315CR/Address 4 How to make no-financial plan video resemble a million dollars Or.

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315CR/Address 4 How to make no-financial plan video resemble a million dollars Or Successful strategies for upgrading the information nature of video stream content in a non-direct altering environment Arranging Begin with a decent solid thought Be innovative in your decision of areas
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315CR/Lecture 4 How to make no-financial plan feature resemble a million dollars Or Effective systems for upgrading the information nature of feature stream content in a non-direct altering environment

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Planning Start with a decent solid thought Be creative in your decision of areas Pre-visit areas to recognize shots, points and potential issues

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Topics Color redress/de-intertwining feature Video designs (Widescreen, HD, and so on) Codecs and pressure Lighting Shooting tips Camera development/dollys/following Sound Noise evacuation Adding film looks/grain Titling and typography Compositing/enhancements

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Shooting Tips Use great lighting Take numerous shots Make a rundown of the considerable number of shots you have to take Use a decent foundation/area – It serves to recount a story without clarification Keep unneeded things out of the edge. e.g. You don’t need quite a few people in casing, unless you need them to mix in. Keep the subject/performer/whoever off kilter

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Shooting Tips 1. Keep Your Camera Ready - you have a superior possibility of catching those extraordinary minutes 2. Hold Your Camera Steady - Pressing the shade discharge easily and progressively and utilizing a support as a consistent rest will decrease body development. 3. Utilize A Simple Background - A straightforward foundation centers consideration on the subject. 4. Place The Subject Off-Center - Usually, make the structure more dynamic and fascinating to the eye.â 

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6.Look For Good Lighting - Good lighting can make the picture all the more intriguing. 7. Keep People Busy - To maintain a strategic distance from hardened, static postures, incite your subjects to be dynamic. Their looks will be more casual and normal. 8. Utilization of lighting - shadows, up-lighting, mist, evening time, the splendid lights of the city …. 5. Incorporate Foreground In Scenics - include a feeling of separation, profundity, and measurement.

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LIGHTING Chris Stanton Three Point Lighting: With a three-point lighting setup, you as a rule can\'t turn out badly. It is the extremely fundamental of lighting setups which will give your pictures included profundity and keep that all feared grain from inching into your motion picture. Key light (fundamental): Acts as principle light source, like regular light/daylight. Fill light: makes shadow edges milder, inception close camera, influences the scenes light contast. Backdrop illumination: Hard light, utilized for demonstrating to make 2d photograph look 3D. utilized for highlights. http://www.stormforcepictures.com/theshoot-basicsoffilmlighting.php

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BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN FILM AND VIDEO (1/2) a.k.a How to make my shabby DV cam footage look like 35mm Krystl Gill/Andy Abgottspon 1. Utilization lighting innovatively: - can make disposition if utilized successfully - one of the real things silver screen goers intuitively take a gander at when watching a film - dreary activities show work by novices 2. Use motion picture like moves: - don\'t utilize the zoom catch amid a shot - figure out how to container and track shots - little touches have the effect 3. Learn camcorder settings: - introduction, controls the measure of light getting into the camcorder - concentrate, more vital with respect to what you concentrate on - white adjust, a picture control which helps your camera choose what shading white is

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BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN FILM AND VIDEO (2/2) a.k.a How to make my shoddy DV cam footage look like 35mm Krystl Gill/Andy Abgottspon 4. Don\'t utilize the camcorders "digital effects": Â â  -  You can\'t transform it later :- ( Â â  -  The just moves you\'ll ever tend to discover in many motion pictures is either a blur or a cross-dissolveâ  5. Shoot utilizing a PAL camcorder: Â â  - People areâ subconsciously used to 24 FPS which are utilized as a part of "real" movies Â â  - PAL is 25 FPS so it\'s the nearest you can get (NTSC is 30) 6. Use Film-Look Software like  â -Cinelook  â -Magic Bullet  â -Video grain channel in Sony Vegas

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Video Codecs Johanna Armani Aâ videoâ codecâ is a softwareâ that enablesâ video compressionâ and decompression for advanced feature Video codecs try to speak to an on a very basic level simple information set in a computerized manner There are various diverse codecs accessible, they differ in their pressure rates and sorts and in addition the last\'s nature yield

