to server Maintain "picture" Edit Sysprep.inf on picture Add records, drivers

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Problems with Previous WinPE No support for WMI No support for recovering SMBIOS information Can just PXE boot from RIS CD swapping is confounded (/INRAM) If Windows PE boots from hard-circle that plate can\'t be repartitioned/reformatted

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Windows PE 2004 New Features Targeted Windows PE particular changes include: Ability to infuse 32/64 bit gadget drivers effortlessly into Windows PE (Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 drivers) WMI bolster for equipment based indicative device get to Built in firewall bolster empowered as a matter of course Build scripts archived to diminish the span of Windows PE Boot Windows PE in a RAMDisk through PXE, from Hard plate or CD Full support for all models Windows underpins

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Add Device Drivers Change assemble scripts to bolster extra equipment gadget classes and drivers in base Windows PE picture Provide capacity to include extra 32 drivers outside of "in-box" drivers to existing form of Windows PE utilizing drvinst.cmd Add drivers after Windows PE picture is worked for test and demonstrative of the most recent equipment/drivers staying away from full reconstructs

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DRVINST.CMD Source Options [/inf] – way to particular driver [/oscd] – way to OS CD Filter Options [/onlyid] – just introduce with coordinating PNP IDs [/ignoreid] - don\'t introduce these PNP IDs [/onlyclass] – just introduce this class of driver [/ignoreclass] – overlook these classes of driver Action Options [/inject] – determines way to WinPE picture (c:\winpe) [/preview] – list drivers that would be introduced

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WMI Support Add WMI base support to give access to hidden equipment inside Windows PE Support for more than 40+ suppliers and 1500+ classes. Use the capacity to stack a local driver for equipment approval and question

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RAMDisk Boot Ability to boot, load and run Windows PE inside a RAMDisk on a PC by means of system (any PXE server), hard circle, or CD Provides capacity to run tests and diagnostics remotely from the server or on neighborhood media Allows for CD swapping for sending/recuperation media

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Windows PE New Features - Summary Windows XP Service Pack 2 WMI Support w/47 suppliers and 1500 classes Enables IP locations to be changed on the fly after the WinPE CD has booted. Driver Injection and PnP bolster Windows Firewall bolster Set IP for numerous NICs, instead of simply first NIC counted

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Windows PE New Features - Future Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 All elements recorded for XPSP2 in addition to Major Overhaul discharge; heaps of bug fixes Documentation getting a noteworthy tidy up RAMDisk boot

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