A More intensive Take a gander At Your 2009 Representative Advantages.

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Your 2009 Health & Life Benefits. What you have to know and move you have to make. ... 100 is added to Health Care Flexible Spending Account or Limited Flex Spending Account ...
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Assume responsibility of Your Health A Closer Look At Your 2009 Employee Benefits

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Purpose of Today\'s Discussion Annual Enrollment Is Coming! November 10 – 21 Online apparatuses and assets are accessible today Get Informed Overview of 2009 Medical Plan Options Take Charge of Your Health Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) Useful devices to Consider Enrollment Resources ISP Record Keeper Change Q & A

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2009 Health & Life Benefits Annual Enrollment – Timeline Tip Sheet #17: Your 2009 Health & Life Benefits. What you have to know and move you have to make. January 1 2009 Benefits Choices Take Effect Enrollment Kits (email or home mailing) October 2008 November 2008 January 2009 Postcard Reminder sent October 4 ID Cards and plastic will be gotten by workers Annual Enrollment Nov. 10 - 21 November 3-19 Enrollment Conference calls

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Preparing for Annual Enrollment Visit the Benefits Web webpage at www.FirstDataBenefits.us To take in more about your Health and Life decisions To connection to arrange locales To peruse more about what\'s new in 2009 To interface specifically to the Your Benefits Resources TM enlistment Web website click on " Enroll Here " Your Benefits Resources (YBR) Web website Don\'t Forget! You require your User ID and Password Access the site: http://resources.hewitt.com/firstdata or join through www.FirstDataBenefits.us

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Who\'s Eligible Regular full-time representatives (on U.S. Finance) Regular low maintenance representatives who work 20+ hours/week Dependents* Spouse Unmarried youngsters up to age 19 or age 23 (if full-time understudies) Domestic accomplice (restorative, dental and vision scope) * First Data conducts occasional reviews that require representatives give documentation approving their wards meet qualification prerequisites characterized in our arrangements.

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Basic Benefits – Paid completely by First Data Benefit Type Description

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Voluntary Benefits – Employees pay the full money saving advantage Type Options Include

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Medical and Dental Options – First Data and Employee offer costs Benefit Type Options Include

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What\'s new for 2009 – Medical at a Glance No Increase in Employee Payroll Contributions for Medical First Data will retain the $14 million dollar increment in medicinal expenses for 2009 and won\'t build worker premiums Streamlined arrangement offerings Consolidated PPO bearer - Aetna will be the Custom Choice PPO transporter in all states aside from Hawaii, Iowa and Nebraska, which will stay with United Healthcare. End of Aetna Health Fund HRA and EPO/HMO offerings Introducing the Aetna Aexcel Specialty Network Certain areas will have admittance to the most noteworthy performing masters in the Aetna system. New IRS rules for Aetna Consumer Advantage HDHP – Family deductible increments to $2,300 Health Savings Account maximums are expanding to $2,760 for people and $5,710 for families. Rx Incentive Program Deeper rebates for specific remedies to treat discouragement, diabetes or endless respiratory conditions.

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What\'s new for 2009 – At a Glance Wellness Challenge – First Data will contribute a $100 Wellness$ Benefit to your Health Care Flexible Spending Account when you acknowledge the Wellness Challenge. Tolerating the test implies that you consent to finish an on-line wellbeing hazard evaluation on your therapeutic bearer\'s Web webpage, by June 30, 2009. Uniform Care$ Benefit – First Data offers the same ward care adaptable spending account commitment to all full-time workers. Travel Program – New in 2009 – pre-charge findings taken from your paycheck to pre-pay qualified stopping and travel administrations

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Medical Plan Options Aetna Consumer Advantage HDHP Two sections: The High Deductible Health Plan (regulated by Aetna) The Health Savings Account (HSA) (directed by PayFlex with assets held at UMB Bank) Custom Choice PPO Two arrangement alternatives $150 individual/$450 family deductible/90% coinsurance $400 individual/$1200 family deductible/80% coinsurance Out-of-Area PPO Triple S (Puerto Rico) Aetna Global Medical Plan (for Expatriate Assignments)

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Medical Default Coverage * Nebraska, Iowa and Hawaii will proceed with United Healthcare.

