A P 1 Practice Lab Quiz 1 .

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Lab 2: Terminology. Survey utilizing pictures/modelshttp://science.nhmccd.edu/biol/ap1lab.htm. Lab 4: Parts of the Microscope. . . . . Lab 5: Cell Structure. . . . Lab 6: Movements Through Cell Membranes. . . . Kind of cell:Type of solutionWater is diffusing. RBCIsotonicInto and out of RBC just as.
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A &P 1 Practice Lab Quiz #1

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Lab 2: Terminology Review utilizing pictures/models http://science.nhmccd.edu/biol/ap1lab.htm

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Lab 4: Parts of the Microscope

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Lab 5: Cell Structure

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Lab 6: Movements Through Cell Membranes

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Type of cell: Type of arrangement Water is diffusing RBC Isotonic Into and out of RBC similarly

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Type of cell: Type of arrangement Water is diffusing Crenated RBC Hypertonic out of RBC speedier

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Lab 7: The Cell Cycle

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Phase: What is occuring : Prophase Nuclear envelope is vanishing Chromosomes shaping

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Phase: What is occuring : Metaphase Chromosomes line up along the focal point of the phone

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Phase: What is occuring : Anaphase _______ are isolating

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Phase: What is occuring: Telophase Cytokinesis Nuclear layer changes Cell film frames

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Lab 8: Epithelial Tissue Review

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Simple Squamous

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Lungs, endothelium of vessels Diffusion, osmosis Location: Body Function:

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Simple Cuboidal

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Simple Cuboidal

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Kidney tubules, organs, ovaries Secretion, ingestion Location: Body Function:

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Simple Columnar

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GI tract, uterus Secretion, retention, move sperm Location: Body Function:

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Stratified Squamous

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Skin, mouth, butt-centric trench, throat Protection water misfortune, scraped spot and so forth… . Area: Body Function:

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bladder Stretch Location: Body Function:

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Lab 9: Connective Tissue Review

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Dense Regular

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Dense Irregular

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Elastic Cartilage

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Hyaline ligament

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Lab 10: Muscle/sensory Tissue Review

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Skeletal Muscle

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Attached to Skeleton Voluntary development Location: Body Function:

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Cardiac Muscle

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Heart muscle withdrawal Location: Body Function:

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Smooth Muscle

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Blood vessels, GI tract Involuntary development Location: Body Function:

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Nervous tissue

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CNS, PNS Conduct nerve motivations Location: Body Function:

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Lab 11: Integumentary System

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Parts of the Skin

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Stratum corneum

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Stratum lucidum

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Stratum granulosum

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Stratum spinosum

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Stratum basale (the dull pink squiggle)

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Basement film (the base of the pink squiggle)

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Epidermis Dermis Subcutaneous layer

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Meissner\'s corpuscles Sweat organ Sebaceous organ Pacinian corpuscle

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Hair shaft Hair root Hair follicle

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Pseudostratified Columnar

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Trachea Movement of liquids (mucous) Location: Body Function:

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