A presentation on DirectX®.

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A presentation on DirectX® Alex Brill Emil Elazar Noam Monheit Substance What is DirectX? Recorded Issue and it's Answer Wording Brief Parts Depiction DirectX Renditions History How DirectX truly functions? Engineering Direct3D in Points of interest DirectX Choices OpenGL
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A presentation on DirectX® Alex Brill Emil Elazar Noam Monheit

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Contents What is DirectX? Verifiable Problem and it’s Solution Terminology Brief Components Description DirectX Versions History How DirectX truly functions? Structural engineering Direct3D in Details DirectX Alternatives OpenGL Advantages & Disadvantages or: “Why DirectX”? Establishment + SDK Demo + Code Examples

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What is DirectX? (1) The Problem : Dos versus Windows 3.1 overhead. The PC building design was never planned as a gaming stage. Machine can be VERY not the same as another. The will : Windows an attractive stage for diversion improvement. Quick, low-level libraries to permit the designer keep up innovative flexibility over his recreations. Shift the weight of equipment backing from the diversion designer to the equipment make. Exist together gently with different Windows segments.

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What is DirectX? (2) The Solution: DirectX Direct access to Hardware… A typical standard which all amusements and interactive media applications could take after – a typical interface with whatever equipment is introduced in the PC. Gives ongoing interactive media and gaming administrations to projects: representation, sound, music, data (mouse/console/joystick/and so forth), systems administration, and motion picture playback. Done by three Microsoft employees—Craig Eisler, Alex St. John, and Eric Engstrom.

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What’s DirectX? (3) There are two sections to DirectX; the "runtime" and the "SDK" (Software Development Kit). Both are free; the runtime is the thing that players need to have on their PCs keeping in mind the end goal to play an amusement, and the SDK is the thing that a software engineer needs to make recreations that utilization DirectX. Windows XP accompanies the DirectX 8 runtime consequently introduced; it\'s a 4 MB download if players don\'t have it. The SDK, is more than 100 MB to download, and it contains every one of the headers and libraries you require, in addition to documentation, tests, instructional exercises, and apparatuses. Players needn\'t bother with the SDK, just the runtime. Most recreations for Windows these days use DirectX in some structure or another; it is additionally the innovation which powers Microsoft\'s XBox.

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What is DirectX? (4)

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Terminology (1) API ( a pplication p rogram i nterface)- Set of schedules, conventions, and instruments for building programming applications. Spares the software engineer from managing execution. Driver - Program that controls a gadget. Acts like an interpreter between the gadget and projects that utilization the gadget. Every gadget has its own arrangement of particular summons that just its driver knows. Interestingly, most projects access gadgets by utilizing non specific orders. The driver, in this manner, acknowledges non specific summons from a project and afterward makes an interpretation of them into particular orders for the gadget.

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Terminology (2) Sound Card-Enables the PC to yield sound through speakers joined with the board, record sound data from a receiver associated with the PC, and control sound put away on a circle. Feature Adapter-A board that attachments into a PC to give it show capacities. Cutting edge feature connectors contain memory so that the PC\'s RAM is not utilized for putting away shows. What\'s more, most connectors have their own illustrations coprocessor for performing representation counts. These connectors are regularly called representation quickening agents .

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Terminology (3) Graphics Accelerator-Type of feature connector that contains its own processor to support execution levels. These processors are particular for registering graphical changes so they accomplish preferable results over the universally useful CPU utilized by the PC. What\'s more, they free up the PC\'s CPU to execute different orders while the illustrations quickening agent is taking care of representation calculations. Different attributes that separate design quickening agents : memory : Amount of memory decides determination and hues sum. Two sorts of memory-DRAM or feature RAM (VRAM), which empowers the feature hardware and the processor at the same time get to the memory. transport : 1995: PCI transport, these days; PCIExpress transport. register width: The more extensive the register, the more information the processor can control with every direction. 64-bit quickening agents are now getting to be regular, and we can expect 128-bit quickening agents sooner rather than later .