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The EPO/HMO Transition Many of your EPO/HMO arrangement highlights finish what has been started when you use in-system suppliers and some are far superior - Same Copayments for some administrations under the PPO are the same as with EPO/HMO Coinsurance for some administrations, in the wake of meeting the yearly deductible are the same, yet finance conclusions are lower for these arrangements and much of the time, the sum you spare in commitments will be more than the yearly deductible Preventive consideration is secured at 100% - no copay required Network doctors will document claims for you Better Access to both all through system suppliers (more noteworthy advantage with in-system ) No requirement for a referral to see a master Medco deals with the Rx drug advantage with the same scope as the vast majority of the EPO/HMOs Additional administrations accessible through these arrangements to help you deal with your wellbeing, for example, Health Risk Assessments Personal Health Records Robust Web devices 24-hour attendant line Disease administration programs

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Transition of Care* Refers to progressing treatment for a huge restorative condition (e.g., chemotherapy, surgery\post-surgery care, transplant, third trimester of pregnancy) Applies when your flow supplier does not partake in your new medicinal arrangement New therapeutic arrangement may endorse proceeded with utilization of non-system supplier for certain timeframe to minimize interruption of consideration until safe exchange of consideration can be masterminded Obtain a move of consideration structure at www.FirstDataBenefits.us * Transition of Care won\'t make a difference to Kaiser individuals

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Aetna Consumer Advantage HDHP Health Plan Highlights 100% preventive consideration scope In-system and out-of system scope Annual deductible: $1,250 individual/$2,300 family Coinsurance: plan pays 90%, you pay 10% (in-system) Annual out-of-pocket greatest: $1,750 individual/$3,000 family

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Aetna Consumer Advantage HDHP Health Savings Account Pay for qualified medicinal costs First Data contributes $240 every year (customized per payroll interval) Your contributes up to $2,760 worker just/$5,710 family (+$1,000 if age 55+) Earn enthusiasm at UMB Bank. Speculation choices for equalizations above $1,000: Money Market Sweep Account HSA Brokerage Account Debit card Limited FSA for dental and vision Take your record with you

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HSA Presentations for Employees First Data, PayFlex and UMB Bank will have 4 Webinar presentations to talk about the Health Savings Account (HSA). Allude to the Benefits Web website for the live meeting join . Kindly permit 5 minutes to sign into meeting and download essential data

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Custom Choice PPO Coverage Details 100% preventive consideration scope In-system and out-of system scope Co-pays: $20 for Primary Care/$30 for Specialist $150 ER/$75 Urgent Care *Copayments and physician endorsed drug costs don\'t make a difference to this most extreme. You keep on paying medication expenses and copayments after you achieve the yearly out-of-pocket most extreme.

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2009 Prescription Drug Plan Design In the HDHP, you will pay the full remedy cost until the yearly deductible is met, then co-pays and co-protection apply.

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Take Charge of your Health First Data gladly supports the accompanying wellbeing programs: Wellness Challenge Accept the Challenge to take your bearers on-line wellbeing appraisal and get $100 kept into your HC FSA Preventive consideration advantages Screenings, inoculations and more Nurse Lines Free, simple, every minute of every day access to enrolled attendants Health hazard evaluations Online poll giving a complete photo of your wellbeing Condition administration programs Expert help dealing with certain wellbeing issues Smoking end help Covers smoking suspension medicines concealed to $500 lifetime greatest (for instance, nicotine, definitions or Zyban )

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MetLife Preferred Dentist Plan (PDP) MetLife Indemnity Plan MetLife Indemnity Plus Plan Aetna DMO Your Dental Plan Options

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Your Vision Plan Eye exams: $10 copay Lenses and edges: $20 copay (up to $130) Contact lenses: concealed at 100% to $120

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Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Health Care FSA Save cash for out-of-pocket human services costs Set aside amongst $100 and $5,000 every year in before-assessment paycheck commitments Includes $100 Wellness$ Benefit from First Data when you acknowledge the Wellness Challenge January 1, 2009 – March 15, 2010 (counting 2½ month augmentation) If selecting the Aetna Consumer Advantage wellbeing arrangement, investment in the Health Care FSA is constrained to qualified dental and vision costs as it were. Subordinate Care FSA Save cash on qualified ward care costs Set aside amongst $100 and $5,000 every year in before-duty paycheck commitments Care$ sponsorship from First Data ($480 in the event that you don\'t contribute, $720 on the off chance that you make your own commitments) Must re-select for 2009. Races don\'t extend from year to year Plan Carefully: Use it or Lose it

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Tools Available Through The First Data Benefits Web website Benefits Web webpage - www.FirstDataBenefits.us – perspective it\'s numerous elements from work or home: Contact Information Links to wellbeing arrangement Web destinations, wellbeing hazard appraisals Health and Wellness News and Education Segmented worker correspondences - taking into account life stages SPD – electronic duplicate of the Summary Plan Description Enrollment Guide – electronic depiction of the 2009 arrangement choices "Enlist Here" – direct connection to the enlistment website Plan rates and a great deal more… .

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Your Benefits Resources Web website http://resources.hewitt.com/firstdata SPD – electronic duplicate of the Summary Plan Description. See What Plan Might Suit You Best

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