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There will be a particular accentuation on family history, while keeping on supporting and protect the instruction of ... Lineage authorities, Hawaiian dialect experts, furthermore ...
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A Presentation by Becky Rathgeber Genie Ka " uhane Alvarado Jessie Kalika Afong

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Purpose and Mission To serve the necessities of the occupants of Hawaii, with an accentuation on Native Hawaiian materials to guarantee the gathering, protection, and availability of huge national assets identifying with Hawaii and its Native people groups. There will be a particular accentuation on parentage, while keeping on supporting and safeguard the training of Hawaiian dialect and society.

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User Population Intended for use by all occupants of Hawaii people group individuals from all ages Students Researchers There is a particular spotlight on the group and their interests.

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Access & Preservation Issues The library is interested in people in general. A library client card will be accessible for all Hawaii inhabitants on account of acquiring materials. A guest client card is additionally accessible to non-Hawaii occupants for a little charge. The guest client card is substantial for two months. PC access is accessible in numerous areas. No particular ID is expected to get to the PCs.

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Access & Preservation Issues The library houses shut and open stacks. There are assigned spaces for the use of uncommon and unique accumulations with staff help for photocopying and/or different requirements identified with these materials, with the end goal of protection. Different duplicate machines are available all through the structures including a little duplicate community for those requiring help. Extraordinary accumulations will have a getting point of confinement of one week\'s course on chose things.

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Access & Preservation Issues The center of the conservation approach is to keep up and save things predictable with their utilization and noteworthiness. This will incorporate the safeguarding of the physical configuration of the thing and in addition the scholarly substance. Safeguarding exercises incorporate determination of the most fitting configuration for securing, preserving and repairing the accumulations, making client duplicates, controlling nature, and setting up states of utilization.

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Access & Preservation Issues The library hours of operation will be: Mon, Wed, Fri, 9:00 am – 7:00pm Tues, Thurs, 9:00 am – 10:00 pm Sat, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm Online access will be accessible 24hrs. with borrower\'s library card number.

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Scope of the Collection The accumulation will contain any materials composed by, or expounded on Native Hawaiians and Hawaii, for the most part in Hawaiian and English, unless it is a related record in another dialect relating to Native Hawaiians and Hawaii.

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The Scope: -Books (hardbound and soft cover) -Newspapers, -Periodicals (paper, microform, electronic) -Microforms -Video tapes, DVDs, sound material (oral histories) -Pictures -Online assets (Internet, Database access, other administrations) -Musical scores -Pamphlets (with constraints) -Maps (predominantly relating to Hawaii, yet not restricted to) -Government Documents -Children\'s Material

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Budget Personnel - Library Director (60,000) - Acquisitions/ILL (45,000 x 3 = 135,000) - Cataloging (45,000 x 4? = 180,000) - Reference Librarians (50,000 x 10 = 500,000) - Technical Services (45,000 x 5 = 225,000) & gear (300,000) - Preservation (45,000 x 3 = 135,000) - Specialists (Genealogy, Hawaiian Language, Hawaiian Culture) (45,000 x 6 = 270,000) - Circulation/Library Assistants (Shelve, patch, little projects) (35,000 x 10 = 350,000) - Custodial (40,000 x 3 = 120,000) - Landscaper/Maintenance (40,000 x 2 = 80,000) - Security (40,000 x 4 = 160,000)

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Budget Equipment -Computer Lab Equipment (normal PC $600 X 200 = 120,000) - Software (150,000) - Electronic Databases (500,000) - Microfilm/Serials + hardware (500,000) - Materials (Furniture, signs, bookshelves, capacity, benches, tables, and so forth.) (300,000) - N ā Pua o Hawai\'i (Furniture, adornments, amusements) (5,000) Total : 4,090,000 for start up cost less design costs.

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Services Establishing a man to-individual level of correspondence and help Make all group individuals feel invited and agreeable so they will have the capacity to exploit its rich assets A greeter will welcome them at the front passageway A data work area will be situated in the anteroom Directional signs Inter-library advance will likewise be given

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Services social and expert preparing for staff and a genuine duty to suit, supportive, charming, and particularly congenial Genealogy masters, Hawaiian dialect pros, furthermore Hawaiian society authorities All PC frameworks will be joined by a staff part close by to give any help required, for those with no or little involvement with PCs, expected for keiki and kūpuna. Instructional exercises will likewise be incorporated for specific projects

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Services Genealogy Room We chose that a center highlight of this National Library would be ancestry work. There will be a particular room/segment particularly devoted to this. This is because of the accentuation/intrigue that is put on family history in the Hawaiian society. Incorporated into the segment will be authorities exclusively for help in regards to ancestry, and copy duplicates of materials that are especially relevant and as often as possible utilized, alongside a PC station to utilize FamilySearch.org, and different projects/databases that will help the Hawaiian populace in the area of their progenitors (with instructional exercises, and in addition human help).

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Services N ā Pua O Hawai\'i Another center of the library will be to make an air that is family and group arranged. With a specific end goal to make a situation that will be helpful for this objective, the Nā Pua O Hawai\'i room will likewise be orchestrated to keep them required in the library. There will be a contiguous narrating room, bunches of kids\' books, a spot to do homework, little sofas, seats, and tables that are enjoyable to sit on. Intermittent exercises will be given during the time that will support and acquaint the youngsters to learn and be agreeable in the library.

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Third Floor

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