A more critical take a gander at the Lotus Notes .

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Plan. Who am I, Why are we here, and other huge questionsSet it up a good fit for it all to workthe organization processthe testament authorityadministration access controlthe Server ControllerPerforming Everyday Tasks Faster
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A more intensive take a gander at the Lotus Notes/Domino 6.5 Administration Client Andrew Pollack President, Northern Collaborative Technologies

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Agenda Who am I, Why are we here, and other central issues Set it up appropriate for everything to work the organization procedure the authentication expert organization get to control the Server Controller Performing Everyday Tasks Faster & Better client administration database administration server administration

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Language note - I understand that for a hefty portion of you, English is not your essential dialect. On the off chance that you are experiencing difficulty understanding me amid this discussion, please raise your hand and I will attempt to back off and talk all the more plainly. Much thanks to you.

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About this Presentation A "Prescribed procedures" session is distinctive This is not a rundown of item components This is a handy \'field guide\' to utilizing the instruments Designed for re-utilize These are not void visual cues The points of interest you need are in this content

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Big Questions: Who am I? What are we doing here? Andrew Pollack President, Northern Collaborative Technologies 2003 IBM Lotus Beacon Award Winner Administrator & Developer since adaptation 2.0 Member of the Penumbra Group Firefighter - Engine 1 – Cumberland, Maine! In firefighting, much the same as Server Administration – its all in the arranging Why We\'re Here To learn and develop as individuals The new managerial apparatuses shake The didn\'t generally shake so much Its at long last time to receive so much new stuff

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Part 1. Set It Up Right The Administration Process The Certificate Authority Administration Access Control The Server Controller

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The Administration Process Why you require It does the guidelines you give the Administration Client It takes the necessary steps that takes quite a while in the event that you do it without anyone else\'s help Create reproductions, move mail records It makes a more total showing with regards to – more often than not – than you can Renaming or expelling clients Its additionally a required some portion of the Certificate Authority

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Administration Process Configuration Checklist The Administration Database Named ADMIN4.NSF Updated with the Current Version Template Replica on Each Server Verify Replication The Administration Task In the Notes.INI Tasks = … , adminp, …

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Administration Process Configuration Checklist Review Sever Document in the Domino Directory Server Tasks Tab, Administration Process Tab Determine The Administration Server The Administration Server is the server recorded as the organization server of the Domino Directory Set this in the propelled tab of the Access Control List discourse box for the Domino Directory

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The Certificate Authority Why you require it Required in the event that you plan to utilize the Web Administrator customer to enlist Notes clients Administrators can oversee both Notes and Internet certifiers through the CA procedure Does not require executive access to the certifier ID and ID secret word keeping in mind the end goal to enlist clients and servers. Permits overseers to assign these undertakings without possibly trading off the certifier. Issues Internet testaments that are agreeable with security industry norms

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Setting Up the Certificate Authority First, ensure you have the Administrative Process set up and running effectively Migrate no less than one certifier to use with the Certificate Authority From the Domino Administrator, click Configuration On the Tools sheet, pick Certification - Migrate Certifier Make beyond any doubt to determine both the general population who can utilize the certifier, and the server! Begin the Certificate Authority Task stack ca Notes.INI - Tasks = … , CA, … The Certificate Authority includes recently made certifiers when it invigorates, which happens at regular intervals

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You Don\'t Really Have To Wait At the server reassure, just sort: disclose to ADMINP prepare all advise ca revive To check whether the new certifier has been included: tell ca detail

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Domino Server measurements & Events "There are Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics" Winston Churchill

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Setting up Domino\'s Statistics & Events The Event Task & Database EVENTS4.NSF – Yes, even in rendition 6 Notes.INI – Tasks = … , occasion, … . The Statistics Task & Database STATREP.NSF Notes.INI – Tasks = … , details, … The ISPY Task Tests and accumulates insights on mail courses Load runjava ispy Tell runjava quit Notes.INI – Tasks = … , runjava ispy, …

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Not All Administrators are Created Equal At minimum no more, on the off chance that you set up your condition right

