A few Little cats Can Fly!.

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Over strolled the cat with a twinkle in its eye. The little cat was considering
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A few Kittens Can Fly! A kids\' book by Eric Spanitz

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Isabelle was dismal. She needed to cry.

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Then she recollected that: Some little cats can fly!

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She came up short on her room And then down the stairs

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She didn\'t go gradually She hopped them in sets.

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Isabelle – She ran this way and that

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She needed to locate Her dark child feline.

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There it is! She hollered so all could hear She pointed her finger and said "You come here!"

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Over strolled the cat with a twinkle in its eye The little cat was considering "soon I will fly!"

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Back up to her room Is kept running with the feline She opened the window and screen simply like that.

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While tossing the feline Isabelle hollered "Farewell!" And once out the window the little cat flew!

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The little cat did a few flips, she looked rather dandy, Then traveled to the store to get Isabelle treat.

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She flew right back to Isabelle holding up And gave her the treat with no hesitating.

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Isabelle ate all the confection, and thought with a grin "I knew she could fly! I knew at the same time!"

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