A Social occasion of State Systems: Procedures for the Following Decade.

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Web and email facilitating and bolster administrations. Focus to Support ... Mainstream email gathering and in-individual exercises. Execution examination and security counseling ...
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A Gathering of State Networks: Strategies for the Next Decade Merit Network, Inc. www.merit.edu Scott Gerstenberger - wsg@merit.edu Mike Mosher - mmosher@merit.edu

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Merit Background Private, not-for-benefit, 501(c)(3), Michigan enrollment enterprise Founded in 1966 by Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, and Wayne State University Members now incorporate every one of the 13 state funded colleges in Michigan Each part grabs a chair on the Board of Directors 100 representatives $23M yearly spending plan

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MichNet Services Overview MichNet is the name of Merit\'s system Michigan GigaPOP and MichNet spine MichNet dial-in administration Web and email facilitating and bolster administrations Center to Support Technology in Education USF (E-rate) instructive exercises Performance examination and security counseling

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MichNet Services Michigan GigaPOP and MichNet spine External Connectivity Abilene (Cleveland) OC-12 Chicago NAP OC-3, OC-12 on request Cable & Wireless 3 DS-1s, 2 DS-3s Qwest DS-3, second DS-3 on request Abilene Service Michigan State University Michigan Technological University UCAID Ann Arbor workplaces University of Michigan Wayne State University Western Michigan University

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MichNet Services - 2 Commodity Service 18 POPs in Lower Peninsula 3 POPs in Upper Peninsula Mix of POS and ATM DS-1, DS-3, OC-3, OC-12 point-to-point circuits Cisco 7500 and 12000 switches, LS-1010 changes Connections to Ameritech ATM/Frame Relay (OC-3) Connections to GTE ATM/Frame Relay (OC-3) 24x7 Network Operations Center 400 client connections (56k to OC-3)

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MichNet Services - 3 MichNet dial-in administration Service gave to associations, not people Each association gives its own particular end-client bolster Distributed verification/approval/bookkeeping utilizing Merit-created RADIUS programming Sophisticated components for controlling shared utilization of dial-in offices by a wide range of associations Over 250,000 clients 12,000 Michigan lines at 163 POPs 95% nearby call scope in Michigan 36% ISDN and v.90 72% v.90 National 800 administration National/worldwide dial-in by means of AT&T

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MichNet Services - 4 Web and email facilitating and related administrations Build and bolster Internet servers Provide spilling media administrations Center to Support Technology in Education Develops online K-12 assets and preparing materials Often includes state level K-12 organizations Activities by and large allow subsidized USF (E-rate) instructive exercises Popular email gathering and in-individual exercises Performance investigation and security counseling

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MichNet Customers Merit\'s 13 proprietor part colleges 275 other subsidiary associations Approximately 90% of the state\'s K-12 locale Approximately 95% of the state\'s open libraries Most of the state\'s junior colleges and private 4-year schools Various legislative, social insurance, and non-benefit associations Over 50 business associations and ISPs

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State Educational Environment Very decentralized 13 colleges are all autonomous of each other K-12 and junior colleges likewise decentralized No state-gave system to instruction No state-forced systems administration guidelines for K-12 or advanced education No unequivocal state subsidizing for systems administration Merit has no formal association with state government, however heaps of casual contacts

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Merit\'s R&D Activities Active in systems administration programming and benchmarks improvement for a long time Lead accomplice with IBM and MCI in dealing with the NSFNET, 1987-1995 Current exercises: AAA (RADIUS) Consortium GateD Consortium Multithreaded Routing Toolkit (MRT) Internet Performance Measurement & Analysis North American Operators Group (NANOG)

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Merit\'s Funding Model No state subsidizing The 13 individuals pay yearly sliding participation charges that cover uncapped availability wherever they require it Fee in view of data transfer capacity and Board voting rights Affiliates pay for administrations in light of administration, transmission capacity, area, and association sort K-12 innovation preparing is award financed R&D is stipend subsidized or subsidized by licenses Consulting administrations are charge based

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Challenges for Merit Network limit administration Forecasting data transmission necessities Buying product administration and telco circuits Good news – new suppliers, costs are dropping Bad news – new suppliers, sporadic lead times, unmet due dates Sharing framework for Abilene and ware Looking for less costly last mile network Using CLECs Installing dull fiber Co-find POPs with bearers DSL Wireless

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Challenges for Merit - 2 Working with K-12s and libraries Decentralized environment makes this tedious Uneven comprehension of innovation Large difference in money related assets Merit for the most part can\'t speak to or talk for the benefit of the Michigan people group with any power Struggling with IP video, preparing instructors, PC based educational program, and so on. Part and bearing of state government has regularly been hazy.

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Challenges for Merit - 3 Sustaining stipend financed K-12 preparing Have discovered that instructor preparing is not something for which most school regions have cash accessible Evolved to depending on gift reserves Grants are regularly genuinely transient and tedious to acquire Staff vulnerability about future tasks

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Challenges for Merit - 4 Promoting Internet2 Signing up extra members Participating in demos and other Internet2 special exercises Demos can be costly and/or difficult to organize Applications not yet plentiful Devising fair approaches to utilize shared framework to bolster both Abilene and product movement

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Challenges for Merit - 5 Sustaining R&D exercises Staff misfortunes to business world Changes in NSF needs makes subsidizing harder Merit R&D exercises less identified with operation of MichNet than they once were

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Challenges for Merit - 6 Being a non-benefit in an undeniably business world Is Merit an innovation accomplice or simply one more seller? Now and then saw with wariness by associations that haven\'t utilized our administrations Hard to hold staff (pay rates, investment opportunities), however great workplace and high caliber of current staff helps No profound stashes when real capital required

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