A Point of view on School Achievement.

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A Point of view on School Achievement Ron Larson Primary School Mat-Su School Locale 2009 Blue Strip School of Greatness Ron L. Larson Primary School "… We're from Ron L. Larson and we're going after the stars… " Ron L. Larson Primary School Falcons Accomplishing Perfection
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A Perspective on School Success Ron Larson Elementary School Mat-Su School District 2009 Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

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Ron L. Larson Elementary School “…We’re from Ron L. Larson and we’re going after the stars…”

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Ron L. Larson Elementary School Eagles Achieving Excellence Educating The Whole Child

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Mat-Su Borough School District Inspiring so as to develop natives for a worldwide society… students… to think, learn, accomplish, and care .

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Achieving Excellence … Our School Vision “The future is our own to accomplish excellence”. Larson is group of capable, beneficial people who move, persuade, and bolster one another. We endeavor to exceed expectations in long lasting learning while cultivating connections between our families, our school, our group and our reality.

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Achieving Excellence … Our School Mission To move our vision into responsible practice To be a focal point of pride and achievements To give a win arranged learning environment To take risks… to not be reluctant to neglect To urge development To steward one another and our group To continually take a stab at instructional change To consider ourselves responsible We are tantamount to our aggregate accomplishment. What is your goal… to accomplice in accomplishing our main goal?

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Achieving Excellence Building on Successes Teaching the entire youngster Differentiating the educational programs Integrating examination upheld best works on Using information to advise choice making Consistently meeting No Child Left Behind Annual Yearly Progress : 2003-2009 Named 2009 National Blue Ribbon School

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Achieving Excellence Accepting New Challenges Imagine It! & Reading Street programs: year 1 AIMSweb: year 1 RTI: year 2 MAP: year 3 Math Expressions: year 2 FOSS Science: year 3 Olweus Anti-Bullying Program: year 2 Embracing innovation: Promethean sheets TAG Schoolwide enhancement ABA program development

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Achieving Excellence Staff as Leaders Teachers with cutting edge degrees Primary Report Card Task Force Intermediate Report Card Task Force Math Program Adoption Team Curriculum Council Literacy educational modules survey & program appropriation Administration Intern Program Mentoring understudy assistants (UAA, UAF, APU) AK Statewide Mentor Program: instructors & manager District additional curricular occasion coordination

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Achieving Excellence … Academic Activities Band Choir/Performing Club Guitar/Mallet Swingers Battle of the Books Word Power Geography Bee TAG Schoolwide Enrichment Yearbook Mileage Club Read-A-Thon Math Olympics

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Achieving Excellence … Extra-Curricular Activities Cross Country Running Girls Basketball Boys Basketball Native Youth Olympics Volleyball Track & Field Scouting

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Achieving Excellence … Community Outreach Family Information Connections Cookie Social/Parent Night Fall Open House Parent Conferences/Student Led Conferences Home & School Connections: Parenting Tips Newsletters (School/Classroom) Larson Web Pages Student Success Assemblies iParent

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Achieving Excellence … Community Outreach Family Special Events Walk-to-School Day Health Fair Family Movie Nights/Dance Nights Carnival/Halloween Boogie Night Talent Show Literacy Nights & Read Across America Math Olympics/Iditamath/Math Games Night Morning Magic Muffins with Moms Donuts with Dads Mad Science

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Achieving Excellence ... Group Outreach PTA: There’s a Place for Families! Play area hardware Information sign Classroom supplies Special occasions (Movie Night; Literacy Night) Community backing Teacher thankfulness Fund raisers: QSP New Ideas: Family Bingo Night

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Larson Practices Decision making based upon U.S. & Alaska law Mat-Su School Board heading/MSBSD course Data Teacher perceptions & recounted records Curriculum/Imbedded evaluations Larson/District: AIMSweb & MAP State/SBAs (Standards Based Assessments) National/Terra Nova & NAEP (National Assessment of Elementary Progress) Practice based upon observational examination (Marzano, Schmoker, DuFour, Collins, Fielding & Fancher’s the “Green Book”) CORE: Consortium on Reading Excellence RTI (Response to Intervention) for scholastics & conduct Shared authority Professional Learning Communities

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Larson Practices Teaching Based Upon School and individual objectives Student objectives Guaranteed and feasible educational programs Curriculum maps & ePlanner (coord. w/region date-book) Focus on the “core” Data educated choices Research based best practices Team joint effort, guiding, & tutoring Whole group inclusion

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Larson Practices Programs Literacy: Imagine It & Reading Street : schedules, pacing, devotion Math: Math Expressions Science: FOSS Social Studies & Science imbedded in proficiency projects Handwriting: K-2 ball & stick; 3-5 D’Nealian cursive Assessments Aims Web (supplanting DIBELS)/Kg-5 th w/advancement observing MAP: Measures of Academic Progress/Kg-5 th 3 times/year Terra Nova/5 th NAEP/4 th Alaska Standards Based Assessments (SBAs)/3 rd - fifth

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Larson Practices Instructional Support Common arranging at level Principal walk-throughs RTI: Response to Intervention/Academics & conduct Special training and general instruction working in coupled Consistent practice locale wide; legitimate quality Non-disparity model 2010-2011 objective Coaching/Data Dialog days Curriculum maps for proficiency & math CALs: Content Area Liaisons Collaborative expert improvement

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Larson Student Expectations Citizenship Olweus tormenting counteractive action Stop & Think Eagle Feathers Student Success Assemblies Academics Student objectives based upon information (MAP & AIMSweb scores) High desires: Academic & Behavior Personal Responsibility

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2009 Blue Ribbon School Nominated in 2006 Maintained AYP for a long time Applied/Adjudicated Received Award 10/2009 Attended National Conference

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Larson Leadership Panel Annie Bill, Principal Wendy Stout, Librarian Beckie Murphy, Teacher Deb Currier, Teacher

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Achieving Excellence Principal’s Perspective Accepting difficulties/Maintaining a region association Building a win situated learning environment Creating group stewardship Implementing understudy evaluations and information investigation works on Setting scholarly and conduct objectives Sharing authority/Providing clear desires Always having an uplifting state of mind Fostering instructor pioneers Having an ability to go for broke Embracing a steady individual appraisal Striving for ceaseless change

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Achieving Excellence Panel Questions: Teachers’ Perspectives As an authoritative assistant expert educator (“management magician”), Beckie, how would you see Larson as a school of brilliance; what part do showing groups play? As an expert educator custodian/pro (“information goddess”), Wendy, how to you see Larson as a school of brilliance; and what part do authority play? As another to-Larson expert instructor (“kid whisperer”), Deb, how would you see Larson as a school of magnificence; and what part does SPED play?

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Panel Questions The REAL WORLD ….What difficulties do despite everything we confront? What is our “myth”? Affluance…34% neediness level What are our fierce certainties? Self employed entities Philosophical contrasts Resistors; “camoflauge” supporters Relationships/Team building difficulties Year 3 on a likely 10 year procedure Inspecting what we expect while consistently executing new procedures

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Alaska Schools of Excellence Look in the mirror! What makes your school a school of perfection? Where are you best? Why? What difficulties have you acknowledged? Toward what objectives would you say you are working? Who are yo

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