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Enhancements... in Live Action Cinema. Picture SYNTHESIS GROUP - TRINITY COLLEGE DUBLIN
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3D4 Computer Aided Design Prof. Francis Neelamkavil Dr. John Dingliana

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Computer Aided Design Exam : Section A (4 questions) FN Section B (3 questions) JD Answer no less than two from every part Coursework : 20% of definite imprint (14% FN, 6% JD) Assessed at week by week labs Attempt all assignments Pass both exam and coursework with a specific end goal to pass the course

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3D Computer Graphics John Dingliana Image Synthesis Group Computer Science http://isg.cs.tcd.ie/dingliaj/3d4ii

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Course Overview 3D Graphics The 3D Graphics Pipeline: Modeling Viewing Projection Rasterization Introduction to OpenGL Image Synthesis Light and Shading in Computer Graphics Ray following

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3D4 section ii Assessment 3 Questions in the exam ( answer no less than 2 ) 30% of Practical Mark For More Information: John.Dingliana@cs.tcd.ie 3.18 Oriel House Computer Science Department ext. + 3679 http://isg.cs.tcd.ie/dingliaj/3d4ii

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Recommended Texts Computer Graphics - Using OpenGL (Second Edition) – F.S. Slope Computer Graphics - C Version (Second Edition) - Donald Hearn, M. Pauline Baker

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What is Computer Graphics ?

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Computer Graphics "PC Graphics is worried with delivering pictures (or movements) utilizing a PC." rendering demonstrating DISPLAY WORLD MODEL

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Modeling And Rendering © Walt Disney and TSL

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Wireframe Model Skeletal Model Muscle Model © Walt Disney and TSL Hair Render and Touch up Skin

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Spacewars: first PC design amusement (MIT 1961) Whirlwind: early illustrations utilizing VectorScope (1951) first CAD framework (IBM 1959) SketchPad: first intelligent representation (1961)

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Early surface mapped picture (Catmull 1974) First knock mapped pictures (Blinn 1978) First beam followed picture (Whitted 1980) First appropriated beam followed picture (Cook 1984)

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Westworld (1973) First generation motion picture to highlight PC illustrations. Utilized as a part of different illustrations shows inside the Westworld focus.

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Star Wars (1977)

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Tron (1980) First time PC illustrations were utilized for no frills successions.

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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, beginning impact (1983) The Last Starfighter (15 minutes) (1982)

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Applications of Computer Graphics

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Movies Fully PC created vivified highlights

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Movies Special Effects… in Live Action Cinema

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Movies "Conventional" Animated Features… Some cases: Automating Keyframing in numerous Disney-sort movements The rushing conduct of the wilderbeest in Lion King Non photorealistic rendering: 3D impacts in Futurama

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Behind the scenes on Antz Production Number of edges in the film 119,592 Number of times the motion picture was rendered amid generation 15 (approx.) Number of feet of endorsed activity delivered in a week 107 ft. All out number of hours of rendering every week 275,000 hrs. Normal size of the casing rendered 6 MB Total number of Silicon Graphics servers utilized for rendering 270 Number of desktop frameworks utilized as a part of creation 166 Total Number of processors utilized for rendering 700 Average measure of memory per processor 256 MB Time it would have taken to render this motion picture on 1 processor 54 yrs., 222 days, 15 mins., 36 secs. Measure of capacity required for the motion picture 3.2 TB Amount of casings kept online at any given time 75000 edges Time to re-film out finished product start to finish 41.5 days (997 hrs.)

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User Interfaces CAVE: Immersive and Interactive 3D enironement B205 Control Console (1960) 3D Studio MAX

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Layout and Design

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Scientific Visualization and Analysis

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Medicine and Virtual Surgery The Visible Human task

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Room Layout Design and Architectural Simulations

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History and cultutal legacy

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CG Applications (1) Art, Entertainment, Publishing Movie Production, Animation and Special Effects Computer Games Browsing the web Slide, Book and Magazine Design Multimedia

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CG Applications (2) Computer Graphics and Image Processing Scientific Analysis and Visualization Simulations Computer Aided Design Electrical Circuit Design Architecture

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Related Disciplines Data Processing DATA Computer Vision Computer Graphics IMAGES Image Processing

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Interdisciplinary Science Physics: light, shading, appearance, conduct Mathematics: Curves and Surfaces, Geometry and Perspective Engineering Hardware: illustrations media and processors, information and yield gadgets Software: representation libraries, window frameworks Art, Perception and Esthetics Color, Composition, Lighting, Realism

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Graphics and the Computer Engineer Knowledge of the Interdisciplinary Background to Graphics Related Problems Ability to Implement Computer Solutions in view of interdisciplinary methods in PC frameworks Knowledge of existing equipment and programming systems for Computer Graphics applications Optimization! Authenticity/Fidelity versus Speed

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Subtopics Modeling 2D Graphics 3D Graphics Image Synthesis Ray-following, Radiosity Image Processing Animation Key Frame liveliness Physically Based Simulation Real-time Interactive Animation

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Image Synthesis Group Computer design research in Trinity College Graphics & recognition Virtual Dublin Characters & Crowds Image Synthesis Adaptive Simulation Virtual Reality

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