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Controlling Administrator Access through the Server Document Full Access Administrators Manager access to all databases Runs with All parts in all databases Access to all reports Bypasses Reader Fields Great device – yet be watchful, these folks claim your server! Once Enabled through the menu in the administrator customer, Full Administrator Access is empowered in the Client, Designer, and Administrator! Rehearses for Managing Full Access Administrators Disable through NOTES.INI SECURE_DISABLE_FULLADMIN = 1 Create isolate Admin Full Access ID\'s and utilize just the web administrator instrument Create an Event Handler in EVENTS4.NSF to inform key individuals when enacted

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Control Admin Access in the Server Document Administrators Everything except abrogate ACL\'s and Reader Names as a Full Access Administrator Manager access to the Web Administrator database Create, refresh, and erase envelope and database joins Create, refresh, and erase catalog interface ACLs Compact and erase databases Create, refresh, and erase full content files Create databases, imitations, and Master Templates Get and set certain database alternatives in/out of administration, database shares Use message following and track subjects Issue any remote comfort charge Including shell orders to the working framework Can erase any database on the server without being in the ACL!

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Control Admin Access in the Server Document Database Administrators Create, refresh, and erase Folder and Database joins Create, refresh, and erase registry interface ACLs Compact and erase databases Create, refresh, and erase full content files Create databases, copies, and Master Templates Get and set portions, database in/out of administration banners Database Administrators DON\'T get: Automatic chief access to databases Any rights to utilize the Web Administration Database They can\'t play out their errands by means of program Can erase any database on the server without being in the ACL! "Chairman" versus "Database Administrator" It sounds like a fine refinement at first – however it is basic. This permits control over the documents & information however not the arrangement and a large portion of the execution settings on the server.

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Control Admin Access in the Server Document Full Remote Console Administrators Can utilize the remote support without confinement View-Only Administrators – Show, yet not Tell Can execute remote comfort charges that show data Show Tasks, Show Server Cannot execute remote reassure orders that make a move Load, Tell, Replicate, Route, …

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Control Admin Access in the Server Document System Administrators Can issue Remote Server Console Commands to the working framework Use the "$" image before the summon Use the "#" image before orders to the server controller Restricted System Administrators Same as above, yet constrained by the field underneath Restricted framework orders Lists the particular Server Controller and Operating System Commands accessible to Restricted System Administrators WARNING: The "$" and "#" prefixes just work on the off chance that you have begun the server with the server controller. Greater WARNING : In numerous conditions, you can get around this with the "Heap" charge, to stack a framework shell with a summon parameter. For Example: Load cmd/c shutdown/l/y/c Will close down most Win32 Servers (add/r to reboot!)

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Control Admin Access in the Server Document You can physically deal with the WEBADMIN.NSF database straightforwardly with it\'s ACL & Roles This is an "Accepted procedures" Session, so I can state: DO NOT DO THIS IT IS NOT A BEST PRACTICE

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The Server controller The best kept mystery in the realm of Administration – Really!

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What is the Server Controller? A Java Application that heaps \'in front\' of the Domino Server Enables the Java Console (JCONSOLE) WAY better support get to Enables the Java Console in the Web Administration Client Super Cool Allows Remote Crash Recovery

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Starting the Server with the Server Controller Just include "- jc" to the order line to begin the server Example: nserver –jc Works in Unix/Linux conditions too For Windows Servers Use the "SC" device from the asset pack: Sc config "Lotus Domino Server (LotusDominoData)" binPath= "=c:\lotus\domino\notes.ini - jc" Edit the Imagepath in the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/LotusDominoServer(notesdata)

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The Domino Console The other portion of the best kept mystery in the realm of Administration – Really!

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What is the Domino Console? A smooth remote reassure – Better than sitting at the server Not as cool as the server room! A similar remote reassure accessible in the Web Administration Database Does not tied up, or get tied up, by your Notes Client and Designer strings Works even after a server collide with permit recuperation & restart Schedule support charges, or rehash orders at interims Store your generally issue summon strings for reuse!

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Starting & Running the Domino Console Just run "jconsole" from the Notes or Domino program catalog or wherever if that registry is in you way Run on any server or customer working framework aside from Macintosh Provided either the Server or the Admin customer is introduced

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Demo Time! Utilizing the Domino Console to deal with a remote server!

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Part 2. Performing Everyday Tasks F

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