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Everyone needed to have email, make new companions and get data. ... weasel, wolf, fox, Siberian capricorn and argali. The Pamirs is home for squelcher ...
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ILC Gulyakandoz A little History Once upon a period there were two cousins-two shrewd folks, who chose to accomplish something incredible and bizarre for their town. They filled the Application of taking an interest in RI-SOL\'s task and it was acknowledged. Furthermore, the eighteenth of December, 2003 turned into the birthday of our ILC. From that day the life of our town has changed extraordinarily. Everyone needed to have email, make new companions and get data. Our Team We are of various ages, yet we have much in like manner & we hang out. Every one of us are enamored with English & PCs. We think our future callings will be associated with PCs & dialects. We\'re fit for working with them & we likewise have the qualities, required for this work. They\'re precision, vitality & deliberateness. It\'s so great to be an individual from such a group as our own. We get a kick out of the chance to cooperate & are getting down to business into a solid group. We think our companionship makes us feel certain of ourselves, builds up the capacity to consider other individuals\' emotions & sentiments. Other than participation builds up the capacity of speedy considering, getting, dissecting & appropriating data, & being agreeable. We are pleased with our saying "Request MORE", we need to get from life however much as could reasonably be expected. We attempt to participate in all RI-SOL\'s activities, classes and trainings. We think we turned out to be more agreeable, gregarious and facetious. We are pleased that we have an extraordinary opportunity to stay in contact with American educators and understudies. We are forming into a solid group.

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Our Project Group Internet Learning Center of school 18 (Shahrinav) Shahrinav school18

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ILC Gulyakandoz Tajikistan schools The school training is necessary. Tutoring comprises of 2 two schools-essential and center. After the 9 th grade a few students go to proficient or professional schools where they ponder primary subjects as well as can take in some calling and to end up gifted authorities. The school starts at 7 years old. Large portions of kids leave school at 17 years old. The school year starts on the 1 st of September and closures on the 25 th of May. The classes start at 8 o\'clock. A lesson endures 45 minutes, after the 3 rd lesson there is a break for lunch. In the schools with a substantial number of understudies there two moves, the 2 nd move more often than not starts after 12.00. On the 1 st of September students have their "First Bell Meeting". A considerable measure of guardians, visitors and ex-students are welcome to this meeting. School-leavers and top of the line students trade introduces and blooms. Understudies compliment their "first instructor". There are 4 terms in the school year, toward the end of every term students get their "term marks". After the 4 th term they need to pass a few exams. They have short excursions in harvest time, winter and spring and a three-month get-away in summer. The classes are formal, students sit in columns and take after a customary time-table. Understudies ought not do anything without the instructor\'s authorization. You ought to rise your hand in the event that you need to answer or request the authorization to accomplish something. Each class has a structure instructor. There are a considerable measure of out-of-entryway exercises , clubs and discretionary courses at school. Youngsters put in 4 years in the grade school. They have classes 5 days a week, classes are over at 11.00-12.00. After the 3 rd lesson they have a major break for lunch. Their subjects are Russian, English, Tajik, Maths, Nature Study, Art, Music, Reading, P.T and Labor Trainings. Students figure out how to peruse, compose, number, draw pictures. They figure out how to get on with other youngsters. After the 4 th grade essential students have their first passing exams. Kids study in the center school till the 11 th grade. They have 6-7 classes 6 days a week. There are such a large number of subjects in their timetable: Foreign Languages, Algebra, Geometry, Chemistry, Physics, Computer, Law, History, Social Science, P.T.and Labor Activities and so forth. After the 11 th they pass state exams.

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ILC Gulyakandoz Our Town They say our town is over 1000 years of age. It was arranged on the Great Silk Way – from Khujant to Samarkand. Numerous years prior there was stand out little fortress "Gulyakandoz" which signifies "tossing high quality balls". The balls were made of the blend of argil and steed fleece. Those balls were as intense and hefty as stones. There were two sorts of them: to execute or panic creatures and winged creatures and to spurn from the foes assaults. The populace lived in the stronghold, yet their fields were out of it. In daytime they worked out of the fortress and late at night they stow away in it. The general population of Gulyakandoz were dedicated and gifted. They developed cotton, wheat, millet, different sorts of products of the soil. Our precursors were extraordinary skilled workers. They delivered practically everything for their life stocking. Everywhere throughout the around domain there were watchman towers. On account of assaults the tower watchman ought to blaze a flame, which was seen for a far separation and the citadelian had enough time to get prepared for the assault. These days Gulyakandoz is a created town. No one call it town. The lanes are long, wide and green. Gulyakandoz is a horticultural, modern and instructive focus. There are 8 schools, 4 kindergartens , a late spring kids\' camp and a Local Museum. There are a great deal of plants and works there: cotton processing plant, floor covering works, pastry kitchens, wood works, spread production line, cows ranch, Car Service stations and so forth. There are a great deal spots of amusement – chojkhona (tea houses), eateries, Culture house, Sport Palace and a stadium and so forth 90% fo the populace are Uzbeks and Tajiks, so the fundamental religion is Islam. There are more than 6 little mosques and one focal mosque. The general population of Gulyakandoz as all Tajikistaners are accommodating. The young is activity and imaginative, loaded with craving to make relationship and connectionship with different nations and states.

