A Project for Universalization of Rudimentary Training.

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Training Guarantee Scheme and Alternative Innovative Education focuses as option schools. ... National Program on Education of Girls at Elementary level began in 3291 ...
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A Program for Universalization of Elementary Education

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Mission Statement Empowering of youngsters to be dynamic members in a learning society. An outcome situated methodology with responsibility towards execution and yield at all levels. A people-focused method of Implementation of instructive intercessions with contribution of all partners, particularly educators, guardians, group and Panchayati Raj establishments and deliberate associations. A value construct approach that centers in light of the requirements of instructively in reverse ranges and burdened social gatherings incorporating youngsters with unique needs. A comprehensive push to guarantee joining of ventures and activities for enhancing the productivity of the basic training framework. Institutional changes and limit working to guarantee a maintained exertion for UEE.

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SSA GOALS All kids in school, Education Guarantee Center, Alternate School, \'Back-to-School\' camp by 2005 Bridging sex and social crevices in: Primary : 2007 Elementary : 2010 Universal maintenance by 2010 Focus on tasteful quality with accentuation on instruction forever

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PRIME MINISTER Governing Council 6 Teacher Union reps. 5 Educationists/Scientists 6 NGO reps. 3 Women\'s Org. Reps 3 Institutional Members working for SC & ST Reps of National Resource Insts Ex-officio individuals HRM, FM, Dy. Director Planning Commission 3 Ministers of State 3 MPs 6 Political Parties\' Reps. 6 Edu. Priests of State Govts. Clergyman for Human Resource Development Executive Committee SECRETARY SE & L Project Approval Board NCERT NUEPA NCTE IGNOU TSG(Ed.CIL) Monitoring Institutions Joint Review Missions Educational & Prog. MIS Joint Secretary & DG SSA Department of SE & L SSA NATIONAL MISSION

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Goal 1: All youngsters in School What does SSA Provide Providing essential offices in every school Primary schools inside 1 k.m. span and a n upper elementary school in the proportion of 2: 1 PS:UPS Education Guarantee Scheme and Alternative Innovative Education focuses as option schools. Extra classrooms – a space for each educator with least of 2 instructors at Primary and 3 educators at Upper essential level Toilets/drinking water/kid well disposed components. Extra instructors to get student educator proportion of 40:1.

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Goal – I : All Children in School/EGS/AIE by 2005 Gross Enrolment Ratios GER at essential stage is 103.7 GER at upper essential stage is 64. Most reduced GER are in Bihar, Punjab, Haryana, Goa and A&N Islands Huge enrolment Increase in Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh. GER at Primary Level

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Goal – I contd…/ - Out of School Children The quantity of out of school kids is 76 lakh (2007). 3.8% OoSC – "hardest to achieve" class of kids. 60% OoSC are in Bihar, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. No. of districts>50,000 OOSC – 36. Plan to cover 11 lakh through EGS and 48 lakh through AIE this year. In lakhs

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Goal – I : All Children in School/EGS/AIE by 2005 Access at Primary Stage Infrastructure Access at Upper Primary Stage

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Thrust in 11 th Plan Identify and standard \'difficult to achieve\' youngsters Focus on scaffold courses/programs. Address leftover access Fill framework crevices – needs upper grade schools 6.37 lakh extra classrooms for SCR 1:40

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Goal 2: Bridging Gender and Social Category Gaps Program for cooperation of young ladies Free Text Books National Program on Education of Girls at Elementary level began in 3291 instructively in reverse pieces. Inventive exercises like pre-school focuses/span courses/professional instruction/bikes and so on. Sex refinement of training work force and educators. Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (private schools) in 2810 instructively in reverse squares . Creative exercises in a few States – Life abilities instruction, therapeutic educating, professional preparing for more established young ladies, wellbeing and cleanliness camps and outfits/motivations.

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Goal – II : Bridging Gender & Social Category Gap at essential by 2007 & basic by 2010 Upper Primary Primary Girls enrolment up from 45.02% (2003-04) to 45.80% (2005-06). Sexual orientation crevice diminished at upper essential 81 distt. Sexual orientation crevice > 20% pts. High sexual orientation hole in:  Rajasthan(23.6)  Bihar (22.3)  Jharkhand(11.8)  MP(11.7)  Uttar Pradesh (9.4) Girls enrolment up from 47.18% (2003-04) to 47.79% (2005-06). Sexual orientation hole diminished at Pry (DISE) 48 distt. Sexual orientation Gap > 10% pts. High sexual orientation hole  Bihar(11.3)  Rajasthan (7.07)  Gujarat(6.1)  Jharkhand (5.0)

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Goal – II contd…/ - Promoting Education of SC and ST Children Free Text Books. 242 KGBV in SC and 457 in ST Blocks with 25% of SC & 29% ST young ladies secured in all KGBVs. Rs. 15 lakh for every area for SC/ST development. EGS & AIE focuses being opened in tribal territories with loose standards (10-15 kids). Enrollment of neighborhood tribal instructors. Improvement of particular modules for preparing of educators in tribal territories (AP, Gujarat, Orissa). Utilization of groundworks in tribal dialects to help in better move to State dialect. Focused on Provisioning in 61 SC & 106 ST fixation locale

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Goal – II contd…/ - Share of SC and ST Students * Source DISE information. Most noteworthy SC offer in Punjab (47%), Haryana (31%), UP (28%). Most elevated ST offer in North Eastern States, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Jharkhand. Sex Parity an issue at upper essential level among SC. Sex equality an issue at essential & upper essential level among ST.