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Terminology (4) GDI-Graphical Device Interface, a Windows standard for speaking to graphical protests and transmitting them to yield gadgets, for example, screens and printers. HEL, HAL, COM and more to be talked about later…

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DirectX Components DirectX Graphics DirectDraw Direct3D DirectInput DirectPlay DirectAudio DirectSound DirectMusic DirectShow DirectSetup

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DirectX Components (1) DirectX Graphics DirectDraw-A product interface that gives direct access to show gadgets while keeping up similarity with the GDI and for exchanging feature handling from a PC\'s CPU to the feature connector. The standard was initially created by Intel and called the Display Control Interface (DCI) and later upheld by Microsoft. At the point when the CPU is not occupied, the GDI overhauls the feature show. On the off chance that the CPU is occupied, the DCI driver permits an application to send upgrade data specifically to the feature connector. Direct3D-An API for controlling and showing three-dimensional items. Created by Microsoft, Direct3D furnishes software engineers with an approach to create 3-D programs that can utilize whatever illustrations speeding up gadget is introduced in the machine. For all intents and purposes every one of the 3-D quickening agent cards for PCs bolster Direct3D. Another 3-D standard offering comparative usefulness is OpenGL .

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DirectX Components (2) DirectInput-Enables an application to recover information from data gadgets notwithstanding when the application is out of sight. Additionally gives full backing to an info gadget, and in addition for power criticism. DirectPlay-A media-free systems administration API that gives systems administration administrations at the vehicle convention and session convention levels. DirectPlay sessions can be keep running on TCP/IP systems, IPX systems, and over straightforwardly joined modems and serial links.

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DirectX Components (3) DirectX Audio DirectSound-Enables the playing of sounds with low dormancy and gives applications an abnormal state of control over equipment assets. DirectMusic-In blend with DirectSound, DirectMusic gives a complete answer for playing music and sound impacts in diversions and different applications.

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DirectX Components (4) DirectShow-A building design for gushing media on a Windows stage. It gives fantastic catch and playback of sight and sound streams. Screeen Saver, Camera.. DirectSetup-Extremely straightforward library of capacities for introducing DirectX on a machine. It likewise gives an approach to check the form of DirectX that is available.

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Versions (1) For each new form of DirectX, Microsoft overhauled the innovation such that the new dll\'s can speak with the equipment quicker and all the more effectively with least inertness. They’re attempting to bolster the most recent components of representation and sound cards that go ahead the business sector. The construction modeling is overhauled to suit the day\'s needs while keeping up in reverse similarity.

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Versions (2) DirectX 1.0 discharged on late 1995. DirectX 6 2 autonomous SDK\'s (DirectX SDK and DirectX Media SDK). DirectX 7 DirectShow-the noteworthy piece of Media SDK, converged into the DirectX API and DirectX Media expostulated. DirectX 8 DirectDraw and Direct3D converged into a solitary DirectX Graphics API for design programming. DirectSound and Direct Music consolidated together as DirectX Audio for sound programming. Programmable Pixel Shader and Vertex Shader presented.

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Versions (3) DirectX 9 HLSL (High Level Shader Language), an intense new programming model that offers the most effortless to utilize illustrations creation toolset for engineers presented. DirectX10– Part of Windows Vista. No regressive perfectly with the exception of by means of a product layer. Much speedier DLL’s Departure from driver model of DirectX 9.0, with the expansion of a scheduler and memory virtualization framework. DirectX 10 will forego the current DirectX routine of utilizing "capability bits" to demonstrate which elements are dynamic on the present equipment. Rather, DirectX 10 will characterize a base standard of equipment capacities which must be upheld for a presentation framework to be "DirectX 10 compatible".

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Versions (4) Which form of DirectX do different renditions of Windows accompany? 95 None 95B DX 3(Supports up to DX8) NT DX2 NT w/SP 4 DX3 98 DX5 98SE DX6 ME DX7.1 2000 DX7.1 XP DX8.1

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Screenshots Wolfenstein (3D Realms 1992 –> no HAL) :

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DirectX in points of interest

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DirectX – COM objects DirectX is an arrangement of APIs, accessible as COM articles. Segment Object Model ( COM ) is a Microsoft stage for programming componentry presented by Microsoft in 1993. It is utilized to empower cross-application correspondence and element object creation in any programming dialect that backings the innovation. All DirectX Interfaces acquire from IUnknown and are COM agreeable. IUnKnown: AddRef() Release() QueryInterface() Reference numbering

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Backward Compatibility (1) COM permits Microsoft discharge an upgraded arrangement of DirectX parts that are totally good with prior forms of DirectX. With COM’s autonomy of a programming dialect, designers are allowed to pick whatever COM consistent dialect and improvement environment they wish. With COM’s programming model, the developer is guaranteed that regardless of the fact that the client updates or changes equipment design and DirectX drivers, the product will work without reconfiguration.

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Backward Compatibility (2) For instance, despite the fact that DirectDraw was eradicated from the DirectX API parts after DirectX 7 even in Dire

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