4-H Afterschool Gathering.

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4-H Afterschool Conference
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4-H Afterschool Conference "The Wind Beneath Our Wings!" Dr. Nancy Valentine National Program Leader National 4-H Headquarters Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service United States Department of Agriculture

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Strengthened Image Think: After-school Programs Say: 4-H First

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Grounded in the Past Working in the Present Focused on the Future

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School-Age Care Consortium Early Pioneers Congressional Appropriations DeWitt Wallace Fund Grant W.K. Kellogg Grant

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National Networks Early Evaluation Efforts CYFERNet Extension CARES… For America\'s Children and Youth USDA/ARMY Partnerships

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NASULGC State and County Contributions Academic Interdisciplinary Approach Research and Resident Instruction Rural Youth Development Grants

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School-age Care School-age Child Care Before –School Programs Youth Development Programs Summer Programs Out-of-School Time After-school Programs

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What is 4-H Afterschool? Offered when youngsters, youth and families need them Kindergarten through twelfth grades Long-term, successively arranged Addresses physical, intellectual, social, and enthusiastic advancement Based on examination and science

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Vision All kids and youth are in sheltered, sound, mindful and improving situations when they are far from their folks

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Mission To connect … Teaching Research Education Technology 4-H youth improvement U.S. Bureau of Agriculture 105 area gift colleges 3,150 region Cooperative Extension Service workplaces … to nearby groups Across America

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Goals To build the quality, accessibility, moderateness, and manageability of projects by enhancing: Knowledge and aptitudes of staff Quality of projects Abilities of families to bolster their kids Community and state underpins for projects, representatives, and families

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Focused on the Future Expanding through the Program Development Model Securing new assets Reporting and assessment Marketing, picture, perceivability: "Say 4-H First "

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Credits: Leon Thomas, Jim Kahler National 4-H Headquarters

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