A Prologue to Servers.

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Windows Small Business Server Software 2003, Standard Edition is ... Diefenthaler said that Windows Server 2003 x64 Editions is not upheld in this container. ...
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An Introduction to Servers Loretta Floyd

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Introduction This Presentation is a Brief Introduction to Servers You will take in the essential Types of Servers How an Internet Server Works Comparisons of Selected Server Types

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Agenda Define the Types of Servers Compare Internet Servers

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Overview An Internet Network is involved Several Servers Server Functions are Combined to Design a Network Name Web Database Web Proxy Application Other Print Telnet

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Vocabulary Server Socket Client Port Browser Server-Side Software Stand-alone Software Domain FTP HTTP SMTP TCP/IP

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Vocabulary Server - a PC or gadget on a system that manages system assets and provides access to those assets Client - utilizes interface correspondence interface to demand assets, one machine can go about as customer and server Browser-programming correspondence interface that uses a java virtual machine (JVM) to process HTTP Server Software – programming that requires and keeps running from a server Stand-alone Software – programming that keeps running without the server, for example, Word Domain – A gathering of PCs and gadgets on a system that are directed as a unit

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Vocabulary (cont.) Domain – A gathering of PCs and gadgets on a system that are controlled as a unit with normal principles and techniques. Inside the Internet spaces are characterized by the IP address FTP (File Transfer Protocol) – the convention for trading documents over the web HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) – a solicitation and reaction convention I.e. should be possible without a graphical interface, for example, a program SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)- one of a few conventions utilized for sending email messages between servers TCP/IP-interchanges conventions used to associate hosts on the Internet

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Server Types Application Servers – otherwise called Middleware handles all application operations amongst clients and a database Audio/Video Servers –Enable Websites to communicate spilling and sight and sound substance Chat Servers – empower countless to trade data in a situation like Internet newsgroups that offer ongoing dialog

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Server Types (cont.) Database Servers – server that performs undertakings, for example, information investigation and capacity Fax Servers –Enables system to control approaching and active phone assets Groupware Servers – empowers clients to utilize the web or intranet to team up paying little mind to area in a virtual environment

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Server Types (cont.) IRC Servers – Internet Relay Chat empowers continuous discourse abilities List Servers – offers a superior approach to oversee mailing records, whether they be intuitive exchanges open to general society or one-way records that convey declarations, pamphlets, or publicizing Mail Servers – move and store mail over corporate systems and over the Internet

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Server Types (cont.) Name Servers – otherwise called DNS servers—delineate comprehensible names to the IP addresses News Servers – dispersion and conveyance hotspot for the a huge number of open news bunches available over the USENET news system Telnet Servers – permits clients to sign on to a host PC and perform assignments as though they\'re taking a shot at the remote PC itself Print Server-shares and keeps up system printers, can join the space server, commonly ethernet equipment gadget, numerous remote now

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Server Types (cont.) Proxy Servers – It catches a solicitation for the genuine server. Its capacity typically joined with firewall, might be set up as a PDC (Primary Domain Controller) which managers 1 or more servers and keeps all usernames and passwords alongside a BDC (Backup Domain Controller) that assumes control if the PDC comes up short and it additionally keeps duplicates of usernames and passwords and will help if the PDC is occupied. It additionally spares the aftereffects of all solicitations for a specific measure of time, with the goal that future solicitations utilize its reserve consequently lessening the measure of web assets utilized

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Server Types (cont.) Web Servers - HTTP Server-utilizes Hypertext Transfer Protocol to serve static substance to a web program by stacking a record from a circle and serving it over the system to a client\'s web program - Routers - forward parcels from one PC on one system to whatever other PC on some other system. Switches make the web seem, by all accounts, to be a solitary system

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Putting It All Together Proxy server decides client get to Essentially ask for an attachment Generally intermediary server first to get on nonresidential PCs Proxy server is straightforwardly associated with the web

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Browser Decomposes URL The convention ("http") The server name (www.yahoo.com) The document name ("/index.html") i.e. the convention for email might be SMTP or POP, the above data is epitomized in mail conventions, your email server plays out these same capacities utilizing your made email message structure

