A Generation of Reformers .

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America\'s Growth. Urban areas became largerLarger businessesUntouchable wealthBigger problemsHousingFoodCorruptionCrime. Progressives. Looked to government to understand problemsBelieved in effective governmentIt could secure open interestRestore request in societyBelieved specialists could take care of the issues of the general public.
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A Generation of Reformers Early 1890\'s

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America\'s Growth Cities developed bigger Larger organizations Untouchable riches Bigger issues Housing Food Corruption Crime

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Progressives Looked to government to take care of issues Believed in productive government It could secure open premium Restore arrange in the public eye Believed specialists could take care of the issues of the general public

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Education College enlistment far up (10 overlay increment from 1870 to 1920) New offices (financial aspects, political science, social science) dissecting human culture Lester Ward Applied logical strategy to human issues Argued that individuals can change their social surroundings – with the assistance of government

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Muckrakers Writers Interested in testing the intense Long investigative articles on Exploitation of youngster work by well off companies Police defilement Prestigious places of worship

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Ida Tarbell Famous Muckraker Wrote an arrangement on the ascent of the Standard Oil Company Exposed strategies used to pulverize rivalry (counting Tarbell\'s dad) SOC was claimed by John D. Rockefeller

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Upton Sinclair A writer Wrote The Jungle About settler specialists in the meat pressing industry People responded to Sinclair\'s realistic depiction of unsanitary conditions not the abuse of laborers "I went for general society\'s heart, and unintentionally I hit it in the stomach." – Sinclair

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Religious Reformers Social gospel development Emphasized part of the congregation in enhancing life on Earth people groups lives Walter Rauschenbush Minister Became a minister in New York\'s Hell\'s Kitchen Believed that financial rivalry and social conditions brought on the ills in the public arena, not an individual\'s close to home wickedness

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Activists Concerned Women Florence Kelley – a notable lobbyist who energized against youngster work National Consumers League Mostly center and privileged ladies worried about kid work Supported settlement houses (best known was Jane Adams\' Hull House) Institutions giving administrations to the poor By the mid 1920\'s, very nearly 1 million ladies had joined clubs advancing human expressions, instruction, and group wellbeing. Appropriate to vote in favor of ladies

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African American Activists Not acknowledged inside the standard dynamic development Antilynching development Ida B. Wells one of the best known antilynching pioneers NAACP established in 1909 National Urban League in 1910 Fought against racial persecution

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