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1991 the DNR Commissioner assigned 102,314.74 sections of land as natural life administration territories ... the 1991 terrains as natural life administration zones successful January 1, 2003 ...
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A Geographical Text (A)ny scene is a curio - an item made by man. Its condition, properly seen, uncovers a general public\'s way of life as specifically as does a novel or a daily paper or a Fourth of July discourse since today\'s surroundings, the "natural part" included, is manufactured Our human scene is our unwitting collection of memoirs, mirroring our tastes, or desires, and even our fears, in unmistakable, obvious form.... All our social warts and flaws are there, and our glories as well; however most importantly, our customary everyday qualities are shown for anyone who needs to discover them and knows what to look like for them

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Personal Approach Legal - concentrated on how governments impact land possession and use

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Personal Philosophy - Muddling Through

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Land Ownership in Minnesota Land Area 51.2 million sections of land Water Area 2.6 million sections of land

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Timber Production U S Forest Service Minnesota DNR Division of Forestry St. Louis County Land Department Timber Investment Management Organizations

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How would it be a good idea for us to create wetlands? Wetlands (EPA) National Wetlands Inventory (US Fish and Wildlife Service) Wetlands Regulation Center (Environmental Technical Services Co.) Wetlands (Minnesota DNR) Wetlands (Minnesota Statutes) Wetland Conservation (Board of Water and Soil Resources)

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Some Comparisons

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Federal Lands

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State Lands

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Public Lands – Local Governments Dakota County Parks Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Metropolitan Council - Parks

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Voyageurs National Park 219,000 sections of land on the US fringe 80,000 sections of land of water 36 th national park Created January 8 1971 Land Ownership in the Proposed Park Federal Land 25,808 sections of land Private Land 78,786 State Land 34,445 Trust Fund Land 24,807 Tax Forfeited Land 6,144 Acquired Land 5,415

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Public Law 91-661 (84 Stat. 1970) Secretary of the Interior approved to distribute notice in the Federal Register when he "considers adequate interests in the area and waters have been gained" to fittingly control the range as a recreation center Could not set up the recreation center or use $26 million appropriated until Minnesota had given 34,000 sections of land of state-possessed area with the recreation center limits Secretary Rogers B. Morton reported the recreation center set up April 8, 1975 (40 FR 15921) National Park Service Site Voyageurs National Park Association Snowmobile Restrictions in Voyageurs NP The Political Geography of National Parks (Pacific History Review 2004)

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Minnesota Laws 1971 c.852 Minnesota Statutes c.84B Consented to the central government securing land for a national stop however held simultaneous ward over the grounds Removed area from the Kabetogama State Forest Authorized the Governor to pass on title to the central government Trust store lands Tax-relinquished terrains Acquired terrains 1971-1975 the state portrayed, evaluated, and financed the movements

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State Imposed Encumbrances to Federal Title Reversionary proviso if the recreation center not built up inside 5 years Restriction on the utilization of the area Reservation of mineral and water control right Covenant not to practice those rights Subject to interests of people with state licenses, allows, and rents

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Voyageurs National Park October 1975 US Forest Service exchanged control of 25, 290 sections of land to National Park Service

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Jurisdiction Minnesota Statutes 84B.061 (Laws 1995 c.124) Minnesota Statutes 1.045  (Laws 1995 c.124)

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Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Approximately 1.09 million sections of land inside the Superior National Forest Established and administration managed by The Wilderness Act of 1964 The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Act of 1978 State Owned Surface 122,247 Trust Fund 93,260 Tax Forfeit 10,513 Purchase etc 18,450

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Jurisdiction Article 1 Section 8 Jurisdiction condition of the elected constitution The Congress should have Power to practice selective Legislation in all Cases at all, over such District (not surpassing ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of specific States, and the Acceptance of Congress, turn into the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to practice like Authority over all Places obtained by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same might be , for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings

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Jurisdiction Article IV Section 3 Property proviso of the elected constitution The Congress might have Power to discard and make every single needful Rule and Regulations regarding the Territory or other Property having a place with the United States; and nothing in this Constitution might be so interpreted as to Prejudice any Claims of the United States, or of a specific State

