A Group Wide Way to deal with Utilizing Jump Healing center Bits of knowledge as a part of Memphis.

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A Group Wide Way to deal with Utilizing Jump Clinic Bits of knowledge as a part of Memphis Cristie Upshaw Travis President, Memphis Business Bunch on Wellbeing February 14-15, 2007 Inquiries to Answer Why Jump Doctor's facility Experiences TM ? Is Memphis prepared? In what manner will we execute? Why a group approach?
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A Community-Wide Approach to Using Leapfrog Hospital Insights in Memphis Cristie Upshaw Travis CEO, Memphis Business Group on Health February 14-15, 2007

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Questions to Answer Why Leapfrog Hospital Insights TM ? Is Memphis prepared? In what capacity will we actualize? Why a group approach? What inquiries do you have?

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Incentives and Rewards  Market Sensitivity to Hospital/MD Quality & Cost Transparency Performance Comparisons for Hospitals, MDs & Tx Why Leapfrog Hospital Insights? Key Evolutionary Steps High Enabled by IT Quality  Costs ê Clinical Re-building by MDs, Hospitals & Suppliers Value of Health Expenditures Low Adapted from The Disclosure Group Adapted from the Disclosure Group

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Transparency Performance Comparisons for Hospitals, MDs & Tx Transparency in Memphis 1987: Quality reporting in gathering buy contract 1994: New mission express re: viability & effectiveness 1997: Philosophy proclamation unequivocal re: Provider responsibility for expense & quality Needs & yearnings of buyers & clients drive the framework Purchaser & client right to data 1998: First doctor\'s facility & wellbeing arrangement report cards 2002: Joined The Leapfrog Group & executed doctor\'s facility quality & security overview 2003: 100% doctor\'s facility giving an account of Leapfrog; advancement in Hospitals meeting the jumps

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Why Leapfrog Hospital Insights TM ? Considers both adequacy & proficiency Meets both MBGH mission procurements Clear open door for development History let us know something must be done Extension of existing straightforwardness activity Builds on doctor\'s facility construct center Builds in light of Leapfrog study & JCAHO center measures Expansion of existing straightforwardness activity Adds more clinical & effectiveness data in broad daylight database

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Is Memphis Ready? Pilot Project “Leapt” early MBGH’s part Serve as an impetus Participate in system commencement & configuration Recruit key players MBGH Pilot Project Employers Educate on motivators & prizes projects Educate on execution estimation frameworks Recruit champions Hospitals Educate on national ways to deal with motivations & prizes Educate on LHI specifics Recruit early adopters Model interest Health Plans Coordinate & work together for shared “members” Explore impetus system outline

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How Will We Implement? Moving past the Pilot Concept Common, group wide execution estimation set for doctor\'s facilities Health arrangements utilization results to set up arrangement particular motivation & prize projects with doctor\'s facilities Health arrangements offer permit charges through sub-permit with MBGH speak to program freely & serve as contact between & among arrangements and clinics Recruitment Health Plans Early dialogs exceptionally positive Hospitals Initial discourses with different doctor\'s facilities extremely positive

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CIGNA’s Perspective

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Why a Community Approach? Work together to incent huge change All doctor\'s facilities concentrate on same clinical conditions All doctor\'s facilities concentrate on both clinical change & increments in productivity Reduce the “noise” Focus on change, not support Compete on utilization of information, not information itself Reduce information gathering & investigation prerequisites For doctor\'s facilities: one arrangement of measures to provide details regarding to all wellbeing arrangements Share program usage expenses Partner with the business group

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But, Are There Challenges? Of Course…… Health arrangement interest in restrictive estimation frameworks Approval procedures at numerous arrangements, various doctor\'s facilities Anxiety over wide access to data Coordination & timing

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What Questions Do

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