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4-H Presentations. April Dillon Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development Lincoln County Updates from Shannon McCollum and Mitzi Downing. Calvin’s First 4-H Presentation. Why Should Youth Participate?. Express themselves clearly. Learn how to gather information.
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4-H Presentations April Dillon Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development Lincoln County Updates from Shannon McCollum and Mitzi Downing

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Calvin\'s First 4-H Presentation

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Why Should Youth Participate? Communicate obviously Learn how to assemble data Organize their thoughts Learn to talk before a gathering "I Can Do It!" demeanor

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Two Types of 4-H Presentations Demonstration Making something Showing how to accomplish something Illustrated Talk Using visuals to recount your story

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Types of Speeches Informational Share learning Persuasive Sell thoughts/items Entertaining Express your sentiments

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Forms of Speeches Extemporaneous Off-the-sleeve Prepared Speeches 4-H Presentations School reports

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How to kick kids off? Presentations Party Talk Red Carpet Interviews Talking on the phone Taking messages Reading so anyone might hear Show & Tell

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Selecting and Developing Your Demonstration Topic

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Select your venture: Safety Choose your particular subject: Seat Belts Decide on your motivation: to persuade the group of onlookers of the need to utilize safety belts, how safety belts spare lives - induce gathering of people to utilize safety belts Exercise in Selecting and Expanding Your Topic 4-H Project General Topic Area Specific Areas Breakdown of One Area Fire Insurance Demonstrate with shams Camping Alcohol & Drugs Types of wounds they forestall Children Seat belt laws Lawn Mower Kinds of safety belts Changing tires How they operate Safety features Poisons Air sacks Animals Safe driving abilities Highway laws Auto 1 st Aid Kits Seat Belts Automobile Safety

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Organization Introduction Attention Getter Who are you and what are you doing here? What are you going to impart to us today? Body What are you going to discuss . . . What of it! Why is that data imperative to me? Rundown & Conclusion Re-tell your data and whole it up! Inquire as to whether there are any inquiries Make and consummation proclamation – interface this to your allurement.

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INTRODUCTION Well looked into point Catchy subject Clear presentation, body and synopsis Attractive publications and visual guides Confidence

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RESEARCHED TOPIC 5 to 12 minutes 5 - 7 minutes for a 9-10 year old 7 - 10 minutes for a 11-12 year old 10 - 12 minutes for a 13-19 year old 4-H Project Curriculum Expert in the occupation World Wide Web Library assets Give credit to assets

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CATCHY THEME/TITLE Attention Grabber! Dairy Foods - key to wellbeing is keeping your body tuned in to dairy items (piano) Electric - sparing influence spares cash (super saint) Egg Cookery - EGGS-refering to Fisheries & Aquatic Resources - The CATCH to angling with flys Small Engines - Get your MOTOR running (melody verse)

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ORGANIZATION Introduction Body, primary focuses, legitimate request Summary Develop a layout before composing & making blurbs

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Visuals Help you recollect what to say sufficiently large for the group of onlookers to peruse Neatly composed, PC sort, stencils Generic names on props Will not twist or fall Display sorted out, appealing, all together Add premium and shimmer Dress/Costume Posters/Display Boards/Science Fair Boards

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PowerPoint R Presentations will be judged the same as notices Youth are in charge of all gear, set-up, separate and specialized issues Visuals, Continued PowerPoint R

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Tips - General Lettering no less than 1/2 creeps in stature Headings – all tops List – start with tops Posters – to your privilege Organize visuals from your entitlement to one side Clear holders Plain textual styles Fancy textual styles for striking articulations/headings Use shots

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Tips – General Use a table covering Pull publications from front to back Are the judges prepared? Do the judges have any inquiries? Pressing rundown!

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CONFIDENCE Eye contact with aggregate group of onlookers Loud, clear, neighborly, normal voice Neat appearance Gestures, Posture, Body Language Voice progression/verbalization Handling questions Handling diversions Smile and appreciate Practice, rehearse, hone

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SUMMARY Researched subject Catchy topic Organized Visual Aids Confidence

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General Rules Age qualification is set up on January 1 Divisions are 9-10, 11-13, and 14-18 Cloverbuds (ages 5 to 8) can partake in their club and region action day 4-H\'ers may contend in close to one presentation program for every year Each district may enter two presentations for each age division classification.

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General Rules A group is made out of just two people, with the exception of in Dairy Bowl and 4-H Entertains If the group giving a presentation is made out of individual\'s in two distinctive age divisions (9-10, 11-13, 14-18), the group must contend in the more established youth\'s age division.

