A long way from home this Christmas.

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Pictures: stock.xchng. 3. Kayroh and family, Thailand. Christian Aid/Amanda Farrant. 4 ... Picture: wikiperdia lodge. 12. 12. Gabriel. Christian Aid/Caroline Wood ...
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A long way from home this Christmas A Christian Aid auxiliary get together

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presents Christmas tree Nintendo homework companions cellular telephone garments Christmas supper Images: stock.xchng

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Kayroh and family, Thailand Christian Aid/Amanda Farrant

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China Burma India Thailand Australia Image: wikiperdia lodge

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Kahroh and family Christian Aid/Amanda Farrant

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Lunchtime at the nursery school Christian Aid/Amanda Farrant

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Kahroh and little girl Christian Aid/Amanda Farrant

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Widnie Gaetant, 11, Haiti ChristianAid/Susan Barry 8

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Widnie and some of her family ChristianAid/Susan Barry

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Gabriel Bith, 14, Sudan Christian Aid/Caroline Wood 10

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Sudan Kenya Image: wikiperdia center

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Gabriel Christian Aid/Caroline Wood 12

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