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The Shahrinav area is situated on Gisar to a valley. From the south on mountains Babatag, from the east outskirts on locale Gisar, from the north the fringe of zone goes on heaps of Hissar mountains, from the West fringes on city Tursunzade. The authoritative focal point of locale is situated in settlement Shahrinav which is in 43. kms from city Dushanbe. . In Shahrinav locale 125 dehkan offices economy), 30 state undertakings and 280 little and substantial endeavors. The expansive undertakings Champagne a processing plant, a wine production line, an article of clothing industrial facility, block works, a coordinated poultry ranch and flour-granulating join. The fine ventures essentially dairy, and so forth. Shahrinav it is notable among different zones for the subjective applaud cotton) Shahrinav every year hands more than 7000т an applaud cotton). Shahrinav school18

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Meet Our Town. Our locale has numerous great spots. Vose was a people\'s legend, that is the reason our region\'s name is Vose. The verifiable spots of Vose are: 1 st of all Monuments of Vose 2 nd Hulbuk exhibition hall 3 rd Khojamumin mountain.

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One can talk about Tajik specialist throughout the day. Our progenitors were awesome experts, their creatings are still viewed as the art perfect works of art. These magnum opuses have a place with the ages of Akheminids, Sasanids, Kushans and Samanids. The works of society skilled workers were shown at numerous worldwide presentations and increased wide acknowledgment. Today, national experts of Tajikistan keep on following the customs of their predecessors. Among the most well known specialty are Zargari (gems workmanship), Misgari (copper things craftsmanship), Kordgari-korusozi (the specialty of making blades ), Ceramics (Architectural pottery, Dish earthenware production, Toy pottery) Carving in Tajikistan is spoken to by a few styles: -Kandakorii bardjastai mukarnasi – bas alleviation cutting; - Kandakorii hamvor - straight, smooth; - Chukur - profound; - Dutarafa – lattice; - Ruybast – shut. The best landmarks of national craftsmanship are mosques in the towns Upper Dalyen, Darh (Upper Zarafshan), the Savriston mosque, and the mazar of Mavlono ishan (close Ura-Tyube), and numerous places of Hudjand and Isfara, Culture royal residence of aggregate society in Uranhadjaev in Hudjand district (1935); the Kamol Hudjandi theater of musical comic drama in Hudjand (1958); (The experts usto Gafur Mansurov, usto Garur Saliev, Ahunjan Yakubov, who composed the above structures, were granted a State Rudaki prize.), Chaikhana "Orom" in Isfar (1972, painting of U. Mukaddasova); Chaikhana Farogat in Dushanbe (1976, painting of  U. Mukaddasov, Ya. Begimov, I. Abdurakhmanov), Chaikhana Panchshambe in Hujand (artworks of G. Mansurov, A. Akhrorov and others). An exceptional consideration ought to be given to our national garments. These days our kin wear national garments for particular events: weddings, funerals, religious gatherings and so forth. The dressmakers and skull planners are popular for their brilliant and dot weaving. When in doubt new wedded couples wear such garments. In spite of the fact that Carpet-production (kolibofi) is not a broad specialty in Tajikistan our floor coverings were and are well known everywhere throughout the world. The nature of Kairokkum floor coverings is notable everywhere throughout the world.. ILC Gulyakandoz Crafts

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Crafts The Tajik society in numerous regards helps society to remember other Muslim people groups of Central Asia. In any case, in any case, the rich authentic past of the Tajik ground ought to leave on it(her) a unique print. In numerous regards in view of it at the Tajik living in different land conditions, different artworks created. At level Tajik have been since a long time ago progressed - assembling of silk and material fabrics, goldsmiths and potter\'s specialty, furthermore a standout amongst the most old specialties - a brightening groove. From mountain Tajik the considerable worth was gotten with assembling woolen fabrics, weaving and a weaving. We should inform more in insight regarding one of them. The enriching score is most certainly not

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