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General Rules No live creatures might be utilized as a part of any presentation. No genuine handguns or guns are permitted to be utilized amid presentations. 9-10, 11-13 & 14-18 Presenters in Breads, Dairy Foods, Fruit & Vegetable Use, Egg Cookery and Peanut Foods will be solicited to show a dominance from arrangement steps Note: every classification has essential fixing necessities. Note: 14-18 Presenters are required to set up a dish (new for 2008) Depth of learning is pushed on the score sheets for 14-18.

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General Rules similar presentation might be rehashed starting with one year then onto the next; in any case, the individual\'s self-improvement will be much more noteworthy if the presentation is modified and made strides. 4-H individuals may keep on competing in a specific presentation classification until announced state victor.

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Awards A County Winner lace is given to every member. Awards will be given to every Gold, Silver and Bronze victor in every age division. One presentation in every classification will be assigned as the area champ and will be qualified to contend on the state level. Silver decoration champs in the 11-13 & 14-18 age divisions are qualified to contend at state finals.

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General Rules 11-13 & 14-18 level locale runners-up in presentations are qualified to take an interest in the state challenge at the 4-H Congress. There will be no grant accessible for runners-up to go to Congress unless the region champ chooses not to take an interest.

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Guidelines - Time Presentations are r ecommended to be between 5 to 12 minutes long. Note: Category Exceptions! Horse Individual ages 9-10 & 11-13: 4 to 12 minutes Horse Individual ages 14-18: 9 to 12 minutes Horse Team ages 9-10 & 11-13: 5 to 15 minutes Horse Team ages 14-18: 10 to 15 minutes Horse Public Speaking ages 9-10 & 11-13: 4 to 10 minutes Horse Public Speaking ages 14-18: 8 to 10 minutes

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Guidelines - Time Public Speaking – 7 minute most extreme Chicken Barbecue - 2.5 hours Turkey Barbecue - 2.5 hours Pork Cookery - 2 hours Beef Char-Grill - 2 hours Chicken and Turkey BBQ ages 14 to 18 require oral presentation (5 to 12 minutes) Beef Ambassador – 5 to 8 minutes

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Guidelines – General Open Class : Only presentations that don\'t fit some other classification. Presentation Setup : The speaker is in charge of setting up all hardware for the presentation. Interferences : The judges will figure out whether the member ought to start the latest relevant point of interest or begin once more. Note cards : The speaker is permitted to utilize note cards however they ought to be utilized as an apparatus for referencing material (the speaker ought not read straightforwardly from their cards).

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Guidelines - Questions: Only "Judges" are permitted to ask members questions. (Inquiries are not permitted in the Public Speaking class). Youth may pick to rehash the question, summarize the question or incorporate the question in their answer yet this is NOT a prerequisite. You have given a satisfactory reaction when you concede you can\'t answer the question.

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39 Presentation Categories Horse Interior Design & Home Space (Home Energy & Envir.) Hort. Goad. & Marketing Horse Public Speaking Livestock & Dairy Prod. Landscaping Open Class 21st Century Communications Peanut Foods Poultry Prod. & Prep. Pork Cookery Public Speaking Safety Science & Technology Turkey Barbecue Forestry & Wildlife Fruit & Veg. Utilize Woodworking & Heritage Crafts Hospitality, Etiquette & Social Graces Veterinary Science - 14-18 just **Citizenship & Civic Responsibility **Community Service & Volunteerism Artistic Arrangement Fabric & Fashion Design (Apparel & Textiles) Breads Wheels & Engines – All Age Divisions Beef Char-Grill - (9-10 & 11-13) Crop Prod. & Utilization Chicken Barbecue Small & Companion Animal Dairy Foods Electric Egg Cookery Soil, Water & the Environment Bugs & Bees (Entomology) Exp. Expressions & Comm. Fisheries & Aq. Res. Health & Fitness (Health) Careers & Entrepreneurship

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Guidelines – Beef Ambassador The challenger must be 13 however not more seasoned than 16 by January 1 Entry shapes must be put together by June - Contestants ought to give the presentation no less than 2 times before the state rivalry. Cases incorporate fairs, 4-H presentations, school bunches, and so on. Discourse ought to be 5 to 8 minutes No visual guides or note cards allowed Three Areas of Evaluation in the Competition Presentation of a discourse with respect to hamburger and/or the meat business or Beef Checkoff Programs. Questions asked by the judges after the presentation A meeting directed by a board of judges to decide one-on-one correspondence qualities and shortcomings.

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Guidelines – Food Categories 9-10,11-13 & 1

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