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Movie sound tracks have turned into an indispensable piece of film and TV, as the musical part of movies and TV projects have turned out to be more critical. Examination : "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" is a 2002 dream experience film coordinated by Peter Jackson taking into account the second volume of J. R. R. Tolkien\'s The Rings\' Lord. (begin at 8:49) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUs38h_iIsM with: "The Deluge" is the English title of the Polish film Potop, an authentic dramatization coordinated by Jerzy Hoffman, discharged in 1974. The film depends on a novel by the Polish author Henryk Sienkiewicz. It was selected for a Best Foreign Film Oscar in 1974. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNl0poj5z90

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There are four normally utilized terms to portray sound e f fect : Spot fx/hard fx Ambience/climate fx Foley fx Sound outline case s : http://www.soundboard.com/http://www.moviesoundscentral.com/http://www.moviewavs.com/Movies.html trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_O0xYCy1cg&feature=PlayList&p=F494BFD5D8A06060&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=18 Top 20 Movie sound: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URDtMtOnJQM

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Reference "Audio Post Production for Television and Film: An Introduction to Technology and Techniques" - Hilary Wyatt & Tim Amyes

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Computer Animation Using PC representation to make some or the greater part of a scene Special Makeup Effects changing a performers appearance with exceptional cosmetics procedures, for example, Latex Masks Weather Effects reproducing climate conditions as opposed to sitting tight for the right genuine conditions Examples of Special Effects

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Compositing The joining of visual components from independent sources into single pictures Often to make the hallucination that every one of those components are parts of the same scene Live activity shooting for compositing most regularly uses the blue screen method These days, most, however not all compositing is finished by computerized picture control

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Color Correction Basic Concept: Color adjustment by utilizing shading gels, or channels, is a procedure utilized as a part of stage lighting, photography, TV, cinematography and different orders, the aim of which is to modify the general shade of the light; typically the light shading is measured on a scale known as shading temperature: A s well as along a green–magenta pivot orthogonal to the shading temperature hub. The shading the camera “sees” ought to precisely speak to the shading our eyes “see”. This is called Color Balance furthermore has enormous influence in Color Correction. http://www.vimeo.com/6618837 Example of a sort of shading temperature scale.

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De-interweaving Video Basic Concept: Interlaced presentation draws just 50% of the lines on the screen for every edge, on the other hand drawing the odd and even lines for every edge. This diminishes gleam by exploiting the industriousness of vision impact, delivering a revive rate of twofold the edge rate without the overhead of either transmitting every edge twice or holding it in a cradle so it can be redrawn. Deinterlacing strategies: There are different techniques to deinterlace feature, every delivering distinctive issues or relics they could call their own. A few systems are much cleaner in curios than different strategies. Most de-joining systems can be separated into three distinct gatherings all utilizing their own particular precise methods. Field Combination Deinterlacing Weaving Blending Selective Blending Inverse Telecine Telecine Field Extension Deinterlacing Half-Sizing Line Doubling

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SLIDE ONE – THE DOLLY Camera Dolly A Camera dolly is a bit of film gear which is intended to make smooth camera developments. The Camera itself is mounted onto a stage, known as a dolly, and moved or found an arrangement of railings towards the item being shot. Sorts of Dolly Tripod Dolly, Studio Dolly, Cameleon Camera dolly Professional Dolly set ups can be extravagant so low spending plan movie producers use choices, for example, skateboards and wheelchairs. For Example, here - somebody has fabricated one utilizing wood, skateboard haggles funneling: http://www.jorenclark.com/whitepapers/dolly.html There are likewise various Dolly constructing instructional exercises on YouTube.

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SLIDE TWO – TRACKING The camera is moved down the tracks by grasps – these are individuals who are utilized to precisely and relentlessly push the camera along the tracks to make a smooth following shot. There are distinctive arrangements of tracks, intended to permit the camera dolly to move advances and in reverse, left to right (and back once more) and on a bend. Some camera dollies have a water driven arm which permits the camera to lift a couple feet noticeable all around rapidly and easily to make another diverse sort of following shot. A following gave utilizi

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