A Layman s Experience with Using Original Texts in the Classroom .

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Maria Zack Point Loma Nazarene University. A Layman’s Experience with Using Original Texts in the Classroom. Background. My education PLNU as an institution Department of Mathematical, Information and Computer Sciences New Mexico State University Project and David Pengelley.
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Maria Zack Point Loma Nazarene University A Layman\'s Experience with Using Original Texts in the Classroom

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Background My instruction PLNU as an establishment Department of Mathematical, Information and Computer Sciences New Mexico State University Project and David Pengelley

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Teaching Students to "Peruse" Parker Palmer\'s To Know as We are Known How well do our understudies read the arithmetic messages that we give them ? How would we show them to peruse?

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Classes Involved Linear Algebra Number Theory with Proofs History of Mathematics Special Topics: Mathematics, Art and Architecture Study Abroad Trip

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Linear Algebra Sophomore year experience with writings Read a short account of Cramer ( http://www-history.mcs.st-and.ac.uk/history/index.html ) Read a contemporary meaning of "Cramer\'s Rule" Work through activities in gatherings to apply the administer Write up their discoveries

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Linear Algebra Next Steps Have understudies find out about determinants from unique sources Hunting for the right sources Any smart thoughts?

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Number Theory with Proofs Proposition I Two unequal numbers being set out, and the less being constantly subtracted thusly from the more prominent, if the number which is left never measures the one it until a unit is left, the first numbers will be prime to each other.

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Number Theory with Proofs Euclid\'s Algorithm for the Greatest Common Divisor Desh Ranjan (NMSU extend group) Background and setting Preliminary "warm up" activities to give framework and inspiration

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Scaffolding and Intermediate Steps

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History of Mathematics Theorem: If any number of sizes be given, which surpass each other by an equivalent sum equivalent to the slightest, furthermore different extents, break even with in number to the previous, yet every equivalent in amount to the best, every one of the sizes each of which is equivalent to the best, in addition to the best will be the copy of those surpassing each other by an equivalent sum.

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Modern Notation

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History of Mathematics Sums of Numerical Powers in Discrete Mathematics: Archimedes Sums Squares in the Sand David Pengelley (NMSU PI)

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Cuisenaire Rod Approach

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Mathematics, Art and Architecture I record a quadrangle of right edges, as vast as I wish, which is thought to be an open window through which I see what I need to paint… ..Then inside the quadrangle, where it appears to be best to me, I make a point which involves the place where the focal beam strikes. This point is appropriately set when it is no higher from the gauge of the quadrangle than the stature of the man that I need to paint there… … ..

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Drawing and Understanding

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Mathematics, Art and Architecture Book One and Book Two: On Painting Leo Battista Alberti Vanishing focuses and viewpoint

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Tiling a Floor

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General Principles Give the understudies the content ahead of time Have them work in gatherings Provide "snares" and framework Have them prepare the data kinesthetically

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