A Forward Searching Technique For Biotech Organizations.

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Development of Pharma/Biotech Industry. Merged Landscape Era. SP ... Maintaining a biotech business and other dismal stories. Create turning points that loan themselves ...
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A Forward Looking Strategy For Biotech Businesses

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The Landscape Big Pharma (BP) – Many low edge, couple of high edge items; Significant R&D venture; Size makes impressive, likewise moderate moving; Deep takes make organizations huge focuses of chance. Huge Bio (BBio) – A number of items, generally high edge; Must look after R&D/science joint efforts to proceed with development; Marketing varies from Pharma in its more engaged methodology.

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The Landscape Small Bio (SBio) – Early extends, conceivably exceptional returns; Significant R&D; Many out there, few will succeed. Bland Pharma (GP)– Low edge, Low cost, High amount; Lots of rivalry for piece of the pie. New Pharma/Bio (NPB) – Development stage organizations with next to zero income; Regularly needing money to finance R&D; More deft in joint effort and all the more ready to go for broke.

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BP/BBio – A couple of huge workers; Some moderate workers Several washouts, Lots being developed SP/SBio – One or two money bovines; A couple being developed GP/GBio –Mature Products; Low edge, High Quantity NP/NBio – Leading Edge Discoveries Early Stage Development Characteristics of Revenue Drivers

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Evolution of Pharma/Biotech Industries Early Consolidation Era New BP/BBio SP/SBio Early Pharma/Bio New BP/BBio Early Stage organizations offer one or more items for sale to the public.

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Evolution of Pharma/Biotech Industries Diversification Era BP/BBio SP/SBio GP/Bio NP/Bio Characterized by business sector division

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Evolution of Pharma/Biotech Industry Personalized Medicine/Reconsolidation Era SP/Bio GP/Bio NP/Bio New BP/BBio Surviving BP/BBio Consolidation into new and existing Big Pharma players

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Evolution of Pharma/Biotech Industry Consolidated Landscape Era SP/Bio NP/Bio GP/GBio New BP/BBio Surviving BP/BBio Consolidated Landscape

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Evolution of Pharma/Biotech Industry Tomorrow\'s Landscape Era SP/BBio GP/Bio NP/Bio New BP/BBio Surviving BP/BBio New scene expects another round of union

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Telecommunications Automobiles Entertainment (Movies, Radio, Television and Publishing) Agriculture and Food Computers Retail Airlines Other Industries Recently Subject to Cycle

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Slow New Drug Approvals - 18 in 2006 Acceleration of Takeovers - up 32% in 2006 Deteriorating Margins - driving wastefulness out of commercial center Freedom to Operate - more unpredictable to secure Maturing Science and Technology - what number new anti-infection agents? Constrained Product Life Cycles - Long improvement times & altered patent lives Consumer Protection - activism Less Efficient Organizations - after some time New Technologies immature microorganisms - neural incitement, and so forth demonstrating guarantee Dispersion of IQ - creating rivalry from numerous locales and focuses of brilliance Investor Activism - wish for snappy prizes Government Activism – FDA, HHS, CDC Factors Accelerating Pharma/Bio Changes Market Downturn – Minus 514 focuses on the DJIA in 5 days

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Big Pharma/BBio Warning Signs 1 More R&D Spending, Fewer New Molecular Entities CBO Study, R&D in Pharma Industry, October, 2006

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Big Pharma/BBio Warning Signs 2 Federal Government Funding Lower Percentage of R&D $39.4 B Total 2006 Pharma Industry R&D $51.3 billion $28+ B 2006 Inflation Adjusted Dollars CBO Study, R&D in Pharma Industry, October, 2006

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Big Pharma/BBio Warning Signs 3 Fewer Patents Per R&D Dollar CBO Study, R&D in Pharma Industry, October, 2006

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Big Pharma/BBio Warning Signs 4 Diminishing Return on Assets CBO Study, R&D in Pharma Industry, October, 2006

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IP (flexibility to work) IQ (researchers/engineers) Cash Good Scientific Base Excellent Management and Marketing Good Business Case Ability to Work the Government Review Process Ability to Leverage Technology Externally Differentiating the Winners in Biotech

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Lack of Federal financing for embryonic research Early stage advancement builds hazard and requirement for $ Misperceptions and absence of data among all inclusive community Freedom to work hard to get due to patent scattering. High cost and long time required to offer new medication for sale to the public. Moderately new field with numerous questions Challenges & Opportunities in the Stem Cell Arena Challenges Opportunities Discovery of different hotspots for grown-up foundational microorganisms Great guarantee for curing an extensive variety of infections Glitzy and captivating to sci-fi journalists and life saver for truly debilitated individuals Patent field makes a hindrance to passage for contenders Lagging R&D profitability by existing players Relatively new field has extraordinary open doors for innovation .

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Running a biotech business and other miserable stories. Create turning points that loan themselves to simple measurement and institutional speculator clarification. Systems for proceeding with autonomous operation. What Is Your End-Game Business Strategy?

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Unique Aspects of Biotech Companies Covered by WBB Securities IP-IP-IP-IP Lead item distinguished Large accomplice acceptance and arranging intuition Technology and business astuteness. Comprehension of capital markets

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