A dangerous atmospheric devation: or Warm Administration on the Enormous Spaceship.

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A worldwide temperature alteration: or Thermal Management on the Big Spaceship ... Space Thermal Radiation issues. Shuttle get and transmit heat by blackbody ...
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A worldwide temperature alteration: or Thermal Management on the Big Spaceship Lecture #22 Space ideas

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The Big Spaceship

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Agenda Planetary temperatures Venus Earth Is Global Warming Real? What is driving it? A Simple Model Solutions

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Blackbody Radiation Curve

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Black Body Radiation Curve

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Blackbody radiation If a body retains and transmits EM radiation superbly, it is known as a "blackbody" It then emanates power by the Stefan Boltzman Law W/m 2 = T 4 =emissivity, 1 for a dark body ,  >1 for genuine surfaces =5.76x 10 –8 Wm –2 K - 4 ( Stefan-Boltzmann steady)

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Solar Spectrum

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Space Thermal Radiation issues Spacecraft get and transmit heat by blackbody radiation They get radiation in the unmistakable ~ .5-micron on the grounds that the sun is more sultry than they are ( 10,000K) They emanate at much lower temperature ~300K crest radiation ~ 10microns

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Kirkhoff\'s Law Energy adjust Poynting\'s hypothesis

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Radiant equilbrium Planetary brilliance Sunlight Infrared Energy touches base at obvious frequencies and is transmitted at infrared frequencies Gaussian surface

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Radiation Equibrium

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Heat Transport Thermal Conduction: Heat transport from hot to cool Heat streams downhill

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Thermal Conduction Heat streams downhill

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Molecular Mean Free Path Mean free way =  A mean free way is the scale size on which atoms blend and transport vitality, force in a gas.

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Molecular Thermal Transport Downward flux of enthalpy h= c p T Net flux  Upward flux of enthalpy h= c p T

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Photon Mean Free Path photon atom Photon Mean free way =  p A photon mean free way is the scale size on which photons of a given wavelength are assimilated and reradiated and transport vitality in a gas.

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Radiation Thermal Transport Downward flux of vitality E= c p (T\')T\'  p Net flux Upward flux of enthalpy E= c p (T)T

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Thermal Photon Diffusivity is brought down by expanded CO 2 !!

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Greenhouse Effect

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around 5×10^-22 m^2 per particle =5 x 10-18cm2 3 x1019 cm3 molecles x 300 x10-6 co2 = 9x10 15 cm3 1/(sig n) = 1/(5 x 10 - 18 cm2 x 9 x10 15 cm3 ) =1/(.45 x 10-1) = 20 cm mean free way at 15 microns

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Reflected Sunlight Emitted Thermal

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Thermal Emission CO 2 emanation and ingestion band

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25% expansion CO 2 levels in the air

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Oxygen levels

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Icecaps are dissolving

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UK government information

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NOAA Satellites

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Solar Radiance

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Global Warming and Causes Global warming gives off an impression of being a truth, temperatures are rising –especially since 1980 Solar brilliance for the most recent decade seems level or diminishing Volcanic action , showing geothermal warming, seems level or diminishing Green House gasses are rising –appearing to connect with warming

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Conclusions Global warming seems, by all accounts, to be a reality Global warming shows up essentially determined by diminished infrared diffusivity in the environment because of expanded nursery gasses-different clarifications don\'t seem feasible Global warming, if unchecked, could have exceptionally negative outcomes for humankind

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Solutions Humanity must move from fossil fills to atomic force and other non-nursery delivering types of vitality. France and Japan have changed over to 80% atomic Fission – it is both conceivable and down to earth Fusion power , cleaner and more secure than Fission , can supplant all fossil powers

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