A dangerous atmospheric devation can decimate our planet .

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Changes. Logical agreement is that human action, for the most part carbon dioxide emanations, is bringing about worldwide warming.Every time we utilize power or fuel, we are sending CO2 outflows to the climate.. A dangerous atmospheric devation. World before Industrial upset, 1800CO2 level low <280ppm. ~No fossil fuel outflows (oil, coal, gas).We\'ve had a worldwide atmosphere harmony throughout the previous 100,000 years
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An unnatural weather change can pulverize our planet! In the event that we simply sit and do nothing about it. http://www.time.com/time/covers/0,16641,20060403,00.html

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Changes Scientific agreement is that human action, chiefly carbon dioxide outflows, is bringing about an Earth-wide temperature boost. Each time we utilize power or fuel, we are sending CO 2 emanations to the air.

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Global Warming World before Industrial unrest, 1800 CO 2 level low <280ppm. ~No fossil fuel emanations (oil, coal, gas). We\'ve had a worldwide atmosphere balance throughout the previous 100,000 years – it resembles we had an exceptionally agreeable cover grew uniquely for us. Presently we have a colossal cover (brought on by the additional human-made emanations in the climate) made of warmth catching, warm discharging IR nursery gasses.

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Global Warming

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How hot will the Earth be in a couple of years? Relies on upon us. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hello there/sci_nat/04/climate_change/html/climate.stm

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CO 2 in the air Years: 1960-2000

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CO 2 in Atmosphere Years: 1000 - 2100

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Earth\'s Surface Temperature Years: 1000 - 2100 How hot it at last gets relies on upon us.

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} Cold because of sulfuric emanations: (1940-1970) which brought on lung malignancy, asthma & corrosive rain Global normal temperature Years: 1860-2000

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Consequences: Polar tops dissolve Sea level ascent Extreme temperatures Cyclones/tornadoes Drought/surges Disease Agriculture misfortunes Extinction of creature species, corals, vegetation Worst case situation: stop sea transport line

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Kilimanjaro (Tanzania, Africa) after 30 years…

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Lake Chad Was the 6 th biggest lake in the World! A review by U. Wisconsin-Madison and NASA\'s EOS, the lake is currently 1/twentieth of the size it was 35 years back. W. Africa (Chad, Niger, Nigeria, & Cameroon), the area has experienced an inexorably dry atmosphere, encountering decrease in rain since mid 1960s. We are bringing about Extreme neediness in Africa because of our outflows which represents 25% of every world discharge contrasted with Africa\'s 3%.

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Patagonia (Argentina) Longest Glacier in S.A. 1928 2004

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Costa Rica First authority lost species because of Global warming: the brilliant frog Female Male

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Hurricanes 10 most sweltering years ever, happened in the last 14 yrs. 2003 1 st sea tempest ever in the S. Altantic Ocean 2005 most astounding # of typhoons, most serious, 6 Greek letters 2005 Wilma most grounded sea tempest ever recorded AO Then… 2006 Monica most grounded tropical storm ever recorded Luckily, this year (2006), El Niño diminishes # sea tempests

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Icebergs with hollows = broken evolved way of life 60% of krill populace executed along these lines. Krill are little shrimp-like shellfish zooplankton, sustenance for baleen whales, mantas, whale sharks, seals, and a couple seabird animal categories

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Worst case situation: sudden change IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) Due to change in saltiness, if Artic continues liquefying, this momentum could quit, making a little ice age in Europe and North America.

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On top of this… New blossoming economies need to experience their own particular form of the "American Dream". Case: in China, the customary bike path was shut to lay route to an additional car path. India is presently additionally thriving monetarily and enormously expanding their CO 2 discharges.

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Potential Solutions Reduce CO 2 discharges Reduce vitality utilization Alternative green power: sun powered, wind Reforestation Increase fuel proficiency; e.g. energy unit, cross breed autos Emission exchanging Kyoto Protocol – marked by 135 countries in Kyoto, Japan to diminish emanations. Not marked by U.S. then again Australia!, the 2 countries with the most noteworthy emanations.

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The Good News is… We can have any kind of effect…

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We\'ve done it before!: Ozone Layer Montreal Protocol\'s prohibition on CFCs For years, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) were the operators - adding to the decimation of the Earth\'s ozone layer. After the Montreal Protocol\'s prohibition on CFCs, marginally more benevolent HCFCs supplanted them.. The ozone layer is mending, however there is still a higher occurrence of skin tumor and different ailments in the World due to a limited extent by this gap.

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More Good News… You can spare over $2,000 consistently while helping the planet!

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Top 16 Things – Save $ with NO underlying cost Turn off (or far superior, unplug) machines (consider an electrical extension), line rather than cordless telephones Turn off water fixture, shower not showers, stream change shower head Clean aerating and cooling channels Tune-up auto, keep adjusted, Accelerate least just *MPG

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Turn down Water radiator, and ventilation system Use sheets rather than covers Turn off PC, printers, when not utilizing: Use Laptop rather than PC Use icy water for washing fabrics! Hang garments if conceivable Use dishwasher just when full Wash by hand if conceivable

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Eating propensities: Eat less meat (less methane); Eat neighborhood items Plant trees They additionally bring down house T in summer, They decrease CO 2 Car pooling, strolling or biking Avoid clean dishes/napkins Both styrofoam or paper

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Buy items with slightest bundling Large family packs Gift sacks as opposed to wrapping Water bottles!  - utilize refillable jug. Bundling and clean water generation needs a great deal of vitality and discharges huge amounts of CO2 in the environment every year.

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Be an insightful customer Buy less Give away things you not longer utilize.

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Recycle! (plastic, paper, cardboard, jars, glass) Email your congresspersons, government authorities: Sign appeal to at www.undoit.org Sign request of at climatecrisis.org

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Top 11 Things – Save $ with some underlying cost You will recoup the underlying expenses rapidly and in the meantime, lessen outflows extraordinarily. Consider sunlight based water radiator Replace lights with snaked fluorescent

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Top 11 (cont… ) Consider new machines with Energy Star* MYTH: Not every single new apparatus are vitality productive!! Check the marks deliberately.

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Top 11 (cont… ) Transportation represents 67% of oil utilized! Consider purchasing a little auto or a Hybrid, Use open transportation Eat natural items (better wellbeing, less Br) Consider wind or sun based power Use silicone or dim heating skillet Use reusable plastic or material espresso channel Use rechargeable batteries Green means it\'s likewise useful for your HEALTH.

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Small changes, have a major effect:

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In outline… $ ave Money , enhance your Health , Save the Planet! In doing as such, we are in a roundabout way helping the extraordinary poor… … is our ethical duty.

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Political Issues Oil industry interests, Lobbyists Governments concealing logical proof (e.g. NASA climatologist, Jim Hansen) Real cost of atomic vitality Should incorporate the cost of waste transfer and the cost of medicinal treatment of potential wellbeing ailments because of radioactive materials. versus cost of clean vitality like sunlight based or wind.

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Take activity! Stop Global Warming

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With your help… … we can spare the World! We are ONE human race; we just have ONE planet. We should utilize its assets effectively with the goal that we can all profit by it.

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Book References: The End of Poverty by Jeffrey Sachs Weather Makers by Tim Flannery An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman Global Warming by Chris Spence Pathologies of Power , Paul Farmer Mini Atlas of Global Development , The World Bank

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Web References… www.nasa.gov www.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/atmosphere/globalwarming www.povertymap.net www.unmillenniumproject.org www.st-edmunds.cam.ac.uk www.noaa.gov www.borgenproject.org www.unicef.org www.energyhog.org FUN!! (PC diversions)

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