30 Year Get-together of the St Columban's School 1976 Senior and 1974 Junior Years. 55 Courteous fellows went to the nig.

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30 Year Get-together of the St Columban's School 1976 Senior and 1974 Junior Years. 55 Men of their word went to the night – a great time was had by all. Brian Brady, Paul Awry, John Fraser, Joel Flemming and Joe Minehan sharing a lager
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30 Year Reunion of the St Columban’s College 1976 Senior & 1974 Junior Years. 55 Gentlemen went to the night – a decent time was had by all.

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Brian Brady, Paul Askew, John Fraser, Joel Flemming & Joe Minehan sharing a lager

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How does that go Jim – Santo likes it. Michael Cosgrove looking on. Greg & Jeff talk.

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That’s an interesting one Mr Dash – Mark Bradley is inspired

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Now Carlo, this is the manner by which I see it ………. much appreciated Valdi.

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Ar…. The young men having a lager …. Dave Fuge, Dave Jones &Tony Connors confronting camera

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Don Ingram, Jeff Marrinan and Paul Kent – just in the photograph. (enough lagers for you Don)

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Greg Smith, Paul Kent & Mark West getting a charge out of a steak – David Bourke appreciates a brew

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Have you eaten yet Terry – Brian Dash and Don Ingram suggest the tucker

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Hello Trevor Ferling (looking over the shoulder) – appreciating the night would we say we are? Mark Kingsford, Paul French and Peter Spellacy sharing a supper

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Old mates make up for lost time – now is that so Des Pacek. George Sikorski looks far fetched.

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A grin of happiness Santo Pappalardo – Vince Reitano thinks its clever. Clem Ransome and Brian Bell left on table

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Good mates – not a hair between them (l to r – Brian Brady, Brian Rutter, Jim Sofios, Valdi Buiatti and John Raneri

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Mick Grace, Tony McNee and Dave Fuge offer a giggle as Joel Flemming is looking towards supper.

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Brian Rutter, Chris Boudreaux, Sergio Pianeda and Tony Connors – good looking fellows

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Valdi Buiatti, Don Ingram, Robert Black, Paul (Bluey) Doyle (over Robert’s left shoulder) and Brian Rutter

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David Burke, Greg Walker, Joel Flemming, David Lisle & Dave Fuge – Columbans Gentlemen

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Paul French and Tony McNee – both of you must be driving home. (pleasant grins and no brews)

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Brian Dash, Tony Otago, Terry Larander – making up for lost time with old times

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Oh, Mr David Black – dependably an awesome supporter for our Reunions

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Michael O’Keefe, Mark Bradley, Dave Jones, Paul Askew – those were the days

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Brian Brady, Clem Ransome & Brian Bell – long lasting mates. (pleasant one Brian)

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Dave Bentley & Ian McCulloch make up for lost time (how can that second line pack down)

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Paul Kent and Chris Bannah get up to speed following 30 years. (first time participants - pleasant one gentlemen)

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Jim Sofios, Terry McGinley & Dave Bentley (tolerating Jim’s favoring)

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Mark West, Chris Bannah & Greg Smith – old mates.

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Joe Minehan and Paul (Bluey) Doyle – the Publican and the Police Officer

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Bill Lynagh, Trevor Ferling, Joe Minehan, Peter Spellacy, Brian Rada and Paul Doyle – what a night.

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Greg Smith, Mark West, Chris Bannah and Michael O’Keefe

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Clem Ransome, Jim Sofios and Rob Brittain – not a great deal has changed following 30 years

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Michael Grace and Terry McGinley – great old mates from school, 30 years on.

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Michael Grace, Clem Ransome, Robert Black and Terry McGinley – a major night

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Michael Cosgrove, Paul Doyle and Joe Minehan

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Michael Cosgrove, Tony Otago, Chris Hegarty and Paul Doyle

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Ian McCulloch, Bill Lynagh Terry McGinley and Paul French – the College War Cry.

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Mark Kyle lived it up on the night - Good recollections hey Mark.

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Terry Larvander locations the Reunion and talks about the most recent 30 years and the College today

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Mr Black appreciates the location by Terry

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Santo Pappalardo, Brian Bell, Clem Ransome and Brian Brady appreciate Terry’s address

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Terry Larvander has the group enraptured – Mark Kingsford front – child of JJ.

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Another shot of the group amid Terry’s address.

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The group is listening – it’s a major night Mick, wake up.

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Its been 30 years – the soul is solid. There was no self important judging, bias or perniciousness on the night – we were all tolerant of every others life choices and callings – specialists, attorneys, truck drivers, cops, concreters, carers. We all met up to share stories and recollections. St Columban\'s taught us this and we live it today. It was a festival in life - we compli

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