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\'A Question of\' … Nine Number Picture Boards This nine number picture board is adjusted from a format made accessible by www.sln.org.uk/geology Click on a number to connection to a picture Click the picture to connection to a data page Click the yellow square to interface back to the picture Click the red square to interface back to the photo board Once chose, numbers will change shading

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A Question of Geographical News 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 7

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1 "Italy pays money for children" Why are infants acquiring cash? 09.11.2003

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2 "The Big Picture" What is the huge atmosphere picture for the UK in the quick future? 14.05.2004

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3 "Wrinkle Face" How is a dinosaur maturing structural developments? 04.06.2004

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4 "A New EU!" Why has Europe had a make-over? 01.05.2004

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5 "Dam downstream fiasco" Why is a dam in China influencing a great many individuals in south east Asia? 05.04.2004

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6 "Single man Boys" Why will 40 million Chinamen not have the capacity to discover a spouse by 2020? 18.03.2004

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7 "Samsung Swansong" Why is an effective transnational organization hauling out of the UK? 16.01.2004

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8 "Reasonable Aid" Why is help to Africa not working? 09.03.2004

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9 "Fat North, Thin South" What does this new north/south partition in the UK inform us regarding the geology of conventional weight control plans? 05.03.2004

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Italy pays money for infants 09 Nov 2003 The little town of Laviano, south-east of Naples, is running so shy of children that leader Rocco Falivena is putting forth what might as well be called £7,000 to any individual who produces one ( The Observer , November 09 2003 ) . This finding is especially stunning, given that Catholic Italy used to have a higher CBR than whatever other western European country separated from Ireland up to this point. The activity is a reaction to a falling unrefined birth rate (CBR) in Italy, with populace misfortunes of 15 million anticipated by 2050. Just the same as different MEDCs, more vocation orientated ladies are postponing conceiving an offspring. What\'s more, guardians that capitulate to associate weight by dressing their youngsters in creator garments are evidently constraining quantities of posterity subsequently of heightening expenses.

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The comprehensive view 14 May 2004 River disintegration! Coming up short seepage frameworks! Seaside flooding! Disappointment of the Thames Flood Barrier! Pieces from another Hollywood blockbuster? No, somewhat the discoveries of another report composed by government specialists, proposing the intensifying of environmental change-driven perils are presently unavoidable ( The Guardian , 22 April 2004 ). Regardless of the possibility that the UK receives a radical new way to deal with the stewardship of the earth, a great part of the harm is as of now done. The country will confront a few billions pounds of extra surge harms every year in the coming decades. Composing for the Office of Science and Technology, the administration\'s main researcher, Dr David King, reports that: Average yearly surge harms in the UK will ascend from a flow cost of £1.2 billion to more than £20 billion by 2080 if no move is made. Be that as it may, new ways to deal with nearby administration could at present slice the bill to around £2 billion every year if neighborhood individuals assume shared liability and receive more grounded land utilize rules, among different measures.

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Wrinkle Face 04 Jun 2004 Scientists have discovered new proof to sort out the historical backdrop of plate tectonics. A dinosaur called "First Wrinkle Face" has been found in Africa. Already, remains were just known in South America and India. This newfound First Wrinkle Face (the interpretation of its Latin name Rugops Primus ) is around 95 million years of age. As indicated by the hypothesis of plate tectonics, this implies the landmasses of Africa and South America more likely than not combined until around then. Already, researchers felt that detachment had started at a before date, based after existing fossil stays for species, for example, Mesosaurus and Lystrosaurus .

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The new EU 01 May 2004 The European Union (EU) encountered the best single growth in its history, when ten new states were acknowledged as individuals. Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia were formally invited at a service held in Dublin on 1 May 2004. Despite the fact that the aggregate number of countries expanded from 15 to 25, the number of inhabitants in the EU Trade Bloc has just expanded from 380 million to 455 million (development of around 16%). This similarly low increment in numbers mirrors the way that three existing part nations - the UK, France and Germany – are intensely populated and are home to almost 200 million EU occupants. In examination, a portion of the new nations have modest populaces. Cyprus and Malta both number short of what one million, for example. Among the other eight countries, every one of whom were already part of the Communist Soviet Union until 1989, just Poland is vigorously populated, with 38 million nationals. There are generous monetary contrasts between the old and new part states. The consolidated yearly GDP of the first fifteen individuals is around £6,000 billion. In correlation, the ten new states get only an extra £750 billion ( The Guardian , 29 April 2004 ).