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Jurisdiction Minnesota Statutes 1.042 (Laws 1943 c 343) Subdivision 1. The assent of the State of Minnesota is offered … to the obtaining by the United States in any way of any area or right or enthusiasm for area in this state required for locales for traditions houses, courthouses, healing centers, asylums, post workplaces, penitentiaries, reformatories, correctional facilites, ranger service warehouses, supply houses, or workplaces, flying fields or stations, radio stations, military or maritime camps, bases, stations, armories, stops, terminals, cantonments, stockpiling places, target ranges, or some other military or maritime reason for the United States Subdivision 3. Conditions and reservations. The privilege of the state to bring about its common and criminal procedure to be executed in any surrendered land or place is held to the state.  The state additionally claims all authority to force the accompanying duties ....

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Minnesota Jurisdiction on Lands Minnesota Statutes 1.041 (Laws 1943 c 343) Except as generally explicitly gave, the purview of the United States over any area or other property in this state possessed for national intentions is simultaneous with and subject to the ward and right of the state to bring about its common and criminal procedure to be executed there, to rebuff offenses against its laws carried out there, and to ensure, direct, control, and discard any property of the state there

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Minnesota Cession of Jurisdiction Minnesota Statutes 1.045 (Laws 1943 c 343) Consent of the State of Minnesota is given to the securing by the United States in any way approved by demonstration of Congress of terrains existing in the first limits of the Chippewa National Forest and the Superior National Forest for any reason occurrence to the advancement or support of those woodlands, subject to simultaneous locale of the state and the United States as characterized in segment 1.041

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The Range of Federal Lands Minneapolis Federal Courthouse Fort Snelling National Cemetery The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis General Services Administration Real Estate Services

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Federal grounds contain two gatherings A. Lands the national government has constantly possessed - lands that were never sold or conceded to people, partnerships, or states B. Lands that the central government reacquired in the wake of having passed on them to people, companies, or states gained willfully - buys, trades, gifts procured automatically - through judgment, seizure, chapter 11 procedures

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Federal Forest Lands US Forest Service Superior National Forest Chippewa National Forest

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National Forests – Acquisitions Public Domain Acquired

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Public-Private Mix of Landownership

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National Park Service in Minnesota 16 US Code National Parks, Military Parks, Monuments and Seashores Voyageurs National Park Legislation Voyageurs National Park Wild and Scenic Rivers Legislation St Croix National Scenic Riverway St Croix (Lower) River Mississippi National River & Recreation Area Park Histories

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St Croix Wild & Scenic River Upper St Croix approved in Wild & Scenic Rivers Act of 1968 (16 USC 1271 et seq) The Lower St. Croix River included 1972 National Park Service Site Time and the River: A History of the St. Croix (Karamansky, 2002) Endangered? The Scenic St. Croix St Croix River Crossing (Minnesota DoT)

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US Fish & Wildlife Service in Minnesota National Wildlife Refuge Legislation Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Upper Mississippi Fish & Wildlife Refuge Legislation

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Minnesota Valley NWR Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Protection Act of 1999 Impact of Airport Expansion on the Minnesota Valley NWR Congressional Hearings)

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State-Owned Lands

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Definition Minnesota Statutes 93.01 Trespass on open grounds. Anybody cutting timber on grounds claimed by the state or held in trust by the state for the districts … . (1925) Minnesota Statutes 92.01 Lands conceded to the state by demonstrations of Congress (1941) Minnesota Statutes 82.047 The magistrate of the DNR "should have charge and control of all the general population lands, parks, timber, waters, minerals, and wild creatures of the state … ." (1943)

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Minnesota Statutes 92.70 Trespassing on Public Lands (1989) "Public land" implies openly claimed land or premiums in area including land possessed by the state, areas, or street powers land controlled by the official of regular assets land claimed by the state as beds of safe waters protection easements with advantages racing to the state, a district, or people in general under the preservation save program, water bank program, or other state or province programs

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Introduction – the element of state-possessed grounds The terrains possessed by the state are not mishaps of history They mirror the choices that Minnesotans have made to deliver specific products and to give specific administrations from open grounds rather t

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