A Refresher Course On Firearms .

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. Jefferson Memorial. Thomas JeffersonPresident 1801 - 1809. . The individuals who pound their weapons into furrows, will furrow for the individuals who don't Thomas Jefferson. . . The individuals who exchange freedom for Security have neitherJohn Adams. John AdamsPresident 1797 - 1801.
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A Refresher Course On Firearms PowerPoint By John Santanen Music Battle Hymn Of The Republic - Sousa

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Jefferson Memorial Those who pound their weapons into furrows, will furrow for the individuals who don\'t Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson President 1801 - 1809

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Those who exchange freedom for Security have neither John Adams John Adams President 1797 - 1801

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An equipped man is a subject. An unarmed man is a subject

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Gun control is not about weapons; it\'s about control. 

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Free men don\'t request that consent bear arm

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You just have the rights you will battle for.  Know firearms, Know Peace, Know Safety. No Guns, No Peace, No Safety .

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Guns have just two foes; Rust and Politicians

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You don\'t shoot to kill, you shoot to remain alive

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Assault is a conduct, not a device.  64,999,987 guns proprietors killed nobody yesterday

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When you evacuate the general population\'s entitlement to carry weapons, you make slaves. 

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American Revolution Era Flags The American Revolution could never have occurred with firearm control

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Only a legislature that fears its nationals tries to control them.

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The United States Constitution   The Second Amendment is set up in the event that the government officials overlook the others.  What part of \'should not be encroached\' do you NOT understand? 

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The Founding Fathers on the Second Amendment "I ask, Sir, what is the civilian army? It is the entire individuals. To incapacitate the general population is the best and most solid approach to subjugate them." George Mason Co-creator of the Second Amendment amid Virginia\'s Convention to Ratify the Constitution, 1788 " Firearms remain next in significance to the constitution itself. They are the American individuals\' freedom teeth and cornerstone under autonomy … from the hour the Pilgrims arrived to the present day, occasions, occurences and propensities demonstrate that to guarantee peace security and satisfaction, the rifle and gun are similarly crucial … the very air of guns anyplace limits malicious obstruction — they merit a position of respect with all that is good." George Washington - First President of the United States "To protect freedom, it is fundamental that the entire body of the general population dependably have arms and be instructed alike, particularly when youthful, how to utilize them." Richard Henry Lee - American Statesman, 1788

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