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Dam downstream debacle 05 Apr 2004 Giant Chinese dams are debilitating the occupations of one hundred million individuals in neighboring south-east Asian countries that depend on the common waters of the Mekong stream. The legislatures of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam are progressively worried that already maintainable monetary exercises along their own lower extends of this mainland stream are presently undermined by dam-expanding on its upper course in China. The Mekong is south-east Asia\'s longest stream. Its 4,880 km travel takes it from the Tibetan level into China\'s thickly populated Yunnan territory. From that point, it crosses into Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam before achieving the ocean. These Newly Industrialized Countries (NICs) are all start to put uplifted requests on a stream that exclusive a quarter century was still viewed as one of the world\'s most untouched ( The Guardian , 25 March 2004 ).

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Bachelor young men 18 Mar 2004 China is confronting an emergency thus of its celebrated one-kid run, by declaration made by a senior lawmaker a week ago. The Chinese government\'s populace consultant Li Weixiong proclaimed that upwards of 40 million men will be not able discover a marriage accomplice by 2020 ( The Guardian , 09 March 2004 ). A social inclination for young men has left China with an uneven populace pyramid since the one-youngster govern was acquainted in 1980 accordingly with the danger of overpopulation . In extremely poor provincial ranges, particularly in the underlying years of the arrangement, it was normal to hear reports of female child murder (the executing of baby young ladies). Numerous young ladies were additionally deserted because of the need to attempt again for a male beneficiary, particularly among cultivating families. All the more as of late, ultrasound testing has empowered couples to prematurely end female hatchlings.

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Samsung swansong 16 Jan 2004 South Korean gadgets goliath Samsung declared on Thursday that it is to close its microwave and level board screen plant in Billingham, close Teesside, with the loss of 450 employments. The plant was opened in 1995, and was granted £10.5 million in a Regional Selective Assistance allow (RSA). Why is the Samsung plant shutting? The industrial facility is benefiting an occupation, so great in reality that it won Samsung\'s gold award for efficiency. Notwithstanding it is obviously setting out toward a £12.5 million misfortune, driving one organization supervisor to state conclusion was the "main down to earth route forward". These misfortunes are because of the falling cost of electronic merchandise, driven by rivalry, against expenses of creation which has remained static. The main genuine route for makers to slice generation expenses is to decrease the cost of work. One of the attractions of situating in the north east of England was wage expenses of £4.50 to £5.50 60 minutes - low by UK measures - however high when contrasted with 50p and £1 in China and Slovakia individually, where generation is moving to. With the last going to join the EU, Samsung will have admittance to European markets, for a small amount of the generation costs.

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Fair guide 09 Mar 2004 The most ideal approach to help Africa is to altogether change universal exchanging laws and to recognize that global guide is not working. This questionable claim shows up in The Independent (05 March 2004) and is drawn from a discourse made at the Royal Geographical Society by Richard Dowden, Director of the Royal African Society. Dowden recommends that guide gifts are established in a \'minister approach\' to African improvement that should be basically rethought. \'Billions of pounds worth of help has filled Africa in the previous fifty years. I propose as a beginning stage that the improvement of people groups, of social orders, must be finished by those individuals themselves. It is impossible by untouchables\'. Notwithstanding, this is just 50% of the procedure of progress that Dowden advocates. For Africa to create, MEDCs should additionally perceive that the current worldwide terms of exchange built up by European and American countries are effectively prompting to the underdevelopment of Africa.

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Fat north, thin south 05 Mar 2004 another overview highlights the divergence that still seems to exist between the personal satisfaction experienced in northern and southern districts of the UK. Northern towns fall off most exceedingly awful in a class table of neighborhood experts that heaps of weight. Topping the group is Kingston-upon-Hull, arranged in northern England. In an intriguing incident, the most reduced levels of corpulence were recorded in Kingston-upon-Thames, in southern England (driving The Times to investigate a \'story of two urban communities\' while The D

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