6 th Provincial Facilitators' Meeting ICP Asia Pacific Report 13-22 September 2005 Washington, D.C..

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6 th Regional Coordinators’ Meeting ICP Asia Pacific Report 13-22 September 2005 Washington, D.C. ICP Asia Pacific Recent Activities. ICP Asia Pacific Recent Activities. ICP Asia Pacific Recent Activities. Other ICP Asia Pacific Activities 2005.
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6 th Regional Coordinators\' Meeting ICP Asia Pacific Report 13-22 September 2005 Washington, D.C.

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ICP Asia Pacific Recent Activities

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ICP Asia Pacific Recent Activities

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ICP Asia Pacific Recent Activities

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Other ICP Asia Pacific Activities 2005

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Status of Price Surveys in the Asia Pacific Region

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Status of Price Surveys All 23 taking an interest nations have begun their studies as of April 2005, in any case, two nations did not direct first quarter studies Four nations overviewed just Food, Clothing & Footwear things in the principal quarter studies Twenty one nations have presented their first quarter normal costs to the RO, however one nation did not submit crude value information

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Status of Price Surveys As of July, 22 nations have overviewed the full HH utilization bushel Six nations study urban regions just Seventeen nations will submit costs with urban/rustic measurement

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Data Review Workshops

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Data Review Workshops Held

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Data Validation Procedures for Countries To guarantee dependability & precision of value information RO arranged the accompanying: "Information Validation Procedure for Countries" Automated intra-nation information acceptance methodology

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Issues Identified amid the DRWs Priced item does not meet item particulars in the item list A blend of high & low quality items were estimated, when no brand is determined Some value citations were gathered from top of the line outlets Different understandings in the UOM, particularly where UOM is "include" Mismatch favored amounts in TP & the item list

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Issues Identified amid the DRWs Divergence in the changed over costs in PCM & BUU for information passage due to non-coordinating of favored amounts in TP & the item list Data section mistakes Errors in transformation of units Treatment of free administrations; e.g. administration charge for ATM withdrawals Difficulty in figuring item details for a few items; e.g. women\'s totes, cowhide wallet & watches

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Decisions taken to address DRW issues Countries asked for to audit their information Recommendation for a technique for registering power & water rates Preparation of a table on UOMs & amounts to guide nations in value information collection Revisions & change in the item list

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Decisions taken to address DRW issues-Revisions in the Product List

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Status of GDP Expenditure Weights

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GDP Weights Estimation Nineteen nations have submitted GDP weights Reference year ranges from 2002 to 2004 One nation picked to take an interest just in the family utilization examination

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Estimation & Extrapolation Concerns

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Estimation & Extrapolation Concerns How to gauge yearly normal costs for nations without first quarter studies How to modify development & gear costs to 2005 levels if value studies will be directed in 2006 How to extrapolate GDP weights to 2005 levels

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Major Agreements of the RAB

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RAB Agreements DRWs are top need & least of 2 workshops ought to be led Suggested that crude value information in TP accessible in Excel organize beside XML Countries need local specialists for cost overviews on development & hardware Confidentiality approach of the nations will be regarded in appreciation of information access

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Funding Issues

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Funding Situation/Issues GO gave assets to ring list workshop; DRWs; conclusion of non-family list. Noteworthy subsidizing is required for the ff: Data Review Workshops (DRWs) Consultants for development; hardware & apparatus RO is asking for financing from the GO for the development & gear sectors

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Advocacy Activities

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Advocacy Activities Participating nations found the ICP handouts arranged by the GO to be helpful in clarifying the employments of PPPs in their nations UN SIAP has welcomed the ICP Asia Pacific RO as asset individual on the ICP in the "Principal Regional Course on Price Statistics and Introduction to ICP" in Maldives on 26-30 September

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Other Household Consumption Product List

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Health & Pharmaceuticals Six pharmaceutical items were proposed to be erased: Fluphenazine Decaonate Pyrimethamine with suldoxine Zidovudine Indinavir Nevirapine Artesunate Two paramedical administrations were proposed to be erased: Assistant medical attendant home visit l Assistant medical caretaker home visit ll Need to indicate if "paramedical administrations" is rendered by private or wellbeing area

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Education Reference PPPs will be used for government funded instruction Education Services PSs to be created just for private schooling Pre-essential & essential training Secondary training Tertiary training (software engineering) Tertiary training (barring first degree in software engineering) Foreign dialect course Private lessons in science (outside school hours) Music course or lessons

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Ring List Workshop

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Thank you

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Example of an Expanded Product back

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Product with Changes/Modifications in Product Specifications back

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Product with Clarifications in Product Specifications back

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