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What Does SSA Provide for Children With Special need Support to CWSN, particular arrangement of Rs 1200 for each tyke Coverage through enrolment in schools(19.97 lakh), EGS/AIE centres(1.12 lakh) and home based training (77140). Given assistive gadgets to 7.12 lakh CWSN Teachers preparing to 50000 educators 6678 asset instructors named in 21 States. Obstruction free get to slopes in the 5.02 lakh school 620 NGOs required in making arrangements for IE, recognizable proof on CWSN, arrangement of helps and machines, preparing on instructors and so on. Concentrate now on in-class consideration and proper materials/showing strategies for selecting CWSN

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CWSN – Inclusive Education SSA has zero dismissal strategy

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Thrust in 11 th Plan Lower Gender Gap in proficiency by 10% pts. Patch up NPEGEL for particular piece ventures @ Rs. 25 lakh for each piece every year. Augment qualification criteria of EBB\'s for NPEGEL & KGBV Bring SC, ST at standard. Little school standards for ST ranges. Inns for young men @ KGBV standards. (ST & Minorities Focus on minority overwhelmed regions. Need focusing for finishing base crevices in regions/obstructs with socially impeded classes. Improve CWSN standards and Focus on Girl Child with Disability

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Goal III : Universal Retention by 2010 Dropout rates (pry.) have declined by 4.5 percent focuses. Decrease in young ladies drop out by 5 percent focuses. Move rates Pry. to U. Pry. enhance from 74.15 (2003-04) to 83.36 (2005-06). *DISE Dropout Rates

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Goal III : Universal Retention by 2010 Drop out at Pry Level 9.96% < 10 AP, HP, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, J&K Karnataka, Kerala, MP, Maharashtra, Mizoram, Nagaland, Orissa, Punjab, Sikkim, Tamilnadu, Tripura 10 – 15 Assam, , Haryana, UP, WB Uttarakhand, > 15 Jharkhand, Bihar Meghalaya , Rajasthan Arunachal Pradesh Upto 5% 5 to 10% 10 to 15% 16 to 20% > 20%

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Thrust in XIth Plan – Universal Retention Dropout to lessen from 52.2% (2003-04) to 20% (2011-12) at rudimentary level. Incentivise Upper Primary Level Library framework More staff at BRC for upper essential necessities. Uncommon educator preparing for upper grade schools. Free course books and regalia to all Furniture for each kid Special spotlight on science and maths learning. Upgraded ICT information.

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Goal IV: Improving Quality of Education What SSA Provides for Quality change Provide extra educators for PTR 1: 40 with least of two instructors Grants – Teachers Development of enhanced course readings Free course readings for young ladies, SC, ST\'s Remedial educating (for understudies requiring more prominent consideration ) Annual 20 day preparing of instructors Decentralized scholastic backing to schools/instructors through piece & bunch level asset focuses Improved student evaluation frameworks School observing markers

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Goal IV: Improving Quality of Education States with high PTR at essential – 41:1 and at upper essential is 29:1 State have enlisted 7.98 lakhs instructors against the objective of 10.12 lakhs educators. PTR more than 41:1 at rudimentary level

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Goal – IV contd../ - Progress against Quality Inputs

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Quality Tracking in Kerala KSQAO – Karnataka ABL – Tamil Nadu CLAPS – Andhra Pradesh LATS – Orissa GAP – Gujarat Buniyad – Jharkhand Read C. – Chhattisgarh Read M. – Madhya Pradesh LAP, LGP – Rajasthan School Grading, Nayee Disha – UP PLEP – Punjab SSUU – West Bengal Bidya Jyoti , LAP – Assam School Monitoring - Uttarakhand Assessment based learning change endeavors Learning Improvement Initiatives Recent activities

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Thrust in 11 th Plan Working Group: On Quality Develop least guidelines of instructive achievement Regular testing to screen viability of training. ICT for upgrading learning levels. Characterize \'enhanced quality\' in operational terms. Recognize evaluation for execution of individual understudies, reviewing school viability & instructors & learner accomplishment patterns, national Surveys for brisk practically identical results/investigation on course of learning results. Procurement of fundamental aptitudes of education & numeracy in early essential evaluations. Production of limit inside the school for managing "differing qualities"

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