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A presentation by. Benjamin B.M. John Paul II – . the individual I appreciate. Everybody respects The Pope for different reasons. . The worker of God. T he extraordinary confidence of the Pope … . The Pope somewhere down in supplication to God. The Sacred Father was a man… . … continually looking for the right arrangement… .
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A presentation by Benjamin B.M.

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John Paul II – the individual I appreciate

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Everyone respects The Pope for different reasons.

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The hireling of God

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T he incredible confidence of the Pope …

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The Pope somewhere down in request to God.

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The Holy Father was a person…

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…always looking for the privilege solution…

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…to the present, pending issues.

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‘Totuus Tuus’, which implies ‘I am all yours’

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assention and comprehension

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with individuals of all kinds of different backgrounds,

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speaking to distinctive religions and originating from everywhere throughout the world.

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John Paul II was overcome enough to say ‘sorry’

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for every one of the barbarities the Holy Inquisition commited in the Middle Ages.

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The Pope as a cordial individual

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Many individuals think…

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…that high-positioning priests…

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…live cut off from the world and conventional individuals.

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It is not genuine, which can be exemplified by John Paul II

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The Pope attempted to see new forms and ways of life.

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He frequently went on hike…

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…or skiing in the mountains…

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…despite his occupied timetable.

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His lifetime distraction was the theater.

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This incredible ability for acting helped him…

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…to correspond with the dedicated from everywhere throughout the world.

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He appreciated music, both traditional furthermore more well known one.

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The Holy Father was constantly intrigued by advanced innovation.

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John Paul II – a youthful\'s companion era.

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He was celebrated for his well disposed state of mind to the young.

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The best illustration is the Youth Days.

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The Pope wished to convey the youthful era closer to God.

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He was just excessively happy, making it impossible to converse with youngsters, asked with them.

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‘You are the dirt of earth’.

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The Pope was an awesome identity

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…building up another, better world…

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…without heartless social frameworks.

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He was building up a world, where individuals would

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