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Browser Decomposes URL Browser speaks with a name server to make an interpretation of the server name into an IP address The program utilizes this IP address and a TCP port to make an attachment The IP location is one of a kind to every machine, except there are numerous ports that are not one of a kind Winipcfg.exe is the document that arranges TCP/IP for Windows 98, IPConfig.exe for Windows 2000/XP, on UNIX nslookup

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Finally Data After HTTP convention, GET solicitation to server for the record The acessed server sends the HTML information for the Web page to the program The program peruses the HTML labels and organizations the page onto your screen

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Putting It All Together Proxy server decides client get to Essentially ask for an attachment Generally intermediary server first to get on nonresidential PCs Proxy server is straightforwardly associated with the web

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Server Comparisons Microsoft Server new $564 at Wal-Mart before, introducing server programming was work for an innovation proficient, requiring a few hours of rehashed CD swapping to finish. Presently, Windows Small Business Server Software 2003, Standard Edition, is the quick, straightforward arrangement.

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Server Comparisons * Windows Small Business Server Software 2003, Standard Edition is easy to introduce, easy to oversee, and easy to utilize * Team individuals can impart and work together effortlessly * Manage bunch exercises, cooperate successfully, and push ahead with group ventures * Increase profitability with this foundation for correspondence, informing, and coordinated effort * Microsoft Office Outlook 2003: Here\'s a solitary spot for you and your representatives to oversee email, logbooks, contacts, and other individual and group data * Microsoft Shared Fax Service: Now you can fax with less phone lines, right from your desktop whenever you * Routing and Remote Access Services (RRAS): Help secure your Internet associations with this firewall innovation * Platform Support: PC * License Quantity: 5 Client(s)1 Server(s)

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Server Comparisons ServerWatch > News May 31, 2005 Gateway Rolls Out New Low-Cost Servers By Dan Muse Hoping to wear down Dell and HP for server and capacity server piece of the overall industry, Gateway today reported three servers intended to help little and moderate sized endeavors all the more effectively run applications and databases. The Gateway 9715 is a 6U rack-mount server that, at $3,999, hits a value point commonly connected with 4U servers, as indicated by Gateway. Notwithstanding running database applications and considering server and capacity solidifications, 9715 a useful other option to cutting edge servers, as per Tim Diefenthaler, senior chief of server item promoting at Gateway. Diefenthaler said that today\'s sharp edge servers still cause concerns originating from issues of warmth scattering and restrictive programming for adaptability. Running Microsoft Virtual Server 2005, the 9715 can bolster various occasions of Windows server working frameworks. (However Diefenthaler said Gateway won\'t offer the 9715 in an arrangement that incorporates Virtual Server 2005, including that it will accessible through the channel for $499.) At the heart of the 9715 are four Intel Xeon MP processors. The server bolsters up to 32GB of ECC, DDR2 framework memory and up to 3TB of interior stockpiling. It likewise incorporates hot-swap power and fans, hot-plug PCI openings and memory, and alternatives for a slotless Fiber Channel connector and Raid on the Motherboard.

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Server Comparisons The 9715 backings Microsoft Windows Server programming, Novell\'s Netware 6.5, Red Hat Linux Enterprise 3.0 and 3.0 EM64T, and SuSe Linux Enterprise 9.0 and 9.0 EM64T. Diefenthaler said that Windows Server 2003 x64 Editions is not bolstered in this container. "We\'re sitting tight for applications, for example, Exchange and databases [to be accessible in 64-bit editions]. Entryway arrangements to dispatch a Windows Server x64 Edition in the second from last quarter if applications and drivers are prepared. You can put the 4-way Gateway 9715 server to act as either a 6U rack-mount server or, with a discretionary transformation unit, a tower framework. For ventures that lean toward a tower design instead of a rack-mount framework, Diefenthaler said Gateway will offer a transformation pack that changes the 9715 (see photograph). The pack incorporates a platform side skin, a face plate and platform feet and casters. For capacity, Gateway\'s two new servers depend on the current equipment design of the 9315 and 9415. The Gateway 9315 Storage Server runs both system connected capacity (NAS) and capacity territory systems (SAN) without two separate designs. Estimated at $2,197, the 9315 is intended to capacity like NAS, however has an outside fiber channel association, permitting it to interface with a SAN. The 1U server underpins up to two Intel Xeon processors and permits up to 1.2TB of interior information stockpiling. Diefenthaler said that the 9315 backings higher-limit hard drives than focused items from Dell and

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