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History Of Sears. 1886: Richard Sears
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Singes By: Danielle Cohen & Amber Hughes A Retailing Presentation

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History Of Sears 1886: Richard Sears – offers watches 1887: Sears subsides into Chicago area 1893: Sears authoritatively frames; corporate name is Sears, Roebuck, and Co. 1896: First broad index 1925: First Sears retail location opens in Chicago 1927: Sears dispatches the brands Craftsman and Kenmore 1945: Sales surpass $1 billion 1953: Sears opens in Canada 1973: Move national central command to Sears Tower 1986: 100 th commemoration 1993: Introduces "Come see the milder side of Sears" notices Sears Tower

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History Of Sears cont… 1999: Introduces "The great life at an extraordinary value" notices 2004: Extreme Makeover Home Edition Ty Pennington included in commercials, item outline 2005: Sears Essentials Latina Life

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Fast Facts: Headquarters:   Hoffman Estates, Illinois Employees:  Approximately 250,000 Full-line Store Locations:   Nearly 900 Sears\' 2004 Fortune 500 Ranking: No. 32  Areas of Operations:   United States, Puerto Rico and Canada Employs: Approximately 201,000 partners in the U.S. what\'s more, 48,000 in Canada Serves: More than 48 million dynamic Sears client families

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The Foundation of Sears\' Mission To develop our business by giving quality items and administrations at extraordinary esteem when and where our clients need them, and by building positive, enduring associations with our clients. Burns\' Vision To be the favored and most trusted asset for the items and administrations that upgrade home and family life. Singes\' Core Values We should · gain our clients\' trust and business consistently; · act with respectability in all that we do; · treat everybody reasonably and esteem assorted qualities; · be responsible for our activities; and · win as a group.

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The Sears Empire: Retail Brands Dealer Stores Kenmore Full-line Stores Craftsman Kmart Diehard The Great Indoors Lands\' End Sears Grand Sears Essentials Orchard Supply Hardware Land\'s End

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What makes Sears, Sears? Burns conveys various items: -Appliances -Lawn and Garden -Clothing -Movies, Music, and Games -Baby -Sporting Goods -Electronics and Computers -Tools -For the Home -Toys -Gifts -Jewelry

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What makes Sears, Sears? Singes offers numerous extraordinary administrations: -Optical -Gift Registry -Hearing Aid Centers -Home Services -Automotive Care -Credit -Portrait Studio -Flowers (online just) -H&R Block -Catalog shopping -Gift Cards -"Effortless Shopping"

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Target Market Focuses on: Middle to Higher pay families with a craving to equip their homes and storage rooms with quality items at better than average costs with a fulfillment ensure. Targets: Men and Women Ages: Men: 25-60 (the outdoorsy, instrument purchasing, Mr. Settle it, electronic lovin\' fellow) Women: 16-65 (the center pay, form cognizant, homemaker to specialist, occupied mother)

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Competition: Intratype: JC Penney\'s, Kohl\'s, Mervyn\'s (for apparel and home delicate lines) Intertype: Home Depot, Lowe\'s, Target, Wal-Mart *Note: There isn\'t generally another organization that offers everything Sears does, some may offer home products, or administrations and others, garments, yet not the mix that Sears does.

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Sears Did WHAT? From 1908–1940, Sears, Roebuck and Company sold more than 100,000 homes through their mail-arrange Modern Homes program. Burns offered advances starting in 1911, and by 1918 it offered clients credit for all building materials and in addition offering propelled capital for work costs. Run of the mill credits kept running at 5 years, with 6% intrigue, however advances could be reached out over upwards of 15 years. The way toward planning a Sears house started when the Modern Homes list touched base at a client\'s doorstep . After some time, Modern Homes lists came to publicize three lines of homes, went for clients\' contrasting monetary means: Honor Bilt, Standard Built, and Simplex Sectional (truly costly, costly, and trailer stop commendable)

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Sears Houses: Newer Model-1930s Middle Model-1915 Oldest Model-1900s Although Sears no longer develops houses, it helped them manufacture a domain of value house products and machines to stock our homes of today. It likewise made the tie amongst Sears and ABC\'s Home Extreme Makeover appear.

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Community Involvement 2002 – Sears American Dream Campaign 2004 – National Military Family Association 2005 – Helps Support Gulf Coast Residents after Hurricane Katrina Extreme Makeover Home Edition (2003) Big Success: 15.8 million watchers that see the tie amongst Sears and Extreme Makeover Home Edition *During the show Sears advances a promotion that demonstrates the family and the Design Team shopping at Sears to transform the new house into a home to make a passionate interest to their group of onlookers.

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